Tempest - Condition Auramancer

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Condition damage and Support

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on May 16, 2024 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


A hybrid, condition focused Tempest build for PvP with decent sustain against all types of damage and moderate group support. Its versatility allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to roles, as the build can be quite strong in teamfights but also has 1v1 potential. While it even has some group support tools it's not a true replacement for a proper support build for the team.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Offhand Focus - trades Transmute Frost for Transmute Fire for more frequent access to condition cleansing. Focus has less mobility and damage but higher sustain. Grants access to powerful defensive cooldowns like Obsidian Flesh, Magnetic Wave, and Swirling Winds. CC becomes ranged but also single-target instead of AoE.


  • Conjure Fiery Greatsword - burst damage and mobility, could be a lifesaver when you're getting chased. Good in teamfights and for cleaving downed enemies.
  • Tornado - lots of AoE CC on medium CD (even works on downed targets). Could help you peel for allies, set up kills, or use the combination of mobility and CC to build distance and escape.
  • "Rebound!" - potentially life-saving skill, pushes the group support angle a bit more.

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  • Blinding Ashes increases your sustain a little, could help you survive especially in 1v1s if that's the angle you want to push.


  • Earthen Blessing gives up some damage for better defense against conditions and a bit more endurance.
  • Stone Heart is an excellent option if you're expecting a lot of Power-based burst damage from the enemy team but going for this trait slightly lowers your healing, aura access and even condition cleansing.


  • Harmonious Conduit makes it easier to finish your Overloads by securing them with Stability Stability. Giving up Invigorating Torrents however significantly reduces your survivability and group support, but you could get the personal Vigor Vigor back by taking Relic of Evasion.



Equipment Variants


  • Rune of Dolyak - maximum survivability, bit less damage.
  • Rune of Orr - better defense against conditions while retaining offensive stats.
  • Rune of Undead - trades some damage for more toughness; can be useful when facing high Power burst.


Sigil of Cleansing could be replaced with:

  • Sigil of Smoldering - higher Burning Burning duration.
  • Sigil of Doom - adds Poison Poison to the build for healing reduction, damage and extra condi variety. More of a 1v1 option.


  • Relic of Isgarren - less cleansing but more damage.
  • Relic of the Mirage - if you want to play as a sidenoder and take 1v1s this could add a new condition to the build with a high uptime, making it harder for enemies to cleanse your more important conditions. Also adds a bit of extra damage in general.
  • Relic of Evasion - better Vigor Vigor uptime for higher survivability.


Elite Specialization Basics

  • Tempest gains access to Overloads after staying attuned to an element for a period of time. Overloads are stun breaks that pulse while channeling and have a powerful effect at the end.
  • Tempests also gain access to Shouts, which have a large AoE effect that buffs allies and harms enemies.


  • Your role is flexible, the build can do a decent job at everything from dueling to teamfighting. It even has some support aspects, mostly due to the Overloads and shouts.
  • Written in Stone grants you an aura based on the signet you've used, but has a 25s internal cooldown. This means that if you use Signet of Air for Shocking Aura Shocking Aura and then use Signet of Restoration (SoR) within the next 25 seconds, you won't get a Frost Aura Frost Aura from the activation of the signet. With this trait using the active of Signet of Restoration frequently is highly recommended because you don't lose the active so there's no downside to it, but keep the CD in mind! Plan ahead a bit, as shocking aura is generally more powerful than frost aura - it's not always best to use SoR the moment you're missing a couple thousand HP, if you feel like you're going to have to use a stunbreak in the next few seconds you might want to wait a little and get the Shocking Aura Shocking Aura proc from the trait before using SoR.
    • Sometimes you might want to use Signet of Air offensively for the shocking aura proc to get some CC (you can AoE stun enemies with Transmute Lightning if you're on Air Attunement). This is a bit greedy considering how this is the only stunbreak utility, but every Overload skill also breaks stun so you can get away with it occasionally.
  • Your best damaging skills are Churning Earth, Ring of Earth, and everything on Fire Attunement except for the autoattack which isn't that great. Fire Grab should only be used on burning targets but the rest of the Fire skills you can spam in whatever order you see fit.
  • Overload Fire can do a lot of cleave damage but locks you out of Fire for quite a while, which could tank your damage after. It's also easily interrupted. It's best used on downed enemies to deny rez attempts, or as a finishing move against low HP targets when you don't have anything else.
  • Both utility shouts can be used offensively. "Aftershock!" doesn't do a lot of damage but the Immobilize Immobilize is quite good at setting up bursts, rooting people into your Fire attacks.
  • Glyph of Elementals summons an elemental based on the attunement you were in when you pressed the skill:
    • Fire is best for damage. The Fire Elemental's special attack is quite dangerous, it can easily do 5k+ damage in one hit. Try rooting enemies into it with "Aftershock!" or Earthen Rush.
    • Air is for CC.
    • Water is for healing and cleansing.
    • Don't use Earth. The theme here would be damage mitigation and soft-CC, but the effects are way too weak to be worth it especially compared to the other 3 attunements.


