How to Unlock the Warclaw Mount

Warclaw Mount


As with all mounts, players must own Path of Fire. They will also need to spend one World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery, which unlocks the Warclaw Companion Collection and the Warclaw Reward Track Warclaw Reward Track.

To purchase all the items you will need 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket, 250 and 8 Gold Gold. The WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket and are both obtained by playing World versus World.

Warclaw Reward Track

Completion of the Warclaw Companion requires completion of the Warclaw Reward Track Warclaw Reward Track. You can make progress on this reward track while completing the other elements of the warclaw companion collection. You may also wish to boost your reward track progress with boosters, or from WvW Dailies.

Warclaw Companion

Complete the Warclaw Companion by completing the following tasks in the main WvW maps (not the Edge of the Mists):

Unlocked by spending the first world ability point in the Warclaw Mastery.
Capture a keep. It will be best to look for a commander tag, as capturing a keep without a group is impractical.
Capture a camp. This can easily be done solo, provided you can eliminate the guards and there are no enemy players around.
Capture a tower. A small group should be sufficient to capture a tower if there are no commanders around.
Unlocked by completing the Warclaw Reward Track Warclaw Reward Track.
Purchase from the Warclaw Tender for 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket. Note that you can consume the items obtained in this collection for 5 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket each if you do not have enough.
Purchase from the Warclaw Tender for 250 .
Looted from guards. This should drop without any particular effort (the drop rate appears to be approximately 10%) while completing the other items in the collection, and the reward track.

The three objective-capturing (keep, tower, camp) requirements can be completed somewhat easily by killing an “insurance guard”: killing a guard at any time at an objective will give a player credit for the capture of that objective as long as they are on the map at the moment of capture, even if it is a long while later than the kill.

Once you have completed the Warclaw Companion collection, you will be able to purchase your very own from the Warclaw Tender for 8 Gold Gold!

Warclaw Achievements

With the Warclaw unlocked, many extra achievements can be completed throughout the Mists and Tyria, as well as a Warclaw Skin that can be earned from a reward track.

Fish Out of Water
Enter water while on your warclaw. This achievement can also be completed on any map.

WvW Maps

These achievements must be completed while in WvW maps. Three of these require (or are greatly helped by) higher tiers of Warclaw Mastery.

Always Land on your Feet
Take enough fall damage in a WvW map such that you are dismounted upon landing.
Fatal Fangs
Finish five players with the warclaw’s engage skill in WvW. This will be significantly easier with the fourth rank of Warclaw Mastery. This achievement can be repeated an infinite number of times and will award up to 10 AP for repeats.
Not on the Guest List
Use the warclaw’s Chain Pull skill to deal 100,000 damage to gates in WvW. This requires the sixth rank of Warclaw Mastery.
Officially Uninvited
Same as Not on the Guest List, but infinitely repeatable and will award up to 20 AP for repeats.

Core Tyria Maps

These five achievements are completed in each of the capital cities, and mostly involve standing at a certain location while on the warclaw.

Console Crasher
While mounted on your warclaw, jump on top of the console due south of the Thamaturgic Calculus PoI in Rata Sum.
Is This a Scratching Post?
Head to the Omphalos Chamber in the Grove and use the warclaw’s engage skill on the Avatar of the Tree.
Lap Cat
Head to Knut Whitebear’s Loft in Hoelbrak and jump on top of Knut Whitebear while on your warclaw.
Sleepy Kitty
Mount up on your warclaw in front of the Seraph Headquarters in Divinity’s Reach.
Smodur's Blessing
Enter The Command Core in the Black Citadel and talk to Smodur the Unflinching while mounted on your warclaw.

Guildrider Warclaw Skin

To earn the you must first unlock the associated reward track by spending 200 Gold Gold at Cynara, who can be found in all WvW maps apart from the Edge of the Mists. You then complete the reward track in the same manner as any other WvW reward track and receive the skin as the final reward. While it is expensive to unlock, the track rewards are substantial, which will offset much of the cost.

Perfect Fit

This hidden achievement involves perching the warclaw on various boxes across WvW maps and core Tyria - There is one for each of the alpine and desert borderlands, and one for each capital city (including Lion’s Arch). Sitting on any of the boxes will make the achievement visible.

Map Hint Location
Blue Catmander.png Sit in a box near the blue catmander. The blue catmander is hidden behind a wall of vines near the start of the Mistwrought Vault jumping puzzle in the Blue or Green Alpine Borderlands. The entrance is behind a waterfall on the western edge of the map in Woodhaven/Sunnyhill.
Yellow Catmander.png Sit in a box near the yellow catmander. The yellow catmander is hidden behind a waterfall west of O’del Academy in the Desert Borderland.
The Grove.png Keep watch over the prisoners from a box in the Grove. In the middle of Nightshade Garden, on the lowest level of The Grove. The closest waypoint is at Ronan’s Bower.
Rata Sum.png Closely watch the fish from a box in Rata Sum. Next to the large fish tank in Apprentice Carrels, on the lowest level of Rata Sum.
Black Citadel.png Sit in a box and prepare for war in the Black Citadel. Near the repair NPC in the Mustering Ground.
Hoelbrak.png Keep warm in a box while paying your respects in Hoelbrak. Next to the shrine in Snow Leopard Lodge.
Divinity's Reach.png Sit in a box to join the menagerie in Divinity’s Reach. Among the cages in Haidryn’s Menagerie, below the waypoint in the Plaza of Melandru.
Lion's Arch.png Watch the light move from a box in Lion’s Arch. At the base of the lighthouse in Sanctum Harbor (at the start of the route up to the dive). The closest waypoint is Claw Island Portage.

Savage Scholar

This achievement provides the lore of the warclaw by finding Scraps of Paper in Eternal Battlegrounds.

Book Page Hint Location
Rules of the Mists Find a book page in the hills of Borlis Pass, Yak’s Bend, or Anvil Rock. Ignore the hint for this item. The scrap of paper is on the ground very close to each of the spawn locations (the [Server] Hill waypoint). Only one of these needs to be found.
Fractal State Find a book page in Mendon’s Gap, Langor Gulch, or Aldon's Ledge. In the open area north-west of Mendon’s Gap; Under the bridge north-west of Langor Gulch; On the cliffs across the water south-west of Aldon’s ledge. Only one of these needs to be found.
Mysterious Armor Find a book page in Anzalias Pass, Quentin Lake, or Wildcreek Run. At the water’s edge north of Anzalias Pass, west of the island; On the cliffs east of Quentin Lake; At the water’s edge south-east of Wildcreek Run. Only one of these needs to be found.
Reunited Find a book page in Ogrewatch Cut, Durios Gulch, or Klovan Gully. On the cliff north of Ogrewatch cut; Under the bridge south of Durios Gulch; On the cliffs across the water south-west of Klovan Gully. Only one of these needs to be found.
Warclaw Find a book page in Orgath Uplands. Next to the Dragoss Kraal PoI.
Spirit of the Armor Find a book page in Darkrait Inlet. At the north edge of Novotl Grounds.
Further Studies Find a book page in Molevekian Delve. On the dredge structure at the north-west of Molevek Works.


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