Twilight Oasis


You join the fractal at the start of an assault on the Oasis in the role of rebel Sunspears fighting in Joko’s army. You will be assisted by awakened at various points in the fractal, but you can move ahead without them.

Just to the south of your starting location is a Mistlock Singularity, which may be useful for the next section. There is a pitched battle nearby, but you can just run past and ignore everything – you will inevitably aggro a lot of enemies doing this, but they can’t keep up with you. It may be beneficial to use the mistlock to stack up Stealth Stealth for the run. If you choose to fight your way through, be aware that the villagers and archers will eventually respawn, though the Sunspears won’t.

Whether fighting or running, head south and a little west towards the Mistlock on your minimap. Pick it up if you need it and you aren’t in combat. There is a group of enemies nearby that you may wish to eliminate as they can follow you into the room with the miniboss.

Note that this guide is predominantly for the tier-four version of the fractal, so some mechanics will be much less dangerous at other tiers. An effort has been made to indicate where entirely new mechanics are added at higher tiers, but it is not exhaustive.

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Notable Instabilities
Mistlock Instability Boon Overload Mistlock Instability Boon Overload The extra boon duration means that the party’s boon supports can run more offensive gear/traits.
Mistlock Instability Flux Bomb Mistlock Instability Flux Bomb Once you gain Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes it can be used to safely “drop” the flux bomb in the air.
Mistlock Instability No Pain, No Gain Mistlock Instability No Pain, No Gain With the amount of boon spam the boss already has, you will either need to bring even more boon removal or may instead opt to not bother at all. You may consider condi DPS builds to minimize the impact of Protection Protection.
Mistlock Instability We Bleed Fire Mistlock Instability We Bleed Fire Given the high number of mobs in the early parts of this fractal, this instability can be very dangerous. The instability also applies in the first phase of the final boss, making projectile defense even more valuable there.

First Elite Sunspear Sandbinder

Recommended Sigils: Sigil of Superior Sigil of Force and Sigil of Superior Sigil of the Night

Condition builds should use their standard sigils.

Recommended Utility: Stability Stability

Head inside and engage the Sandbinder. There are a couple of tornadoes roaming around the room that pull you towards them, inflict Bleeding Bleeding and Blind Blind, and deal damage based on how close you are to the middle of the AoE. While they are not particularly dangerous themselves, they can drag you into the Sandbinder’s attacks.

The Sandbinder drops AoEs under players called that shatter for heavy damage after four seconds. The Sandbinder will autoattack for moderate damage in between s, but as he does not move and the attack only has a range of 600 players can reduce pressure on themselves by standing at range.

Once the Sandbinder reaches 75% health, he will create several concentric ring AoEs around him that hit one and a half seconds later, knocking players back and inflicting Bleeding Bleeding and heavy damage with . The Sandbinder will use twice between each use of .

Below 50% health, the Sandbinder will gain a defiance bar and if not broken within four and a half seconds he launches out a that knocks players back, deals heavy damage, applies Agony Agony and Burning Burning, and gives the Sandbinder Protection Protection and Might Might. The wall can be blocked and dodged, and this attack will repeat approximately every 20 seconds.

Curiously, despite having defiance bars, all the Sandbinders in Twilight Oasis are completely vulnerable to Pull, launch launches, and knockback knockbacks. This means that they can be interrupted at any time, including during the cast of , making the encounter much easier to handle.

After defeating the Sandbinder, head south out of the room and follow the path east then north. A few more enemies are waiting for you, and once again you can either ignore or kill them (they can follow you into the next room).

High Priestess Amala

Recommended Sigils: Sigil of Superior Sigil of Force and Sigil of Superior Sigil of the Night

Condition builds should use their standard sigils.

Recommended Utility: Stability Stability


The boss of the fractal waits ahead with a cohort of Sunspears. The archers will run away from you if you close to melee range, which can make it time-consuming to kill them. Hence it is recommended to hide behind one of the pillars here to block line of sight.

Amala herself only has some basic scythe attacks – the last of which can knock players down – and you will be reinforced by some awakened after a while, making this fight much easier.

