Tempest - Condi Tempest

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Condition damage and Defense

Designed for: Open WorldOpen World SoloOpen World Support and Open World General

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds

This build was last updated on September 08, 2022 and is up to date for the June 30, 2022 game patch.


Condi Tempest is a condition damage based tempest build for open world that focuses on inflicting AoE Burning Burning and Bleeding Bleeding. It is naturally tanky, with good access to Protection Protection and some Stability Stability. It has great uptime of Might Might for self and allies, and good supportive options. It is very easy to learn and play.

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  • Ascended gear and stat infusions are not required; you can use exotic gear with the same stats.
  • This set uses gear similar to this build's instanced PVE counterpart and works well for general PVE. Viper offers the highest damage, but no defense or sustain. Consult the variants below for defensive options.


Prioritize ascended food over everything else; steak (power) and flatbread (conditions). Using cheap/budget food is perfectly acceptable in open world.


For damage, run and . Budget options are with . Run if running high toughness builds.


Use for more dodges.


Run and (or its other variants) when trying to maximize gold per hour.



The build is extremely simple and revolves around and . Use and off cooldown. Thanks to , you will not lose the passive effects of signets after using them. Use in Fire for damage, or in Air for Vulnerability Vulnerability.

  • In Fire, use + + (you can leave Fire during the casting of Drake's Breath). Use to share all the Might Might you generate with nearby allies.
  • In water, use when you need a blast finisher (more about finishers below).
  • In Air, use and . can be used for damage if you won't need the CC.
  • In Earth, use , , . Use when you have boons to extend their duration.
  • In Fire, use + + . Phoenix and Dragon's Tooth are blast finishers (more about finishers below). Use to share all the Might Might you generate with nearby allies.
  • In Water, use .
  • In Air, use and off cooldown. can be used for damage if you won't need the CC.
  • In Earth, use and . Use when you have boons to extend their duration.


Elementalists in general have many combo fields and finishers. These skills provide additional effects when interacting with each other. Here are some good combos you should keep in mind, you have to be near the skill to receive these effects.

  • Fire fields like : use a blast finisher like to generate AoE 3 stacks of Might Might for 20 seconds.
  • Water fields like : use a blast finisher like to create AoE 1320 healing.

You can also use combo fields to generate auras.

If you want to know more about combos, check the official wiki.


Elementals are really good allies in any open world elementalist build. Their only downside is that they die when you mount up.

Glyph of Lesser Elementals

summons one elemental for 2 minutes. If you cast it off cooldown, you can have 3 elementals alive almost always.

  • The Lesser Fire Elemental deals good melee range AoE strike damage and Burning Burning, and provides Might Might. It has the highest AoE damage of all Lesser Elementals.
  • The Lesser Ice Elemental deals very low damage and inflicts a lot of Chill Chill (80-90% uptime) through an ice combo field.
  • The Lesser Air Elemental deals great single target damage and generates Swiftness Swiftness. It has the highest singe target dps of all Lesser Elementals.
  • The Lesser Earth Elemental deals low damage, inflicts Weakness Weakness, and is very tanky.
Glyph of Elementals

summons one elemental for 2 minutes with the same attacks and behaviour as Lesser Elementals, but can be commanded to do an additional skill.

  • The Fire Elemental can be commanded to deal damage and Burning Burning in an AoE.
  • The Ice Elemental can be commanded to deal damage in an AoE, while healing nearby allies by 6401, kocking back enemies, and removing 1 condition.
  • The Air Elemental can be commanded to Stun Stun for 1.5 seconds.
  • The Earth Elemental can be commanded to inflict nearby enemies with 1 second of Immobilize Immobilize and 5 seconds of Cripple Cripple, while providing 3 seconds of Protection Protection to nearby allies.


  • The best defense is always to dodge or sidestep attacks. Both and evade attacks while casting.
  • You cannot dodge while doing an Overload or you will cancel it, but you can use the Swiftness Swiftness from to get out of the way of telegraphed attacks.
  • blocks projectiles, while Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura from or + reflects them.
  • Constantly spam skills to heal thanks to .
  • You get Protection Protection when you overload thanks to , and from (which also extends esixting boons).
  • is a useful blind, very strong against groups of trash mobs.
  • is great for defense, as the elemental will often draw aggro away from you. The earth elemental is quite tanky.
  • Your overloads break stun.
  • If using Scepter, cleanses 1 condition.
  • When taking the Arcane traitline, dodging in Water attunement will cleanse conditions and provide a significant heal. Additionally, it is recommended you attunement swap often to benefit from


You have some sustain in

  • heals, cleanses conditions, and applies Regeneration Regeneration.
  • heals a little bit and applies Regeneration Regeneration.
  • heals. Remember you can blast that water field for more healing.
  • , used in , creates an elemental with strong healing and condition cleanse on a short cooldown.