  • Gaining an aura removes a condition and grants Protection Protection thanks to Smothering Auras and Elemental Shielding.
  • Smothering Auras also makes you lose 2 conditions whenever you transmute an aura - in this build you get to do that on both Air and Water attunements by using the chain skills of Shocking Aura (Air skill #3) and Frost Aura (Water skill #4).
    • When playing with Focus offhand you'll gain access to Fire Shield (Fire skill #5). Fire Aura is the most common one in the build, that's why you'll have higher cleansing.
  • Written in Stone causes each signet to apply an aura based on the attunement associated with the signet:
    • Shocking Aura Shocking Aura for Signet of Air
    • Frost Aura Frost Aura for Signet of Restoration
    • You can use the transmute skills on the associated attunements to get extra value out of these auras.
  • Sunspot grants you Fire Aura whenever you attune to Fire Attunement. The above mentioned two traits therefore make attuning to Fire an instant source of cleansing and damage mitigation, something you can do even while stunned. With a little luck you could even break out of Fear Fear when your stunbreaks aren't available.
  • Cleansing Wave is basically your second healing skill that restores a large chunk of HP while removing conditions. It's also AoE so try using it near allies whenever possible.
  • When used on Water, Glyph of Elementals summons a Water Elemental and Crashing Waves becomes available for you. This heals about twice as much as your healing skill, removes a condition, and even knocks back enemies! Always use your elite on Water if you're struggling to survive in 1v1s, but in teamfights this elemental can be a bit harder to utilize because it'll easily get CC'd.
  • Burning Speed followed by Magnetic Leap is a good defensive combo that could help distance yourself from enemies while evading their attacks and even comboing Fire Aura Fire Aura for trait synergy.
    • In general always try to use Magnetic Leap in one of your fire fields to combo auras.
    • Make sure that you don't have an enemy targeted and "Auto targeting" is disabled in the options if you want to use these skills to disengage.
  • Every Overload skill breaks stun.
  • Overload Water cleanses a lot of conditions for you and your team over time but can be hard to pull off while being focused. Try disengaging a bit, blocking line of sight of attackers by hiding behind objects, using "Aftershock!" before casting this skill to shield yourself from projectiles and Immobilize enemies so they can't get into melee range, etc.


  • Start each match in Air attunement. Use Overload Air as you approach the door, then use all your blast finishers in the combo field to stack Swiftness Swiftness on your team.
  • Try to use your blast finishers in your Fire fields when possible for more AoE Might Might stacking.
  • When facing an enemy that uses a lot of projectiles (Rangers, Dragon Hunters, Rifle/Pistol Engineers, etc.) save skills like "Aftershock!" and Magnetic Wave for critical moments. Also remember that Overloading Earth grants Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura too!


  • Surprisingly high damage, good AoE. Excellent downed cleave.
  • Exceptional sustain and utility, especially in protracted teamfights near allies; very hard to kill for a DPS. Good AoE healing, boon application (especially Protection Protection and Vigor Vigor), condi cleanse, and auras.


  • Heavily reliant on Burning Burning/Bleeding Bleeding for damage, lacks cover conditions; can struggle against builds with frequent and reliable cleanse. Low burst.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 4 votes.
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4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • May 2024
It's somewhere between a 4 and a 5 for me. It's a solid build but being sort of a jack of all trades, master of none means that in every role there are going to be better builds (be it support or teamfight), so if you were to make a competitive comp this would be hard to fit in (unless it becomes strong enough to be stacked). It's quite decent for ranked soloQ though since you can be useful anywhere on the map and can adapt to any rotations your team makes. Good damage and healing, kinda weak mobility. I never mind getting one on the team, in the end they tend to pull their weight but it was definitely stronger pre-scepter nerfs, dagger's nowhere near as busted as peak scepter was.
5 stars
Gkhougaz gave this build 5 stars • September 2023
Amazing burn DPS and team presence with boons and auras. For me, focus offhand is much stronger due to Transmute Fire (fire 5) alone. The build generates an aura every few seconds, which gives 800 heal+regen+protection+vigor+cleanse on everyone nearby and then you can transmute the fire auras for big AoE fire, boons and cleanse. I'd say this is an easy build to get into because you can spend 80% of your time in fire, but the 20% other time where you have to play piano in other attunements is where legends are born. It tends to strongly swing fights in your team's favor and wins games. Enter the fight in lightning for Gale knockdown, but then instantly swap to Fire to proc fire aura from Sunspot trait ->flamewall on approach -> Burning Speed hip thrust -> transmute fire from sunspot trait -> into BOOM BOOM BOOM chain of Feel the Burn -> transmute fire -> fire shield -> transmute fire -> feel the burn -> transmute fire loop for with constant heals and aoe boons burns and cleanses. I recommend Latent Stamina trait for uber dodges. You get so many dodges from Latent Stamina that you can spend half the match in an invuln state. Basically BOOM BOOM BOOM dodge BOOM dodge endlessly until they are dead. UPDATE: you should bring rune of the forge + sigil of smoldering if you want to do actual damage.
4 stars
Ethan gave this build 4 stars • May 2023
It's okay...good damage, decent sustain with cleanses and heals, but sorely lacks stunbreaks and stab access, also suffers from being very slow to rotate. As an additional side note, people always assume that tempests are supports, so when they see the icon, you get focused, and this build doesn't have many ways of peeling, yes it has earth 5, but that isn't enough because of the before mentioned lack of stab, lack of stunbreaks, and lack of swiftness or other movement, hovering at a 3.5 for me because there is no reason to play this over staff support or any scepter Cata build. Extra points for a fun hybrid playstyle
5 stars
Aalterego gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
My favorite build in PvP right now! Great jack-of-all-trades and is proving just as strong in the miniseason as in Conquest. Brings so much value to fights, you will often end games with both Damage and Healing badges (and 0 deaths). Been addicted since I discovered it, it feels extremely powerful and very flexible. Recently preferring the Tempestuous Aria variant due to the Power-heavy meta but all of them feel great. This build lets you have your cake and eat it, too. It can be a bit tricky to learn at first, but once you get it down it is incredibly rewarding.


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