Amala does not die so easily, however, and once she reaches 75% health, she becomes invulnerable and unleashes , instantly killing your entire party. She then retreats southeast to the temple.

“Fortunately” for you, your boss is an undead lich who won’t let a little thing like your death get in the way. After expressing his disappointment in you, Joko raises the party as awakened, with a new Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes. This skill allows you to leap incredibly high and is also an evade and stun-break. This will be essential both for navigating and fighting through the rest of the fractal. If you are not in combat, the skill only has a one-second cooldown.

While “dead”, you are actually able to /gg, which will enable you to respawn and continue the fractal without having to listen to Joko. Unfortunately, there is a bug that causes male characters to be frozen in place after doing this so they will have to wait out the speech while female characters can freely move around (or maybe the bug is that female characters can move).

Second Elite Sunspear Sandbinder

Recommended Sigils: Sigil of Superior Sigil of Force and Sigil of Superior Sigil of the Night

Condition builds should use their standard sigils.

Recommended Utility: Stability Stability

Amala has sealed off the temple, and the barrier is being maintained by two more Sandbinders. If you let the conversations play out fully (as opposed to /gging and respawning), there will be a Veteran Awakened Canid nearby that will guide you to the first one. Use Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes to jump up the roofs towards the crossed sword icon on your minimap. There are a few villagers and Sunspears around the place, but you should be able to make it to the top without getting in combat.

The second Sandbinder is almost identical to the first, with the exception that her basic autoattack is replaced by – a conal pattern of rectangular AoEs that deal moderate damage and knock players back. The small size of the platform also makes it much harder to avoid her attacks, though if absolutely necessary players can drop off the roof to recuperate.

As before, once she reaches 75% health she will begin using , and she will add into her attack pattern at 50% health, but it can be easily countered with Pull, launch launches, or knockback knockbacks.

The final Sandbinder is a good distance away. There are multiple possible routes to reach them, and also multiple skips.

The intended route is approximately to head north, then follow the path west, then north, then back east and jump up onto the mesa. From here, you can jump south then east before dropping back down onto the rooftops. This section is covered with enemies, but they cannot follow you across elevations so it may be simplest to just run past. If you’ve arrived at the correct place, you will see a Veteran Sunspear Defender and a Village Archer guarding a narrow gateway. These enemies, as well as those past the gateway, can follow you through to the final Sandbinder, so you may wish to kill them.

Through the gateway is a narrow passage with more Sunspears and multiple tornadoes rolling along it. Fight past, dodging the tornadoes to arrive at the miniboss, who also has a few Sunspear friends!

Skips to the third Sandbinder

There are a number of skips that can be used to reach the third Sandbinder. Two examples are shown below. As they require some precise jumping, it is best if the player who reaches the boss first drops a portal for the rest of the group, as the checkpoint is quite some distance away. For real efficiency, one player can leave a portal in the corner near the second Sandbinder and make the skip while the rest of the group is killing it.


Players should also be aware that the Sandbinder will aggro if a player gets too close, and several of his attacks are very long-range. Thus the miniboss should not be engaged until everyone is ready.

Skip One: Head back towards the courtyard where you fought Amala. Just to the left is a small passageway (pictured). Go up the steps and run along the wall next to the sand barrier, then use Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes to jump along the wall and curve slightly to land on the corner. You can use Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes in the middle of a movement skill such as Whirlwind Attack to get some extra distance and make the jump easier. Afterwards, walk around the corner to reach a platform just below the third Sandbinder.

Skip Two: At the same location as below, walk into the corner and use Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes against the wall to land on a small ledge partially hidden by the foliage. From there, use Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes again to land on top of the nearby wall, and you can jump around the corner to reach a platform just below the third Sandbinder.

Third Elite Sunspear Sandbinder

Recommended Sigils: Sigil of Superior Sigil of Force and Sigil of Superior Sigil of the Night

Condition builds should use their standard sigils.

Recommended Utility: Stability Stability

As might be expected, the third Sandbinder is very similar to the previous two. In addition to one new skill, every other use time this Sandbinder uses the rectangular AoEs will also hit behind him in addition to the conal pattern of the previous one.

