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The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: Condition Damage.

Designed for:


A condition damage based Weaver build for sPvP with plenty of burst damage. Primarily serves as a duelist.





  • is also a viable option in case you'd need more condition removal.


Superior Sigil of Smoldering
Superior Sigil of Smoldering.pngSuperior Sigil of Smoldering
Increase Inflicted Burning Duration: 20%
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Energy.pngSuperior Sigil of Energy
Gain 50% of your endurance when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Rune of Balthazar
Superior Rune of Balthazar.pngSuperior Rune of Balthazar
(1): +25 Condition Damage (2): +10% Burning Duration (3): +50 Condition Damage (4): +20% Burning Duration (5): +100 Condition Damage (6): +20% Burning Duration; +10% maximum health.
Mercenary's Amulet
Sage's Amulet.pngSage's Amulet
+1050 Power +560 Vitality +560 Healing Power +1050 Condition Damage

Equipment Changes


  • - a more hybrid approach.
  • - excellent general condition duration.


  • Celestial Amulet Celestial Amulet
    Celestial Amulet.pngCelestial Amulet
    +460 Power +460 Precision +460 Toughness +460 Vitality +460 Ferocity +460 Healing Power +460 Condition Damage
    - as tanky as it gets, but the damage is rather mediocre.


Elite specialization basics

  • Weaver allows the Elementalist to attune to 2 elements at the same time, and skills 1-5 are decided based on both. Let's call them primary and secondary attunements.
  • If you swap to then fire becomes your primary attunement and weapon skills 1-2 will be fire skills. Afterwards if you switch to for example then water is now your primary attunement and fire's moved to secondary - now skills 1-2 are water and 4-5 are fire. Skill 3 is a dual skill influenced by both active attunements fire + water for example is .
  • The order of the attunements doesn't matter here, water primary with fire secondary has the same dual attack as fire primary and water secondary. Attuning to the same element twice has its own dual skill.


  • should seldom be touched, as the passive is extremely valuable. Note that several trait procs also count as skill activations and will benefit from the passive of this signet.
    • Unless you either have a high amount of Confusion Confusion on you, or you're already at maximum health, you should always be casting something (autoattacks will do too). This is to get the most out of this signet's passive.
  • Cycle fire -> air -> fire -> air to maintain Swiftness Swiftness while roaming between capture points.
  • Every stance applies Stability Stability which has many uses, including safe stomping downed enemies or securing important skills.
  • can be cancelled by stowing your weapon in rare cases when the full evasion isn't needed (let's say you have to cleave a downed target and must keep the pressure up, but had to break stun). Another application includes pressuring targets through and whilst evading incoming attacks.
  • Dual attuning (having the same primary and secondary element) in general isn't recommended, but there are a few niche uses for it. One example would be attuning to Fire twice in order to squeeze more condition cleansing out of it in a limited time frame.
  • Might Might stacking happens passively through . It's yet another reason for spamming autoattacks as much as possible when in combat (and attuned to Fire).


  • This build is all about stacking Burning Burning.
  • and can instantly add burst to any attack skill you're using:
    • When it comes to offense, you can't go wrong with activating them on - fire has the highest raw damage output.
    • is also a good choice for both because of the Vulnerability Vulnerability stacking, but this condition's effectivenes severely depends on how pressured your target is - especially when it comes to the glyph which only stacks one condition type at a time. If the target doesn't have any damaging conditions and isn't being focused by your team, Vulnerability doesn't do much.
    • Note: all 5 charges of the glyph go off based on the attunement you were in the moment this skill was used, swapping attunements doesn't change anything.
  • As for weapon skills, your heavy hitters are , , and . The latter two also pulse damage each second for a period of time, making them synergize well with both and Glyph of Elemental Power Glyph of Elemental Power.
  • doesn't do much in duels because it's so easy to avoid just by not stepping on it, but it's a rather decent skill for downed cleave if dropped directly below the target.

Burst combo examples

primary, secondary
  1. Swap to

primary, secondary
  1. Swap to

Sustain and how to dealing with conditions

  • The trait provides a steady stream of cleansing:
    • Swapping to applies , cleansing one condition. Swapping to another attunement from fire gives you access to which cleanses another 2 conditions by detonating the aura.
    • can be combo'd by using a leap finisher such as or in a .
  • When auras no longer suffice is what you should use. This is the best anti-condition skill in the build, instantly removing 3 conditions upon being used.
  • The trait grants a steady stream of barriers. Dodging on Water and Earth attunements has even more defensive benefits thanks to - the first dodge after attuning to Water acts as an AoE heal / cleanse while the first dodge on Earth is a blast finisher which can be combo'd into the field left behind by .
  • Most of the sustain comes from combining with :
    • The order doesn't always matter. Going from Earth to Water lets you blast immediately with for extra healing whilst cleansing conditions and reflecting projectiles. Going from Water to Earth allows for blasting Riptide's water field through an empowered dodge + .
    • Skill #2 of both attunements has an evade frame in case you'd want to avoid incoming damage.
    • Attuning to Earth serves as an instant source of AoE Protection Protection application which is quite handy especially if you're CC'd and can't cast anything else.
  • Earth / Fire is also an alright combination because of the cleansing from the auras and the barrier from .
  • is the best defensive skill in the build, making you immortal for its duration (except for fall damage).

Top Streamers

Build rating - 5 stars
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10 Ratings
5 stars
Farbas gave this build 5 stars 4 weeks ago

I have no trouble surviving with this build, thanks to the numerous defense skills provided by the focus, as well as the condi cleanse provided by fire auras, which are plentyful and on low cooldowns. And it deals a lot of damage.

5 stars
JasherTV gave this build 5 stars last month

Extremely strong build. Easily the best Ele build out there right now. I'm surprised more people aren't running this.

4 stars
Ssendink gave this build 4 stars June 2019

Pretty good but "easy" to counter with cleanse

7 More Ratings
5 stars
Nikegipple gave this build 5 stars May 2019

Very good build. I suggest also a variation with celestial amulet, flame legion and element of rage trait for hybrid damage.

5 stars
Princ152 gave this build 5 stars May 2019

Very good build! Been running it for last 2 days and having great success! Top dmg almost everytime

5 stars
Naflie gave this build 5 stars May 2019

A really strong build, usually top healing+dmg. Can make other team waste their time on you chasing you.

4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars April 2019

This is a 4.5 for me, can't decide what rating to give so this isn't final, I'm going to play around a bit more with the build in the next few days. Very solid build for ranked at the very least, really high damage with good sustain.

5 stars
Killpotts gave this build 5 stars April 2019

This is probably the best Ele build that currently exists in the game. While it's not quite as high sustain as menders sword, it makes up for it by actually having damage that your opponents must watch out for. 'Cleansing Fire' can replace the glyph if you are up against a heavy condi team making for a solid adaptable build.

5 stars
Utrex gave this build 5 stars April 2019

This is actually a potent build that mixes some power with condition damage while being strong against a plethora of builds. It does struggle against scourge (and sometimes core/reaper) at times, however this may just be an alternative to the mender's build if not better! More damage is always welcome.

5 stars
Ama4play gave this build 5 stars April 2019

Probably the best build for weaver, i watched phantaram play the build and tried it myself both extreme fire damage with the help of Sage Amulet it gives 1k power for raw damage with Lava Skin and Shearing Edge. the build overall gives the consistent damage on down foes. and i consider if you want more condition damage then power you should go with Rune of Balthazar it gives more condition damage and 10% more HP(Good with the 500 Vitality from Amulet).

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