How to Unlock the Roller Beetle Mount

Roller Beetle Mount


Players must own the third episode of Living World season four: Long Live the Lich, and must have started the third part: Tactical Triage. You will also need 50 Inscribed Shards for the final step.

Some of the events required for these collections are group events. Don't be afraid to ask for help in map chat (and tag up if you can), as there will usually be willing players around.

High Roller

After speaking to Spearmarshal Zaeim, head over to Gorrik at the north end of the Allied Encampment. Doing so completes the High Roller achievement and opens a new collection.

Beetle Juice

This collection involves finding nine items from Secret Caches around the map.

After obtaining all the items, head back to Gorrik to complete the collection.

Beetle Saddle

Next, you must find seven items to craft a beetle saddle for Petey. These items may be obtained in any order.

Two (potentially four) of these items can be obtained in Dabiji Hollows. Consider checking the Bounty Board first for maximum efficiency:

1. Inquest Beetle Notes
Dropped by Awakened Inquest. Head to Dabiji Hollows, as you will need to go there for another collection item.
2. Inquest Power Schematics
Interact with either of the lab terminals in Dabiji Hollows. They are found on one of the upper levels of the Pogahn Bluffs Proving Ground.
3. Plagued Struts
Dropped by golems. These can be found during some events in Dabiji Hollows, or failing that, the Front Line.
4. Shadow Creator’s Seal
Complete any of the bounties in the Domain of Kourna (from the bounty board in the Allied Encampment). All of these are group events, but none are legendary and so can be completed with a small group (or even soloed). If Cabochon is available, this can also be completed in Dabiji Hollows!

The remaining items are found in core Tyria:

5. Steam Power Coupling
Dropped by steam creatures. The easiest place to find these is the Lake of Lamentation in Lornar’s Pass.
6. Anomaly Spark
Awarded for participating in Defeating the Ley-Line Anomaly (group event), an event that spawns every two hours in Iron Marches, Gendarran Fields, or Timberline Falls (on a rotation). You do not need to successfully complete this event, only participate.
7. Mk II Power Inverter
Awarded for defeating the Inquest Golem Mark II world boss in Whitland Flats. This event spawns every three hours.

Talking to Blish once you have collected all seven items, then interacting with Petey, will complete this collection.

Beetle Feed

The final collection is very similar to the previous one, and involves collecting another seven items. These items may be obtained in any order.

The first four can be found in the Domain of Kourna:

1. Live Plague Scarab
Complete the trampling scarabs event in the Western Front or Front Line.
2. Plague Scarab Egg
Destroy a Plague Experiment. These objects spawn as part of the final event of the map meta event.
3. Desert Lucifern
This item is purchased from Milin in Bitterfly Bayou for 50 Inscribed Shards, after completing the renown heart.
4. Frigid Wurm Goo
Dropped by Cave Wurms in Deeprift Brood in Ntouka Pond.

The remaining items are found in core Tyria and Path of Fire maps:

5. Junundu Ichor
Dropped by Junundu Wurms. Junundu may be found throughout The Desolation (as well as Kaluun Ravine in the Domain of Vabbi), and perhaps the largest concentration is at the Junundu Hatchery.
6. Hearty Beetle Slime
Awarded for killing the alpha beetle (group event) in the Far Silverwastes. The Far Silverwastes is usually only accessible via a Skritt Tunnel, but the springer may be used to jump over the cliffs instead.
7. Toxic Spider Yolk
Awarded for killing the toxic spider queen (group event) in Earthlord’s Gap or Viathan’s Arm in Kessex Hills.

Lastly, returning to Petey will allow you to feed him and unlock your very own Roller Beetle!

Roller Beetle Training

Once you have your Roller Beetle, you can head to the Roller Beetle Training adventure directly north of the Allied Encampment waypoint to practise.

Roller Beetle Racing

Although you can hire a Roller Beetle, and therefore complete these achievements before unlocking one yourself, the Roller Beetle Racing achievement category (found within the Side Stories section) may now be of interest.

There is another training course called Kessex Corner in Giant’s Passage in Kessex Hills. Talking to “F” will provide an introduction to racing. Completing this course with a silver rating with earn the Rolling Rookie: Kessex Corner achievement.

The remaining achievements involve five further race tracks:

For each of these courses, there is a Rolling Racer achievement for completing it with a silver rating, a Rolling Ace achievement for completing it with a gold rating, and a Rolling Competitor for completing 15 laps. All achievements can be completed in race events or the adventure.


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