After the first use of , the Sandbinder will use Smite Undead – a series of lightning strikes that track players, dealing a moderate amount of damage and applying Agony Agony, Blind Blind, Daze Daze, Torment Torment, Vulnerability Vulnerability and Weakness Weakness. Note that interrupting this attack (with Pull, launch launches or knockdown knockdowns) will cancel the AoEs.

The Sandbinder will repeat Smite Undead approximately every 22 seconds, and the fight is otherwise the same as the previous Sandbinder.

With the final Sandbinder defeated, the way to Amala is open. Drop down the rooftops and head south towards the mistlock to join the final assault. Within the temple are the last remaining Sunspears, forming a shield wall around Amala and protecting her from harm as she protects the remaining priestesses. There is also another Sandbinder behind Amala, who should be dealt with quickly. Joko’s forces will take care of many of the Sunspears, so you can run past them to get to the Sandbinder. This final Sandbinder cannot be interrupted in the same manner as the others, so keep an eye out for .

High Priestess Amala

Recommended Sigils: Sigil of Superior Sigil of Force and Sigil of Superior Sigil of the Night

Condition builds should use their standard sigils.

Recommended Utility: Boon Removal and Stability Stability


It turns out that Amala was holding back before, as once all the Sunspears have been killed, she obliterates the rest of the awakened (luckily you seem to have developed an immunity) and becomes an Avatar of Lyssa. As only the Sunspears need to be killed to trigger this, there may be some villagers left alive in the arena – kill them if they prove troublesome.

Through each of Amala’s phases, she becomes an Avatar of five of the human gods and gains skillsets similar to some professions. There is a checkpoint at the start, so you may wish to /gg to refresh mistlocks and pre-stack boons.

Amala constantly applies Protection Protection to herself throughout the fight, with the exception of the Grenth phase.


Amala uses a lot of mesmer-themed abilities in the first phase. She immediately creates a multitude of clones in addition to covering the ground with portals. Touching one of these s will deal a small amount of damage, apply Agony Agony and Confusion Confusion and teleport you into the air above them, though you won't take any falling damage. The damage and Confusion Confusion can be dodged, but the teleport cannot, and they can be rather annoying when trying to move around.

All of Amala’s clones will be firing at players, quickly stacking up multiple conditions. These can be blocked with projectile defense.

At the same time the clones appear, Amala will target a random player with – a moderate-sized AoE that tracks the player for two seconds. When it finishes, any player within the AoE who doesn’t block or evade will be transformed into a Moa for two to eight seconds (depending on tier) in a manner similar to Signet of Humility. While transformed, a player is largely useless, so at least make sure not to hit your teammates with it. Your special action key will be especially useful here, as it is both an evade and will keep you a long way from your allies.

To finish this phase it is necessary to find the real Amala. There are a few tricks that can help:

  1. Amala is the only Legendary creature here, while all the clones are regular enemies.
  2. The real Amala has a Signet of Humility icon above her head when casting .
  3. If you click on Amala’s health bar in the event UI at the top-right of your screen, it will select the real Amala.
  4. If you applied any conditions to Amala, they will still be ticking on her after she teleports.

Once a player identifies Amala, it is very useful if they call target on her so everyone else can direct their attacks. If all else fails, the clones have very low hitpoints, so you will eventually find her through process of elimination. Be aware that she will attack players in melee range with – an attack that hits twice for moderate damage and knocks players back.

Once Amala reaches 95% health, she will summon additional clones and teleport to a new location, leaving a clone behind and forcing you to find her again. The pattern of portals will change at the same time. From now on, the pattern of portals will change every 12 seconds and Amala will teleport to a new location and summon clones approximately every 17-22 seconds, depending on tier.

At 85% health, Amala teleports to the center of the arena and gains a defiance bar. If she is not broken within ten seconds, she overloads and hits everyone for heavy damage and Agony Agony with . She then gains some health and resumes the phase, summoning additional clones.

