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  • Plate of Fire Flank Steak
  • Plate of Truffle Steak
  • Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes
  • Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup
  • Plate of Jerk Poultry
  • Spicy Marinated Mushroom
  • Bowl of Passion Fruit Tapioca Pudding
  • Spicier Flank Steak
  • Canned Spicier Flank Steak
  • Plate of Steak and Asparagus
  • Can of Steak and Asparagus
  • Plate of Roast Meat with Braised Leeks
  • Can of Roasted Meat with Braised Leeks


  • Bowl of Fancy Potato and Leek Soup
  • Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup
  • Bowl of Curry Pumpkin Soup
  • Bowl of Sawgill Mushroom Risotto
  • Lake Doric Mussels
  • Bowl of Potato and Leek Soup
  • Can of Potato and Leek Soup
  • Bowl of Butternut Squash Soup
  • Can of Butternut Squash Soup
  • Bowl of Artichoke Soup
  • Can of Artichoke Soup
  • Slice of Ice Worm Sashimi


  • Bowl of Tropical Mousse
  • Bowl of Truffle Ravioli
  • Bowl of Refugee's Beet Soup
  • Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken
  • Bowl of Chocolate Tapioca Pudding
  • Potion of Karka Toughness
  • Stuffed Artichoke with Tropical Dressing
  • Canned Stuffed Artichoke with Tropical Dressing
  • Plate of Frostgorge Clams
  • Bowl of Poultry Tarragon Pasta
  • Can of Poultry Tarragon Pasta


  • Loaf of Omnomberry Bread
  • Plates of Lemongrass Poultry
  • Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup
  • Mushroom Loaf
  • Flatbread
  • Loaf of Raspberry Peach Bread
  • Can of Raspberry Peach Bread
  • Dragonfish Candy
  • Tarragon Stuffed Poultry
  • Canned Tarragon Stuffed Poultry
  • Icy Fish Snack


  • Bowl of Tropical Fruit Salad
  • Spicy Chocolate Cookie
  • Omnomberry Cookie
  • Bowl of Saffron-Mango Ice Cream
  • Delicious Rice Ball
  • Raspberry Passion Fruit Compote
  • Canned Raspberry Passion Fruit Compote
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cookie
  • Boxed Chocolate Raspberry Cookie
  • Glazed Chocolate Raspberry Cookie
  • Peach Cookie
  • Boxed Peach Cookie
  • Kralkachocolate Bar
  • Bowl of Peach Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

Condition Damage

  • Bowl of Truffle Risotto
  • Bowl of Orrian Truffle Soup
  • Bowl of Prickly Pear Tapioca Pudding
  • Saffron Mussels
  • Bowl of Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto
  • Can of Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto
  • Can of Snow Truffle Soup


  • Rare Veggie Pizza
  • Red-Lentil Saobosa
  • Bowl of Cactus Fruit Salad
  • Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Beans
  • Salsa Eggs Benedict
  • Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee
  • Koi Cake
  • Super Veggie Pizza
  • Boxed Super Veggie Pizza
  • Prickly Pear Pie
  • Prickly Pear Stuffed Nopal

Specific Condition Duration

  • Bowl of Fire Meat Chili
  • Bowl of Spicy Meat Chili
  • Can of Spicy Meat Chili
  • Chocolate Omnomberry Cake
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cake
  • Canned Chocolate Raspberry Cake
  • Fancy Truffle Burger
  • Spicy Cheeseburger
  • Boxed Spicy Cheeseburger


  • Loaf of Candy Cactus Cornbread
  • Bowl of Nopalitos Saute
  • Fried Golden Dumpling
  • Spring Roll

On Kill

  • Plate of Truffle Steak Dinner
  • Carrot SoufflĂ©
  • Dragon's Breath Bun
  • Plate of Steak and Asparagus Dinner
  • Can of Steak and Asparagus Dinner
  • Saffron Stuffed Mushroom
  • Karka Egg Omelet
  • Spicy Stuffed Mushroom
  • Canned Spicy Stuffed Mushroom
  • Steamed Red Dumpling
  • Jerk Poultry Flatbread Sandwich
  • Piece of Undersea Wurm Sushi
  • Bowl of Lotus Stirfry
  • Bowl of Eggplant Stirfry
  • Can of Eggplant Stir-Fry
  • Bowl of Truffle Sautee
  • Bowl of Eggplant Sautee
  • Can of Eggplant Saute
  • Bowl of Seaweed Salad
  • Bowl of Winterberry Seaweed Salad
  • Bowl of Asparagus and Sage Salad
  • Can of Asparagus and Sage Salad
  • Experimental Remnant
  • Plate of Sweet Curried Mussels
  • Omnomberry Compote
  • Raspberry Peach Compote
  • Canned Raspberry Peach Compote
  • Mined Edible Root

On Critical Hit

  • Bowl of Fire Veggie Chili
  • Bowl of Spicy Veggie Chili
  • Can of Spicy Veggie Chili
  • Plate of Roasted Cactus
  • Bowl of Prickly Pear Sorbet
  • Winterberry Sorbet
  • Omnomberry Pie
  • Omnomberry Ghost
  • Slice of Candied Dragon Roll
  • Mixed Berry Pie
  • Canned Mixed Berry Pie
  • Ghost Pepper Popper
  • Roasted Artichoke
  • Canned Roasted Artichoke
  • Slice of Allspice Cake
  • Slice of Allspice Cake with Ice Cream

On Critical Hit

  • Bowl of Saffron-scented Poultry Soup
  • Bowl of Poultry and Winter Vegetable Soup
  • Bowl of Marjory's Experimental Chili
  • Bowl of Tapioca Pudding
  • Cheesy Cassava Roll
  • Jerk Poultry and Nopal Flatbread Sandwich


  • Mango Pie
  • Tropical Peppermint Cake
  • Peach Pie
  • Canned Peach Pie Filling
  • Bowl of Black Pepper Cactus Salad
  • Bowl of Cactus Soup
  • Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup
  • Bowl of Poultry and Leek Soup
  • Can of Poultry and Leek Soup
  • Loaf of Saffron Bread
  • Loaf of Tarragon Bread
  • Canned Tarragon Bread
  • Sweet Bean Bun
  • Bowl of Roasted Lotus Root
  • Roasted Parsnip
  • Bowl of Fire Salsa
  • Bowl of Mango Salsa
  • Can of Mango Salsa
  • Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew
  • Bowl of Meat and Winter Vegetable Stew
  • Can of Meat and Winter Vegetable Stew

Damage Reduction

  • Fried Oyster Sandwich
  • Oysters with Cocktail Sauce
  • Oysters with Zesty Sauce
  • Bowl of Lemongrass Mussel Pasta
  • Bowl of Mussel Soup
  • Oysters with Pesto Sauce
  • Oysters with Spicy Sauce
  • Oysters Gnashblade
  • Plate of Mussels Gnashblade
  • Fried Oysters
  • Bowl of Curry Mussel Soup

Magic Find and Other

  • Dragon's Revelry Starcake
  • Cup of Lotus Fries
  • Spicy Pumpkin Cookie
  • Eggplant Fritter
  • Canned Eggplant Fritter
  • Omnomberry Tart
  • Dragonfly Cupcake
  • Glazed Peach Tart
  • Peach Tart
  • Canned Peach Tart
  • Chocolate Omnomberry Cream
  • Chocolate Raspberry Cream
  • Boxed Chocolate Raspberry Cream
  • Omnomberry Bar
  • Raspberry Peach Bar
  • Boxed Raspberry Peach Bar

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