Guide to WvW Vocabulary


This is a short guide to some of the common vocabulary used in WvW. It is not an exhaustive list, but instead covers the most common terms and callouts. Some servers, guilds, and commanders will have their own personal callouts, while other vocabulary that was once common is now rarely used. If you hear an unfamiliar term not covered here you can usually just ask for the meaning, either in a whisper or team chat, most WvW players would be happy to help.

Fight Callouts

  • CCs - Short for Crowd Control. For WvW mainly refers to: Stun Stun, Knockdown Knockdown, Pull Pull, Float Float, Immobilize Immobilize
    • Immob - alternate call for Immobilize Immobilize
    • Pulls – Skills that have Pull Pull.
      • Temporal Curtain is the typical example
  • Range Spike – Coordinated ranged damage at a location with short cooldown abilities. Often includes pulls
    • Phase Smash is a common example
  • Shades/Shade Spike – A type of range spike using Manifest Sand Shade Nefarious Favor + Sand Cascade + Garish Pillar + Desert Shroud from every scourge in the group at the same time
    • Should be assisted by high damage skills and CC skills from other professions
    • Often followed up by pushing into the enemy group to take advantage of ground control
  • Bomb – Coordinated damage at a location
    • Sometimes used as a general call for damage at a location
  • Wells/Well Bomb – A type of bomb using Well of Suffering and Well of Corruption from every necromancer in the group at the same time
    • Should be assisted by high damage skills and CC skills from other professions
    • Often followed up by pushing into the enemy group to take advantage of ground control
  • Cleave (the downs/downies) – Call to focus on killing downstate enemies
  • Kite/Peel – moving away from the enemy quickly.
    • Usually without attempting to do damage, but sometimes to make enemies follow through damage
  • Small stab(ility) – Refers to skills that give small amounts of Stability Stability, especially for range spikes.
  • Big stab(ility) – "Stand Your Ground!"
  • Empower/Stack might - Refers to Guardian Staff skill 4 - Empower
    • Also indicates the commander wants to stand still for a moment while casting Empower
  • Breaches – Used to call for Ghastly Breach from every scourge in the group at the same time or to avoid enemies doing the same
  • Traps - Procession of Blades and Test of Faith from every dragonhunter in the group at the same time
    • Often followed up by moving back to bait enemy groups into moving into the traps
  • Bubble/Winds – Refers to Winds of Disenchantment, used to call for a single cast from one spellbreaker, or as a position to move relative to
  • Veil - Refers to the mesmer skill Veil which can give Stealth Stealth to an unlimited number of allied players

General Callouts

  • WvW = short form for World vs World
  • Matchup/MU = World vs World is split into matchups which changes every week. During a matchup you will find yourself against two other servers. The reset time is every Friday at 20.00 (GMT+1)
  • Team Chat
  • EWP - Emergency Waypoint tactic
  • EBG - Eternal Battlegrounds
  • Alpine - Alpine Borderlands
  • Desert - Desert Borderlands
  • OS - Obsidian Sanctum
  • EotM - Edge of the Mists
  • SM/SMC = short form for Stonemist Castle
  • Garri - Garrison/Earth Keep
  • Bay/Fire/WK - West Keep
  • Hills/Air/EK - East Keep
  • Inner - Outer: this only applies to keep and SM, both have two defensive layers, the first one you meet as an attacker is the outer, the second one is the inner.
  • T = Tower, typically seen in callouts
  • Camp = short form for Supply Camp
  • WG = Water Gate
  • Lord(s) - Short for Lord's Room, where the lord and capture point resides in every keep/tower.
  • T1/T2/T3 - Upgrade level of an objective, 3 being highest. May also refer to matchup tiers.
  • Paper - Any structure that hasn't upgraded past wooden walls.
    • Includes T1
  • Doly/Yak - Dolyak
  • AC - Arrow Cart
  • Treb - Trebuchet
  • Balli - Ballista
  • Cata - Catapult
  • Treb - Trebuchet
  • Gen/Gennie - Shield Generator
  • Omega/Alpha - Omega/Alpha Golem
  • Oil - Burning Oil
Group Sizes
  • Roamer/Roamers - Between 1-5 players that roam around maps looking for fights and flipping small objectives (sentries, camps, ruins)
  • Havoc - A group of 5-10 players, usually focused on capturing objectives and pulling the attention of larger groups.
  • Zerg - A group of 20 or more enemies.
  • Blob/Map Blob - A group of 40 or more enemies, usually the only enemy force on a map or a combination of multiple zergs.

Server Names

Server names are often shorted or abbreviated

NA Servers
Server Name Abbreviation
Anvil Rock AR
Blackgate BG
Borlis Pass BP
Crystal Desert CD
Darkhaven DH
Devona's Rest DR
Dragonbrand DB
Ehmry Bay EB
Eredon Terrace ET
Ferguson's Crossing FC
Fort Aspenwood FA
Gate of Madness GoM
Henge of Denravi HoD
Isle of Janthir IoJ
Jade Quarry JQ
Kaineng KN
Maguuma Mag
Northern Shiverpeaks NSP
Sanctum of Rall SoR
Sea of Sorrows SoS
Sorrow's Furnace SF
Stormbluff Isle SBI
Tarnished Coast TC
Yak's Bend YB
EU Servers
Server Name Abbreviation
Auora Glade AG
Blacktide BT
Desolation Deso
Far Shiverpeaks FSP
Fissure of Woe FoW
Gandara none
Gunnar's Hold GH
Piken Square Piken
Ring of Fire RoF
Ruins of Surmia RoS
Seafarer's Rest SFR
Underworld UW
Vabbi none
Whiteside Ridge WSR
Arborstone none
Augury Rock AR
Fort Ranik FR
Jade Sea JS
Vizunah Square Vizunah
Abaddon's Mouth AM
Drakkar Lake DL
Dzagonur Dzag
Elona Reach Elona/ER
Kodash none
Miller's Sound Millers/MS
Riverside RS
Baruch Bay BB


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