If broken, the barrier shielding the northernmost priestess drops, and the party will need to jump up to the platform and kill her. Amala remains invulnerable until the Priestess of Lyssa dies. If the priestess is not killed within 30 seconds, the barrier on the platform will reappear, shoving players back into the arena as Amala regains health and resumes the phase.

The ground between Amala and the priestess becomes covered in portals, but they won’t present much of a problem. The Priestess of Lyssa will also use and, blink away every 25% of her health, leaving a clone behind. The real Priestess can be identified by the crossed swords icon above her head.


Once the Priestess dies, Amala can be attacked again and she becomes an Avatar of Melandru. She will now move to the player and attack them with her scythe, applying Bleeding Bleeding on each hit and knocking players down at the end of the attack chain.

At the same time, a Champion Earth Elemental will spawn and fixate on a random player. The elemental will s at the fixated player that knock players down as well as knocking players back when in melee range with Swipe, and the more dangerous at higher tiers. The group can defend against the elemental with projectile defense and Stability Stability, or they can have the fixated player kite the elemental away while everyone else deals with the boss. The elemental’s fixation will refresh every 30 seconds, though it can target the same player. Killing the elemental is not worth the effort.

In this phase, Amala’s has attacks similar to those of the Sandbinders’ in addition to her regular scythe attacks:

– an attack similar to that knocks players back and applies Bleeding Bleeding.
– same as the Sandbinders’ version, but can cover a much greater area.
– same as the Sandbinders’ version.
– near the start of the phase there will be an expanding ring indicator as Amala prepares to slam her scythe down. When she does, it unleashes a wall similar that deals heavy damage, knocks players down, and applies Agony Agony, Confusion Confusion and Cripple Cripple. The best way to avoid it is to use Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes to jump over it, but it can also be dodged and blocked.

At 65% health, Amala will become immune to damage and gain a defiance bar again. Break her, then head the west-most platform to reach the Priestess of Melandru.

As you approach, she will be firing at you, and she summons two Veteran Earth Elementals once a player reaches the platform. Ignore the elementals as they will most likely die from cleave damage, and focus the Priestess down.


There is a checkpoint at the start of the Dwayna phase, so if players have lost their Rigorous Certainty it may be worth /gging to refresh them. If anyone brought projectile defense for the previous two phases they can also use this opportunity to swap it out, as it will be much less useful for the rest of the fight.

Amala will give herself Aegis Aegis, Might Might, Protection Protection and Swiftness Swiftness throughout this phase.

Her exact attack pattern will depend slightly on everyone’s positioning, and she has the following abilities:

Shortly after this phase starts, Amala will channel Smite Undead. Unfortunately, this one can’t be interrupted as easily as the Sandbinder’s, so players should keep moving to avoid the AoEs or used Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes to evade them.
– the same as in previous phases, but at higher tiers it also fires out lines in all directions that tick for a small amount of damage.
– a ring indicator pulses out of Amala and the arena fills with a pattern of circular AoEs that expand in size as the attack channels, pulsing for heavy damage and applying Blind Blind, Torment Torment, Vulnerability Vulnerability and Weakness Weakness. Additionally, itself will hit the entire arena shortly afterwards inflicting the same four conditions and Agony Agony.
– same as in the previous phase.
Her scythe attacks in this phase create conal AoEs that Daze Daze and apply Weakness Weakness, and circular AoEs that Daze Daze. Staying close to the boss should keep you out of the way of these, though it will put you in range of her scythe attacks.
– a leap attack that covers the ground around her in a pattern of conal AoEs that apply five stacks of Torment Torment.

As Amala reaches 60% health, tornadoes will begin to spawn around the arena (more the higher the tier) that function very similarly to those at the Sandbinders.

At 45% health, she becomes immune to damage and gains a defiance bar. Break it and head to the east-most platform to find the Priestess of Dwayna. The ground around her is perpetually covered in Smite Undead AoEs (which fortunately do not apply Agony Agony), but there are no extra mechanics otherwise.


