Warrior - Core Mace/Hammer Stunlocker

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Control and Strike damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on April 04, 2024 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


A core Mace + Hammer Warrior build for PvP designed to keep enemies stunned while you and your teammates grind them down.

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  • Relic of Antitoxin - helps a bit in condition matchups.



  • The build is all about finishing people off in CC chains.
  • Every CC skills grants Stability Stability and Quickness Quickness thanks to Aggressive Onslaught and Stalwart Strength.
  • The quickness not only provides an excellent damage boost but also make it easier to land slower CC skills such as Skull Crack or Backbreaker. Weaker but quick CC skills like Pommel Bash can serve as setup for these.
  • Try to space our your CC skills, don't overlap them. If there's still ~2 seconds left of your stun for example it's better to pummel them with autoattacks and time your next CC closer to when the stun's about to run out.
  • Your CC skills grant extra adrenaline via Merciless Hammer and adrenaline itself feeds into some of your strongest CC skills.
  • Try to use Skull Crack and Earthshaker at full adrenaline whenever possible, use your other CC to build up your adrenaline. Yet if you swap weapons and your adrenaline is full, it's best to use these skills first. With a little luck it should be possible to keep enemies stunned for 6 seconds using these and other weapon skills while building adrenaline back up to maximum, allowing you to stun them again with these burst skills before swapping weapons again.
  • Fierce Blow is your hardest hitting skill so use it on CD as much as you can, just make sure to hit a CC'd target whenever possible for the extra damage.
  • Cull the Weak, Merciless Hammer and Stalwart Strength provide addition damage modifiers vs CC'd targets.

CC chain example (weave in autoattacks whenever you have time for them):

  1. Earthshaker at maximum adrenaline, preferably after a weapon swap to proc Sigil of Intelligence which is also going to benefit your next 2 hard hitting abilities.
  2. Fierce Blow
  3. Hammer Shock
  4. Staggering Blow
  5. Backbreaker
  6. Fierce Blow
  7. Weapon swap
  8. Pommel Bash
  9. Skull Crack
  10. Auto attack spam while waiting out the CC
  11. Shield Bash
  12. Auto attack spam until Skull Crack becomes available
  13. Skull Crack


  • Condition cleansing is mostly limited to weapon swap procs via Brawler's Recovery and using Mending.
  • While "Shake It Off!" is a great source of cleansing and Endure Pain is an excellent panic button against direct damage, do keep in mind that these are your only stun breaks as well! Using them to survive pressure might leave you vulnerable to CC. That's not to say you can't use them to survive damage, just be extra careful with when and how you use them.
  • Rampage is mostly an offensive elite, but it does offer damage reduction, pulsing Stability Stability and several mobility skills for kiting, making it rather strong even as a defensive skill. The CC skills could even turn things around and let you start up a stun chain. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.
  • Bull's Charge is another one of those skills that could be used defensively as it provides mobility while evading attacks. Combined with Earthshaker you might be able to get away from enemies. In no time.


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 2 votes.
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4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • October 2022
I disagree with this having "low damage". Hammer #2 can hit in the 5-8k range on a 4s CD, both F1 skills got their damage back, there are nearly a dozen sources of Quickness in the build basically providing permanent uptime during CC chains, and 10s+ long CC chains are a very real possibility. Most enemies don't even live that long against this. Defense offers a 37% damage boost during stunlocks. I recognize there are way to prevent this and some specs can be really tough to face, but there's a near unlimited supply of CC spam in the build and you really don't need to land a lot of things to demolish people. Suggesting to give up Disclipline is a bad idea in general, doesn't matter what build you run (unless it's Bladesworn). Against certain spec with decent Stability uptime you're probably not going to have a great time though, the build is admittedly something of a gimmick, but it only needs 1 opening to exploit to win.
3 stars
Rhubarbpie gave this build 3 stars • October 2022
A build using a combination of the buffs to hammer and mace in addition to changes made to merciless hammer and aggressive onslaught. Unfortunately mace and shield offer too little damage output, and thus discipline tree is somewhat wasted on them. If you're going to use discipline you're better off using greatsword as the other weapon because this currently has no mobility and gets kited easily. If you want to go use these weapons I would replace discipline with berserker 3 - 3 - 3


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