Crowd Control

  • Melee range enemies that attack you or allies while having Shocking Aura Shocking Aura.
  • (from Ice Elemental)
  • (from Air Elemental)
  • If you need a lot of crowd control you can use so that you and an ally can use .
  • You also have a lot of soft crowd control such as or .


Weapon Variants

  • Scepter - Ranged alternative to mainhand dagger.
  • Dagger (offhand) - Less support than warhorn but more burst damage, crowd control, and mobility.
  • Focus - less damage but more utility and crowd control.
  • Staff - Long ranged AoE option with high healing but reduced boon support.

Skill Variants

  • - great burst heal and povides a boon.
  • - the strongest heal if there are enemies in range, plus a blast finisher, but very weak healing if there are no nearby enemies.
  • - weak heal, but heals in an AoE and also cleanses 1 condition.
  • - very situational heal that removes up to 8 conditions throughout its long channeling time.
  • - this is an excellent skill, with the only downside being that elementals die when you mount up. Use on fire for damage, or on earth for a tanky pet.
  • - area Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura for projectile reflection, Protection Protection, and impairs enemies, plus a blast finisher.
  • - AoE burst damage from or pulsing Blinded Blinded with .
  • - breaks stun and blocks 3 attacks.
  • - short cooldown stun break.
  • - for mobility.
  • - Burst damage with skills 4 and 5, and mobility with 3, but you lose the pet elemental that can tank and do damage.
  • - very situational skill that can be considered against certain bosses with oneshot attacks.

Trait Variants

  • - passive defensive stunbreak; very valuable in groups.

It is possible run Arcane over Earth for an increase to sustain.

  • - More Vigor Vigor uptime.
  • - Extra boons.
  • - Improved revival power in groups.

Gear Variants

  • Sinister Sinister + + - cheap hybrid alternative that focuses on burning while working on getting Viper.
  • Dire Dire + + - cheap defensive alternative that focuses on burning while working on getting Viper or Trailblazer.
  • Trailblazer Trailblazer + + + - A very tanky gearset for soloing difficult content. Great synergy with .
  • Celestial Celestial - A spread out gear set that doesn't excel at anything but improves versatility. Also Improves supportive capabilities by increasing healing and boon duration.
  • - drastic increase to defense, replace

Video Examples

Scepter Tempest vs Chak Lobber


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
MerlinMurphy gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
IMO this is the Meta build with a little tweak. I been playing ele since day one of GW2 and Gw1. This is my favorite with Scepter instead of dagger. You have to know how to change a few options in GW set up to make scepter fast and easier to attune swap and cast proper rotations but once you got it you can wreck any thing. The heal per spell and action keep me full. I rarely get downed solo or pve. If you know your rotations and gear it with celestial or trailblazer then you just cut through everybody like butter even groups in raid are surprised . PvP it also much better then weaver. Condi cleanse might stacks and boon durations just awesome. Would not be surprised if nerfed... Most people dont know how to play properly but casting your utilities and burning is insane. This is what I like best... "Fire,Arcane,Weaver F-112,ARC-321,W-113 SWORD/FOCUS Sigil Cleansing,Torment or Smoldering/Bursting with Wupwup Celestial - ALL Ele Runes/Condi times 18 infusions" META BUILD FOR ANY CONTENT!!!! MERLIN APPROVED!!!! Learn it and you will not regret it.
5 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 5 stars • August 2021
Condi Tempest is one of the strongest solo builds in the game right now and can easily compete with its Condi Weaver cousin. On top of this, it has great burst for a condi build and the hybrid variant has relatively low ramp, which means it can even compete with power builds when it comes to farming trash or zerging.
5 stars
Jack Armstrong gave this build 5 stars • October 2020
This is a super build. Lots of abilities for handling many situations and probably the best damage of the builds I've tried in full defensive gear (Trailblazer + Dire with Undead runes in my case). There's a bit of a learning curve due to how many options there are, since all weapons skills and many of the other skills have 4 variants, one for each attunement, but after you get the hang of things the multitude of choices is a big advantage. In theory I'd prefer there to be a more compelling ranged option, but in practice I mostly don't miss it. Good stuff.


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