Now an Avatar of Grenth, Amala will regularly apply Might Might and Swiftness Swiftness to herself in this phase, and use several reaper abilities:

– at the start of the phase Amala slams her scythe down, causing heavy damage in a moderate-sized AoE and creating an area that applies Chill Chill every second for five seconds. She then follows up with – dealing moderate damage and applying poison as she spins.
– same as in previous phases.
"Rise!" - at higher tiers, a large circular AoE will quickly fill as she summons multiple Shambling Horrors and extra ones for each player hit by the AoE. Each Shambling Horror that is alive reduces damage she takes, indicated by the Flesh of the Master buff on her bar (matching how this trait worked at the time of the fractal’s release). The Shambling Horrors will close to melee range so should die fairly quickly without any effort from players.
She also has her usual scythe attacks, which apply Chill Chill as well as Bleeding Bleeding in this phase. In addition, they create spirals of circular AoEs that deal moderate damage and apply Poison Poison, and AoEs that deal moderate damage and corrupt boons. Staying close to her will keep you out of the way of the AoEs.
Claim Soul – if any player is far enough away from the boss they can be targeted with a bright orange AoE that will instantly down any player caught in it, even bypassing Rigorous Certainty. It is important that players remain close to the boss for this reason.

As before, the exact order of her attacks will depend upon positioning.

At 40% health, she creates a hexagon of spectral walls that Fear Fear players who try to pass them. At some locations, they are close enough to each other that one wall can Fear Fear you into another. The walls cannot be dodged, and while they can be blocked, they hit multiple times so channeled blocks would be necessary to pass through. Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes can be used to jump over them. At higher tiers, Flesh Wurms appear around the edge of the arena at the same time that the walls appear and begin attacking players for a small amount of damage. Not only this, but while there are Flesh Wurms alive, Amala can use Necrotic Traversal to teleport to their location, forcing the party to jump over the walls to reach her.

At 25% health, she becomes immune to damage and gains a defiance bar. After breaking it, head to the southernmost platform to find the Priestess of Grenth. The priestess will be launching s and at you as you approach. When a player reaches the platform, the priestess summons a horde of minions, but as with the Priestess of Melandru, they can be ignored.


Now an avatar of Balthazar, Amala will regularly gain Might Might, Protection Protection and Swiftness Swiftness, and her attacks somewhat resemble those from the Dwayna phase:

– near the start of the phase a large AoE will indicate that Amala is about to drop a meteor on the location. The attack deals extreme damage and applies Agony Agony. At higher tiers, the attack causes a shockwave that can be jumped over normally, and shortly after the meteor lands the arena is filled with circular that deal heavy damage and apply Burning Burning and Weakness Weakness.
– in addition to the usual effects, it launches out lines in all directions.
– same as in previous phases.
She will mostly stick to Scythe Attacks in this phase, which now apply Burning Burning as well as Bleeding Bleeding. They also create circular AoEs and conal and AoEs that knock players back and apply Burning Burning.
– a leap attack similar to but more dangerous, dealing very heavy damage and applying Agony Agony and Burning Burning. Be prepared to dodge or evade it with Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Reflexes.
– If any player remains at range, she will jump on top of them, dealing moderate damage and knocking players back with a shockwave.

She is much faster with her attacks in this phase, and they cover a great area. Staying close to her is a good idea to avoid most of the damage, but players should watch out for in particular.

At 20% a large flame tornado will start to roll around the edge of the arena in this phase, functioning similarly to previous tornadoes with the exception that they apply Burning Burning and Weakness Weakness instead of Bleeding Bleeding and Blind Blind. There will be an additional, smaller tornado at higher tiers.

At 5%, Amala goes invulnerable and gains a defiance bar for the last time. Break it and head to the southeast platform to find the Priestess of Balthazar. The area will be pummeled with smaller AoEs as you approach each dealing a small amount of damage as well as knocking players back and applying Burning Burning. Once at the platform you will find four Sunspear Warriors that prevent the priestess from taking damage. Try to group the warriors up and kill them quickly, as the meteors will continue hitting until Amala dies. The priestess will lose 25% of her health each time a warrior dies, so she will die as soon as the final warrior does.

With the final priestess defeated, there is only the last 5% of Amala’s health to deal with to complete the fractal!


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