Weaver - Lightning Rod Roamer

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Focused on: Direct damageMobilityControl.

Designed for:


A high skillcap WvW Weaver roaming build built around the Lightning Rod trait.

Skill Bar


Slot Changes


Viable choices for the 3rd utility slot include:

  • - resets the CD on attunements and allows for double attuning immediately for its duration. This is great for accessing your defensive weapon skills on Earth and Air in case of an emergency, or proccing .
  • - stun break on low CD.
  • - several strong defensive skills all rolled into one conjure, including an invulnerability and a block.
  • - mostly just for the Vulnerability Vulnerability stacking, could be a good source of extra damage if you can afford it.

Template Code




  • - more sustain.
  • - more burst.


Marauder stat icon.png
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Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Cavalier stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Cavalier stat icon.png
Cavalier stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Durability
Mighty WvW Infusion


can be replaced by:

  • - consistent damage proc, and easier to get.
  • - extra damage/healing that fits the build perfectly.
  • - refills a dodge bar every ~10 seconds when you swap attunements, great defensive option.


  • - if you want to go all in on damage.
  • - retains some sustain from the current rune, but squeezes in a bit more pressure. It's also easier to get.



There are plenty of viable choices:

  • - passive damage mitigation and strong offensive stats.
  • - armor ignoring damage and a bit of extra healing, a suitable budget option.
  • - defensive option with more evasion.
    • Budget version:


  • or .


Elite specialization basics

  • Weaver allows the Elementalist to attune to 2 elements at the same time, and skills 1-5 are decided based on both. Let's call them primary and secondary attunements.
  • If you swap to then fire becomes your primary attunement and weapon skills 1-2 will be fire skills. Afterwards if you switch to for example then water is now your primary attunement and fire's moved to secondary - now skills 1-2 are water and 4-5 are fire. Skill 3 is a dual skill influenced by both active attunements fire + water for example is .
  • The order of the attunements doesn't matter here, water primary with fire secondary has the same dual attack as fire primary and water secondary. Attuning to the same element twice has its own dual skill.


  • should seldom be touched, as the passive is extremely valuable. Note that several trait procs also count as skill activations and will benefit from the passive of this signet.
    • Unless you either have a high amount of Confusion Confusion on you, or you're already at maximum health, you should always be casting something (autoattacks will do too). This is to get the most out of this signet's passive.
  • Cycle fire air fire air to maintain Swiftness Swiftness while roaming.
  • can be cancelled by stowing your weapon in rare cases when the full evasion isn't needed (let's say you have to cleave a downed target and must keep the pressure up, but had to break stun).


  • is the bread and butter of this build, causing every CC effect in the build to add to your damage. The general playstyle revolves around weaving together hard hitting skills such as with CC for burst damage.
  • If taken Attuning to the same element twice grants , which is a decent damage increase. makes obtaining this buff easier. Best attunements to double attune to are Air and Fire.
  • is the most important one in the build and should be attuned to often, both for damage and sustain. alone could provide a ~50% AoE Weakness uptime and it does really good damage, while is the go-to cleave skill in the build.


  • plays a major part here as well, constantly mitigating damage trough Weakness spam.
  • Sustain's low in general, especially when it comes to handling conditions. Cleansing is limited to your sigil, dodging on , and . Perhaps your best tool against conditions is , which makes you immune to incoming conditions and causes you not to take damage from the ones already on you for its duration.
    • Earth #4-5 in general are some of your strongest defensive tools. Due to their placement on the skill bar however, as a Weaver you may not gain access to these skills immediately when swapping to . This can be solved by using in case of emergency. Unravel's also great for grabbing on .
  • lets you kite melee opponents should you need some breathing room.

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Build rating - 4 stars
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2 Ratings
4 stars
Paradoxoglanis gave this build 4 stars July 2021

Still a difficult to play but fun roamer. The reason for its difficulty is because most of your defense is active, and your damage comes from chaining a lot of skills together while in specific attunement combos. I would recommend earth shield over primordial stance as it gives better damage as well as mobility, barrier, a block, an invuln, and 2 strong cc's. LR weaver is very strong vs projectile based builds, can hold its own in many 1v1s, and can even fight some classes 1vX reasonably well . However you need to be very careful of condis as you dont have much cleanse, and minor mistakes can be very punishing.

4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars November 2019

Does a good enough job at bursting targets and sticking to them. It's like a fresh air build but melee. One of the harder builds you can play in WvW, but both the damage and the CC are quite strong on it. Fairly weak against condition spikes, luckily there are very few condi builds in WvW at the moment.

EDIT: updated the build to the D/F version, still viable. Takes some practice, but it's worth it.