Virtuoso - Condition Virtuoso

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: Open World and Open World General

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on October 01, 2023 and is up to date for the June 27, 2023 game patch.


Condition virtuoso is a powerful ranged condition dps build for open world. Virtuosos cannot summon clones. Instead, they stock Blades. This has the disadvantage of clones no longer tanking for you, but the advantage of Blades persisting after combat unlike clones which die after the fight.

There are two versions of condition virtuoso: Dueling Dueling or Chaos Chaos. The Chaos variant is slightly easier to play, but deals much lower burst damage and slightly lower sustained damage. It also lacks Fury Fury and requires Regeneration Regeneration to truly shine.

Duelling virtuoso, on the other hand, is slightly harder to play but has better burst and sustained damage, and can maintain the absolutely essential Fury Fury on their own. For these reasons, this build showcases Duelling virtuoso.

Condition Dueling virtuoso inflicts enormous ammounts of Bleeding Bleeding damage through critical hits thanks to and . This large bleeding output also generates lots of Blades thanks to which allows you to use Bladesongs essentially off-cooldown. This means that this build very dependent on having the right gear to achieve high critical chance and bleeding duration.

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Weapon Variants

  • None. Dagger is a must and cannot be substituted by any other weapon. We advise not to change the offhand weapons either since this build prefers phantasms that attack multiple times, making sword and focus better than the traditional condi offhands torch and pistol.

Skill Variants

Healing skill is an offensive heal whose active effect allows you to do more damage. But if you require more healing, you can instead use:

  • - very large heal, especially when used with maximun stocked blades.

Utility skills is good for AoE damage. and provide the highest sustained damage through their passive, so you only use them in emergencies. If damage is not a concern, you could sometimes use different utility skills.

  • - valuable stunbreak.
  • - condition cleanse.
  • , , - very strong utility.

Elite skills is a high damage skill. If necessary, it can be replaced for elites with more utility.

  • - stealth for channeling hero points or sneaking past powerful enemies.
  • - large amount of crowd control.


Specializations Variants

  • - Boon generation when solo.
  • Inspiration can replace Illusions when soloing to increase sustain at a large dps loss.


  • The default recommended gear is the same as the condi virtuoso raid build for ease of gearing.
    • With , this setup provides 60% crit chance, or 100% with Fury Fury thanks to .
  • This set is optimised for ascended gear. If you're not full ascended, feel free to adjust or rearrange the stats of individual pieces, with the aim of having as close to 100% critical chance (with fury) and 100% bleeding duration. If you only have exotic gear, all your gear will have to be Rampager Rampager.
    • should not be used because Illusions do not gain the increased critical chance from it.

  • This build loses massive damage from defensive gear; for defense, equip a jade core and use defensive traits instead.
  • This gear set is optimised to not require infusions. For an extremely minimal damage increase, use one Viper earring, 12 Precise Infusions, 4 Malign Infusions and 2 Spiteful Infusions.


Budget consumables are acceptable for use in open world.


  • Prioritize .
  • /



  • Prioritize Flatbread Ascended food.
  • /
  • (and variants)



This build requires an extremely high critical chance, ideally 100%, which is why it uses so much Rampager Rampager gear. Thankfully, helps with this. The build then converts this high crit chance into Bleeding Bleeding damage through and . This high bleeding output generates an insane amount of Blades with , which are then consumed on Shatters/Bladesongs to both deal direct damage and increase your damage with .


Against bosses and other durable enemies, try to follow this opener

  1. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  2. and

From here on, just use your Phantasm and Blade skills offcooldown. When you swap to sword, use Phantasmal Swordsman and use it again when it recharges, then weapon swap. On the focus weapon set, cast Phantasmal Warden twice by using Signet of the Ether. You will generate a lot of Blades, but space your Bladesongs to upkeep the buff from .


  • - block.
  • - invulnerability


  • Dealing damage heals you thanks to .
  • When is not on cooldown, every Blade you stock will heal you for a small amount.

Crowd control

  • - daze. Daze duration increases with number of stocked Blades.
  • - daze.
  • - pull.
  • - stun (emergencies only).

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 3 votes.
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4 stars
Literallybad gave this build 4 stars • August 2022
The best open world build if you are looking to play Virtuoso, but this specialization does not excel in this area in the first place. Excellent in single target, zerg environments. The variant set is the one that is both slightly cheaper and keeps you alive for slightly longer. If you are not actively wanting to use this spec in particular, use a different one with better sustain and more relaxed gameplay, but otherwise this is your best set.
5 stars
Yanna gave this build 5 stars • August 2022
This has been a fun build to play with. Painful early on as you're collecting gear, since you're a glass cannon without much of a cannon, but once you get going this gets powerful. You want More Dakka, this has the Dakka to spare. Line up your shots and watch their health bars evaporate. But don't get hit. You must keep firing to keep lifestealing, so knockdowns can kill you fast.
5 stars
Warming Hearth gave this build 5 stars • April 2022
A very fun and easy to play build. While staff-staff mirage remains the best mesmer open world build, condi virtuoso can have a higher damage output when nearby players are providing you boons (since this build lacks self-boon generation). The build can play permanently from 1200 range, although being in melee range will increase your damage. Finally, the innate sustain makes the build forgiving to play.


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