Weaver - Staff Backline

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Focused on: Strike damageUtility and Crowd control

Designed for: WvW Zerg

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns buildsPath of Fire Builds


A backline zerg WvW DPS build for Elementalist providing damage, CC and field support. Requires a precise usage of skills and positioning to survive.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants

  • better healing, if condition clear is totally covered
  • if extra personal survivability is desperately needed



  • inconsistent damage increase but reduced survivability


  • Arcane is an option over Air adding a mix of utility and damage.
  • Variants
  • ferocity boost and strong immobilize on Earth Attunement when using arcane skills.

Template Code

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    • personal option



  • Add Dragon stats Dragon stats with to avoid overcapping crit. 2 rings + 1 accessory is one possible option.
  • Use as much Marauder Marauder as you feel is necessary then fill out with Berserker stats Berserker stats



  • As soon as you get 25 stacks of and get out of combat, swap back to the Staff without a stacking sigil
  • Read dual attunements as Old/New - i.e. Fire/Air means fire was attuned first and air was attuned second
  • Start fights in Air/Fire or Air/Earth then rotate through attunements as follows:
Attunement rotation
  1. +
  2. +
  3. // + X
  4. X +
  5. Repeat from step 2


  • Sustained damage
  • CC
  • Support


  • This build has low passive defense
  • This build has moderate mobility skill access
    • An About Face keybind can be useful for
    • Avoid using for mobility unless nessecary to survive
  • This builds has moderate active defenses
    • Save for removing Immobilize Immobilize, Chill Chill or Weakness Weakness
    • Interrupt using a Stow Weapon keybind as soon as you are full hp/condition cleared
Active defense priority

Detailed Explanations

Meteor Shower

  • Place where the enemy group is moving to, not where they are when you begin the cast
  • Make sure is procced when using
  • There are two ways to move during the cast of :
    • Cast immediately after casting and the will be queued to cast at the target location after the rollback ends
    • Use after you start casting it

Fiery Greatsword

  • Treat as a secondary
    • Try to get three casts of per use of
  • Make sure is procced when using
  • is low cooldown and has high damage, use it aggressively but don't move yourself into a bad position
    • Aim through the enemy stack if your group crosses through them and aim across the enemy stack otherwise
  • Use for mobility, on single targets or to set up
  • Coordinate with a DPS player in your group to pick up the conjure dropped on the ground
    • Make sure to place it in a safe place for them to grab
    • If you don't have anyone reliable to coordinate with, you can pick it up yourself for 30s after casting the skill

Sustained damage

  • When using ground AoEs like , place them so that one edge is on the enemy group and the other edge is in the direction they are moving to
  • Your X/Fire Dual skills are slow moving projectiles (, and ).
    • Predict the enemies movement, as with
    • Cast towards the edges of the enemy group to avoid projectile reflect
  • Use in if you expect the fight to last at least 25 seconds
    • Otherwise has more damage but with a much longer cooldown
Skill priority
  • //
  • //
  • Autoattacks


  • Your three ground CCs are , and , in order of strength
  • Drop your target when casting to make it easier to aim, don't cast it into projectile reflect
  • You shouldn't interrupt your rotation to try and CC, instead try to predict when you'll need to CC and move into the best possible attunement early
  • Use your CC when:
    • Your group calls a spike:
      • Winds -
      • Wells - +
      • Shades -
      • Traps - +
    • On top of enemy downs (while alive players are on top of them)
    • Enemy groups moving defensively while your group is pushing


  • Cast on clashes, targeting the ground AoE so that one edge is on your group and the other edge is where they are moving to
  • If a player in your party is going to die because of Immobilize Immobilize, save them with


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 9 votes.
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5 stars
Teeli gave this build 5 stars • October 2020
Still a "meta" build imo. Very strong AoE damage output. Relies a lot on the user being good at positioning. Does not contribute much to the squad unless you want to sacrifice damage for squad support, but if you sacrifice damage for support there is no reason to play this build because other classes would be more efficient. Always make sure you can cast lava font and meteor shower when they are ready, other than that try rotate other attunements than fire to get the 10% damage buff from Elements of Rage. My preference is starting full fire, then swapping to either earth or air depending on the fight, then back to fire, etc. Biggest negative is that the spec is very squishy, easy to get caught off guard by a revenant if your positioning is off.
3 stars
Threather gave this build 3 stars • May 2019
Amazing build in capable hands. Provides reliable CC and well placed meteor shower can win you the fight. However if your meteor shower is unimpactful, you won't outdamage other damage dealers making the build worse than other damage dealer options that provide support/boonrip in addition. Ranged rev is more reliable making this 3 stars. I believe Glyph of Elemental harmony should be mentioned as option for heal skill if condi cleanse isn't necessary.
5 stars
Kurnian gave this build 5 stars • April 2019
Great build. High skill cap. Able to do massive damage through Meteor Shower, while still maintaining decent damage and ground control through attunament' skills. Heavily benefits from extra offensive stats (ferocity and power) and outgoing damage modifiers from the Weaver elite spec, while also having access to vitality and precision from traits, which is essential to stay alive (even if using full marauder).
4 stars
Xivor gave this build 4 stars • September 2018
Very powerful damage build, but fairly difficult to real good at due to its squishiness. Shines in large groups but easily picked off in 15 man teams. A well placed Meteor Shower can generate tons of downs by itself. Very little group support in this class. Pure damage.
4 stars
Freya gave this build 4 stars • September 2018
It's the highest damage build and really usefull in largest zerg fights, but it can be really quickly killed by a rev from range and a bunch of classes/specs from close.
5 stars
Rixzaw gave this build 5 stars • December 2017
This is the Meta build. However I don't believe we need to run this glassy. Master's Fortitude is better IMHO than the 15% more crit on weakened. Adding some Knights gear to increase Toughness will give your healers more time to react to damage and make the build more viable in smaller groups.
5 stars
Namer gave this build 5 stars • December 2017
One of the best DPS builds for Open Fielding, bringing out massive damage in the form of rolling AoE devastation (contrasting to Power Rev's smaller aoe directed spike). While tougher to play than Power Rev or Vanilla Backline Ele, it's more versatile and can achieve higher overall damage output and add both CCs and if necessary support.
5 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 5 stars • December 2017
Top tier DPS in a large scale ranged fight. Easy to achieve good DPS, but difficult to survive on.
5 stars
Gregor gave this build 5 stars • October 2017
This is the greatest big dick damage build that has ever god darn existed in the history of elementalist gameplay. Its got EXACTLY everything needed for this fast-paced, competitive, and exciting meta. Lets take a look shall we: - A MOST impressive 2943 POWER damage (higher than any other damage in its class) - 15555 Health (Selfishly, I added 2 +5 Vitality infusions to hit the optimum 15x4 health in this meta) - A complex rotation of static, fire field, meteor shower, pile driver - The ghost of Serane looking on and smiling as you do 10k DPS Psssst, take master's fortitude, its free vitality. They are just giving it to you, for free. I mean you gotta take the trait but the vitality is free. Its free, 1200 health. It does power dps, pair with a hammer rev pulsing might and fury and your laughin all the way to the bank. You are more reliant on your team not blowing, but that shouldnt be a problem in this high stakes, high functioning, coordinated game known as Guild Wars 2.


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