Specter - Power Specter

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Focused on: MobilityStrike damage and Utility

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A highly versatile Marauder Dagger/Pistol Specter power build for PvP capable of roaming, dueling, and teamfighting.

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Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Shortbow over Sword/Dagger - bit more map mobility, safer teamfight engagements, and better downed cleave. Niche pick - not generally recommended.


  • Well of Gloom - bit more mobility, Cripple Cripple enemies, procs Traversing Dusk.
  • Hide in Shadows - additional cleanse and stealth access.


Well of Silence can be replaced by:

  • Well of Tears - decent unblockable AoE damage but longer cast time.

Template Code

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Equipment Variants


  • Sigil of Exploitation - securing kills.
  • Sigil of Opportunity - good burst option, especially with ally support.
  • Sigil of Courage - tends to be more damage in protracted fights than other damage sigils.
  • Sigil of Purging - if additional cleanse is absolutely necessary.
  • Sigil of Escape - viable on second set for getting out of trouble.


Elite specialization basics

  • Specters gain access to their own version of Death Shroud called Enter Shadow Shroud. Mechanically they are the same, replacing your skill bar while active. Damage taken while in Shroud drains Shadow Force instead of HP.
  • Using Siphon (Specter's version of Steal) and spending Initiative builds Shadow Force.


  • Most of your Specters skills double as support skills. While your role is to kill targets, a good Specter also keeps an eye on allies and helps them in critical moments by granting them Barrier and boons.
  • Because of Shroud, you can be a bit more reckless with spending Initiative as Shroud skills are free and by the time you've rotated through Shroud CDs your Initiative should be back to full.
  • Siphon removes boons when used on enemies and Daze Dazes them right after, allowing it to interrupt targets even through Stability Stability.
  • Shadowfall's range can be extended by using Shadowstep in the middle of the cast, the Well will spawn on Shadowstep's target location.
  • The range of most Wells can be extended by using Infiltrator's Strike in the middle of the cast. The Well will land centered on the targeted enemy (if in range.)
  • Entering and leaving Shadow Shroud procs on-swap effects, such as sigils.
  • The main sources of condition cleansing are Hungering Darkness, Shallow Grave, sigils, Shadowstep, and Infiltrator's Return (Sword #2's chain skill).
  • Thanks to Shallow Grave, Siphon transfers a condition to the targeted enemy. If you are afflicted by Blind Blind, it will be transferred to your enemy!
  • Stealth stacking rotation 1:
  1. Black Powder
  2. Enter Shadow Shroud
  3. Mind Shock (Shroud 5)
  4. Grasping Shadows (Shroud 2)
  5. Dawn's Repose (Shroud 3)
  • Stealth stacking rotation 2:
  1. Black Powder
  2. Heartseeker out
  3. About face (must be keybound first)
  4. Heartseeker back in
  5. Heartseeker out again

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