Tempest - Condition Auramancer

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest


A condition Tempest build for PvP with exceptional sustain against all types of damage and moderate group support.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • - better condition cleansing but the longer cast time makes it easier to interrupt.
  • - if playing variant.


can be replaced with one of the following:

  • - much stronger defensive utility than Lightning Flash but big loss to mobility. Can be used to safestomp.
  • - AoE stunbreak and mobility took, only worth considering if playing variant.


  • - burst damage and better mobility, could be a lifesaver when you're getting chased. Good in teamfights and for cleaving downed enemies.
  • - niche pick for team support and self-sustain under pressure, only worth considering if playing variant.

Template Code

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  • trades damage for a bit more sustain.


  • provides a frequent additional condition cleanse at the cost of losing some strike damage reduction.


  • adds extra sustain to the build but makes it harder to secure your Overloads.
  • additional Might Might generation and great Weakness Weakness uptime in teamfights and duels. Consider additional Shouts in slot skills.



Equipment Variants


  • - tankier to strike damage and offers a frequent aura proc.
  • - very tanky option with additional AoE cleanse on shouts. Particularly good with variant.


  • - additional cleanse against condition-heavy comps. Replaces .


Elite Specialization Basics

  • Tempest gains access to Overloads after staying attuned to an element for a period of time. Overloads are stun breaks that pulse while channeling and have a powerful effect at the end.
  • Tempests also gain access to Shouts, which have a large AoE effect that buffs allies and harms enemies.


  • Surprisingly high damage, good cleave, and mostly ranged. Excellent downed cleave.
  • Exceptional sustain and utility, especially in protracted teamfights near allies; very hard to kill for a DPS. Good AoE healing, Protection Protection application, condi cleanse, and unique defensive effects like Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura.
  • Flexible build decisions for adjusting to different comps and metas.


  • Heavily reliant on Burning Burning for damage, lacks cover conditions; soft to builds with frequent and reliable cleanse, such as Shoutsworn.
  • Somewhat lacking in mobility.
  • Low CC output; forced to switch to suboptimal attunements for CC.


  • This build is all about maintaining as close to 100% Fire Aura Fire Aura uptime as possible. Ideally, you will each aura just before it expires. Thanks to your traits, each application will heal you, cleanse a condition, and grant enchanced Protection Protection. If taking , you'll also gain Vigor Vigor and Regeneration Regeneration.
  • Your Overloads should not be spammed or used as part of the damage rotation: they are a free stun break. While almost always worth finishing the channel, their primary use is to break stuns and allow you to kite (especially in Earth). You'd rather stay ranged and autoattack than get close enough to Overload Fire on someone, unless they are downed and you want to cleave (but is on cooldown.)
  • You should try to free cast in Fire attunement for as long as possible; even your autoattacks in Fire do good ranged AoE damage and aren't projectiles. Only switch to Earth when you're being pressured or run out of cooldowns and want to cast from inside a fire field to burst a single target.
  • While Fire and Earth are your primary attunements to swap between, Air can be useful (especially for opening fights) due to the quick burst, projectile denial, CC, and blind. Do not stay in Air unless you are waiting to Overload for Swiftness Swiftness to rotate off a point (more on that later). You should rarely, if ever, use Water attunement; it can be helpful to pop into for a spot of healing and/or CC but do not linger.
  • As with most ranged DPS, try to get the high ground and LoS/kite enemy attacks. If possible, still stay close enough to get value from your Shouts and share your auras. If an ally is being focused, get near enough to protect them and counterpressure but be prepared to swap Earth and kite away again should they switch to you.


  • Start each match in Air attunement. Use Overload Air as you approach the door, then use all your blast finishers in the combo field to stack Swiftness Swiftness on your team. As soon as the combo field drops, switch Fire for and , then switch Earth and use and .
  • Use for the toughness buff before entering combat or switching attunements and throw before switching as well.
  • Don't bother casting unless the enemy will take multiple ticks (CC'd or downed, for example), as your autoattacks will do more against a moving target.
  • Try to use your blast finishers in your Fire fields when possible for more AoE Might Might stacking. Your Fire fields come from and overloading Fire.
  • If taking , use in Fire for very high damage or in Earth for Protection Protection, Weakness Weakness application, and Immobilize Immobilize. Don't forget that you can support your Elemental, including sharing auras!
  • If facing an enemy that uses a lot of projectiles (Rangers, Dragon Hunters, Rifle/Pistol Engineers, etc.) save and for critical moments. Also remember that Overloading Earth grants Magnetic Aura Magnetic Aura too!


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4 stars
Ethan gave this build 4 stars • May 2023
It's okay...good damage, decent sustain with cleanses and heals, but sorely lacks stunbreaks and stab access, also suffers from being very slow to rotate. As an additional side note, people always assume that tempests are supports, so when they see the icon, you get focused, and this build doesn't have many ways of peeling, yes it has earth 5, but that isn't enough because of the before mentioned lack of stab, lack of stunbreaks, and lack of swiftness or other movement, hovering at a 3.5 for me because there is no reason to play this over staff support or any scepter Cata build. Extra points for a fun hybrid playstyle
5 stars
Aalterego gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
My favorite build in PvP right now! Great jack-of-all-trades and is proving just as strong in the miniseason as in Conquest. Brings so much value to fights, you will often end games with both Damage and Healing badges (and 0 deaths). Been addicted since I discovered it, it feels extremely powerful and very flexible. Recently preferring the Tempestuous Aria variant due to the Power-heavy meta but all of them feel great. This build lets you have your cake and eat it, too. It can be a bit tricky to learn at first, but once you get it down it is incredibly rewarding.


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