Weaver - Power DPS Sword

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Focused on: Direct damage.

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A power DPS build for Weaver. This is a fast paced DPS build that swaps between attunements constantly for Dual Attack skills.




Healing Skills
  • is a blast finisher, which may be useful in fractals as Might Might can run low if your group is running without a healer.
  • provides more group healing at the expense of personal healing.
  • will provide the most uptime in fights with very low pressure where you aren't pressing your heal skill.
Utility Skills
  • for large hitbox bosses, where you know you will be able to pick up the second conjure.
  • can replace or in very fast fractal groups.



  • in fractals or Keep Construct where you can consistently break defiance bars.
  • can be swapped to for an alternative rotation.
  • might be worth taking in fractals as Weakness Weakness uptime will likely be poor so you won't benefit from the increased critical chance. The extra vitality will provide some additional precision via , but you will still need to make up the rest through extra agony resistance.


Berserker stat icon.png
Assassin stat icon.png
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Assassin stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Assassin stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Assassin stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Mighty +5 Agony Infusion
  • or slaying sigils if applicable.




  • or slaying potions


Bolt to the Heart Rotation

Start in /

Starting in / and attuning to / just before starting the encounter or phase will mean you have active for your opening burst.

  1. (vs. large hitboxes)
  2. (vs. small hitboxes)
  3. Drop Fiery Greatsword
  4. Auto Attack chain twice
  5. Auto Attack chain twice
  6. Auto Attack chain once
  7. Pick up the second Fiery Greatsword
  8. Drop Fiery Greatsword
  9. Auto Attack chain once
  10. Repeat from step 1
Bolt to the Heart rotation example
Fresh Air rotation example

General Tips

  • If running , swap to water attunement at step 17 and use before instantly attuning twice to and continuing the rotation from step 20.
  • Make sure to use enough that it isn't sitting at full ammo. You should only use it when in /, and should try to line it up with other damage modifiers, such or or the bonus power from .
  • Use shortly after you swap to / to make sure as many of its ticks happen while you're in double fire as possible.
  • After the first use of (in either attunement), use off cooldown. Use instead if you know the target will die or phase within 20 seconds.
  • Make sure not to interrupt your auto attack chains, as their damage is heavily backloaded.
  • In encounters you should always be looking for opportunities to reset your attunement back to / so that you can repeat your burst. Split Phases or periods where the target is immune to damage are ideal - try to time your attunement swap so that you enter / just before the target becomes vulnerable again so that you will benefit from .
  • Make sure that you have the boss selected before casting to avoid flying away to your death.
    • This is also relevant for , and also to a lesser extent.


  • inflicts a short daze that is rounded up to be equivalent to a 1 second daze when used against a breakbar.
  • is available as your 5 skill. Be mindful of your positioning when casting this, as it will move you approximately 300 units away from your target.
  • is available as your 4 skill.
  • is available as your Air/Earth 3 skill.
Build rating - 5 stars
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4 Ratings
5 stars
Ether gave this build 5 stars January 2020

w/ nerfs to lava font on staff, this now became some of the highest dps an ele build has to offer in raids. This is especially true for the first 3 bosses in wing 4 since they're either standing still most of the time, or the other members are doing the mechanics for you so u can focus on dps rotation.

5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars September 2018

High damage with good mobility and being actually fun to play (unlike Staff Weaver) makes this among the best choices for small hitbox bosses.

5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars September 2018

An extremely strong and versatile burst DPS build.

1 More Rating
5 stars
Phynx gave this build 5 stars September 2018

Seems the best weaver build at the moment