Tempest - D/Wh Shocking Aura

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Focused on: HealingTeam FightingControl.

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The Shocking Aura Tempest adds value to a Conquest team by sharing boons, providing healing, and granting auras. This build differs from other Tempest support builds because its secondary function is to provide CC and spike damage to finish the target in a team fight. There are only a handful of sources of in the game and this build provides 4 of them.



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Superior Sigil of Transference
Superior Sigil of Transference.pngSuperior Sigil of Transference
Outgoing healing effectiveness is increased by 20%.
Superior Sigil of Savagery
Superior Sigil of Savagery.pngSuperior Sigil of Savagery
+30% Stun Duration, +3% Damage against Stunned Foes.
Superior Rune of the Air
Superior Rune of the Air.pngSuperior Rune of the Air
(1): +25 Ferocity (2): +10% Swiftness Duration (3): +50 Ferocity (4): When you use a heal skill you gain swiftness for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s) (5): +100 Ferocity (6): +20% Swiftness Duration; 50% chance when struck to hit the foe with a lightning strike. (Cooldown: 20s)
Avatar Amulet
Avatar Amulet.pngAvatar Amulet
+1000 Power +1000 Precision +500 Vitality +500 Healing power



  • This build has an insane amount of boon output. Every aura grants Fury Fury, Swiftness Swiftness, Regeneration Regeneration, and Vigor Vigor to all allies within range. This allows for nearly 100% uptime on these boons.
  • Auras in the build:
  • from , dagger #3 in , and (upon completion of channeling due to Rune of Air).
  • from plus the trait proc from . The trait is another potential source, but choosing this trait will slightly decrease damage output.
  • from and combos suchs as + .
  • from and .
  • can be used offensively or defensively depending on multiple factors. Avoid letting the effect end in or because the auras granted in these attunements provide far less value than and .
  • Try to avoid switching attunements if the Overload is ready. Prioritize using the overload before switching, unless it would cause a death.


  • Like most Elementalist builds, this one is most effective when consciously chaining multiple skills together.
  • To stack Swiftness Swiftness at the start of the match you can use
  • --> --> -->
  • To stack boons before the teamfight, use the following sequence
  • --> --> -->
  • --> -->
  • Spike targets by using
  • --> --> -->
  • --> x (4-6) -->
  • Party healing and self-healing combo
  • --> --> --> -->


  • should rarely be used for mobility/offense. This skill should be reserved primarily as a kiting option.
  • The only condition removal in the build comes from channeling and . If possible, cover with before channeling. Most conditions can be outhealed or ignored, but burning stacks should be removed before they do too much damage.
  • is another way to deal with heavy condition pressure in an emergency. Do not start an overload while in Mist Form or it will be wasted.
  • Try to use immediately after using to extend the duration of the boons applied.
  • + is a good method of escape because it provides 2 evade frames, Immobilize Immobilize, and Fire Aura Fire Aura for Swiftness Swiftness and Vigor Vigor.

Finishing / Reviving

  • and can be used to secure a revive or a stomp.
    • Note: Mist Form must be activated AFTER starting a revive or stomp; otherwise it won't work.
  • Prevent enemy revives and stomps by using , , or .
  • is a pulsing AoE blind that can also help to stomp downed foes like Guardians, Revenants, and Necromancers.

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