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Daily Super Adventure Box Introduction


The Super Adventure Box festival has one of the more generous weekly traders, however obtaining these rewards requires a large number of bauble bubbles.

The most efficient methods of obtaining baubles are farming tribulation mode, or simply rushing each zone for the final chest. Unfortunately the first method requires a lot of skill and knowledge, while the second will not get you enough baubles each week to buy everything.

Instead, the guides presented for each world will show routes and locations to collect efficient baubles while completing normal mode runs, whilst also allowing for the completion of dailies. Done each day, a full run will easily provide enough baubles to buy all the items from the weekly trader.

How the routes were chosen

The shortest (non-speedrun) route through the level was timed, along with detours from said route. Detours that net a higher bauble/second return than the basic bauble farm (see below) are included. The routes also ensure they pass through the areas necessary to complete relevant dailies.

The following assumptions have been made:

  • The reader already knows the basic routes through a level - this allows the guides to stay at a manageable length, and excellent comprehensive routes are already available on the wiki.
  • The reader at least has at least obtained the Digger skill, as well as skills essential for completing levels (such as the Glove of Wisdom).
  • The detour is completed on the first attempt. An effort has been made to indicate detours that have more challenging elements, but ultimately the reader must assess whether a detour is worthwhile based on their own skill.

A basic farm

The simplest repeatable farm is available in W1Z1 as part of the normal route. It is the most efficient repeatable farm outside of tribulation mode, and any included detour in the guide has to be more efficient than this. This is identical to the start of the W1Z1 guide, but it repeated here for convenience:

Immediately from the start, head right into the lake and pick up the key lying on a rock. Do not open the chest right next to it as it only contains a single Bauble.

Chest 1

Continue through the level and activate the first checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1
Move forward into the next area and up the big hill.

Stand on this spot and throw a Boomerang Boomerang at the green bauble for +5. You can also jump down to this bauble after opening the chest.

Chest 1

Continue up the hill, jump across the gap, and climb up to the second chest. Open it for 20 baubles.

Chest 2

To the left of the next checkpoint is a section of loose rocks you can bomb, to open a room that contains 20 baubles.

Shop and bombable wall

After this, exit the level and repeat. Excluding loading screens, this farm gets you ~0.6 baubles/second.

Daily overview

A brief overview of the different daily objectives, and how easy they are to complete using these guides:

Academic Probation - The shortcut eagle is recommended as part of a normal route, but the wurm will cause you to miss a number of baubles, or force you to backtrack.
Adventuring x0x - Automatically acquired by completing the zone in question.
Color Guide - Relatively simple, but takes place in the hub rather than part of the regular daily run. The wiki has a short guide to this daily.
Dean of Student - Automatically acquired by completing the final zone of each world.
Environmental Science 10x - Easily acquired a short distance from normal routes, and in each case recommended detours already pass by these locations.
Environmental Science 20x - The tree stumps are all located slightly away from the recommended routes, and are guarded by the more dangerous Raccoon Kingpins, but all are manageable with a little effort.
Extracurricular Adventures - Automatically acquired by completing three zones.
Interior Design x0x - Sufficient shops for up to two players are easily accessible as part of the main routes, though groups of three or more players may struggle to get the daily for everyone. Players with the Glove of Wisdom can use it on shop furniture to progress the achievement without destroying the items, allowing the entire party to get the daily in a single shop.
Locksmithing x0x - Key drops are random, so may require a significant time investment. In general, it is recommended to buy a key from a shop instead, though this costs 25 baubles.
Mineral Resource Extraction x0x - Automatically acquired by completing the recommended routes.
Ooze Transportation 10x - Both oozes and farmers are located close to the recommended paths, though the health loss and inability to dodge with the ooze means that Health Potions are advised. When this is a daily, you also get 50 baubles when you bring the Ooze to the farmer.
Ooze Transportation 20x - Completion requires a significant detour from the recommended routes and can be very long, often requiring the consumption of multiple Health Potions.
Race to the Skies - Relatively simple, but takes place in the hub rather than part of the regular daily run. The wiki has a short guide to the race.
Study Aids - All four power-ups are available in zone 101, though some require a small detour to reach. This is the only zone with all of the power-ups.
Study Group - Trivial if you have a party, impossible if you do not!

Other tips

  • If you can afford it, the Infinite Continue Coin is extremely valuable as it allows you to freely /gg for time saves, removes the threat of needing to restart a level, and allows the extra Continue Coins obtained from finishing levels to be traded in for extra baubles.
  • Setting up a dodge-jump macro (through mouse software or a program like AutoHotkey) will make some jumps trivial, and dodge-jumping is required for some of the most efficient routes. Use of such a macro is specifically allowed by Arenanet's macro policy.
  • Playing with a friend (or alt account) is very useful as it allows the instance to be held open while one player returns to the hub to trade baubles in for bauble bubbles. Otherwise, being limited to less than 1000 baubles will make some levels less valuable. In addition, having extra players allows for safer handling of the Environmentally Friendly daily and as Glitch rewards are for everyone in the instance, one player can go to activate the glitch while another progresses the level, speeding up several levels.


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