Scrapper - 4 Kit Hybrid Decap

Under construction.webp This is a placeholder build that was useful in the past. Click here to view current builds.

Focused on: BunkeringSustain and Condition damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A tanky 4-kit Scrapper build, focused on applying AoE (Area of Effect) damage on capture points, while avoiding or enduring as much damage as possible.

Skill Bar

Bomb Kit
Elixir Gun
Tool Kit
Elite Mortar Kit

Utility Variants

  • Med Kit - As an alternative to Elixir H. Primarily taken as a joke, to have a 5-kit engineer build.



  • If the small heal-ticks from Backpack Regenerator are insufficient for survivability, Emergency Elixir can be taken to survive burst.
  • If movement speed is not a concern, Soothing Detonation can be taken over Mecha Legs.



Equipment Variants

  • Rune of Dolyak for more tankiness and sustain, at the cost of some maximum health and condition damage.
  • Rune of Sanctuary can help against condition damage heavy teams in combination with the Adaptive Armor trait.
  • is a a more squishy alternative, but makes up for it with more sustain.


Elite specialization basics

  • Scrapper is a tanky specialization for engineer, that includes the very powerful Function Gyro toolbelt skill, that revives downed allies and finishes downed enemies.

What a decap build does

A decap build traditionally attempts to either knockback opponents or bombard a capture point with AoE effects, in an attempt to (over time) capture a capture point.

This build seeks to spam AoE via Bomb Kit and Elite Mortar Kit, while utilizing Magnetic Inversion and Big Ol' Bomb to knock enemies off of capture points.

The damage

The big hitters are Fire Bomb and Concussion Bomb in Bomb Kit, Acid Bomb in Elixir Gun, Pry Bar in Tool Kit.

The survivability

Protection and Regeneration can be obtained regularly through Elixir H, Toss Elixir H and the shield skills will apply Protection to the scrapper and surrounding allies.

Magnetic Shield is a reflect, while Static Shield is a block + stun + ranged daze on activation. There is another block Gear Shield in Tool Kit.

The builds only stunbreak is Healing Mist, which also applies AoE Regeneration.

Alternative healing skills include Super Elixir from Elixir Gun as well as Elixir Shell from Elite Mortar Kit.

Activate damage reduction via blinds can be had through Flash Shell, Smoke Bomb and to a lesser degree Static Shot.

Glue Bomb and Endothermic Shell both help reduce enemy movement, while the latter also helps the Scrapper's survivability by prolong skill cooldown on enemies via Chill.

Condition Removal

Applying Protection removes conditions. Shield skills, the heal skill Elixir H and Toss Elixir H all apply Protection. Additionally, Trait Protection Injection also applies Protection to the Scrapper when disabled.

Super Elixir provides a small AoE condition removal, and Fumigate can be used to remove conditions from your allies.

If using Med Kit, the Protection application from Elixir H is lost, but Cleansing Field has the ability to remove even more conditions.


Prolonged fights with high condition pressure, like Harbingers.

Prolonged fights against 2 or more high damage high strike damage specializations.

Large amounts of Crowd Control, due to limited stunbreaks.


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