Noshami is a Guild Wars 2 Build Reviewer and the (self-proclaimed) "Metabreaker". With history in changing entire metas across a variety of MMORPG and FPS titles, Noshami brings innovation to the table with his unorthodox approaches and a hyperfocus on practical application over theoretical mathematics.

He specializes in high-octane burst DPS specializations. On Guild Wars 2, Noshami mains his Revenant, but has dabbled with Mesmer, Guardian, Warrior, and Necromancer, and plays each in both PvE and PvP game modes.

He can be found performing his comedic bits and offering mechanics insight in regards to Guild Wars 2 when he's playing it on the stream run by the company (ImpulseĀ²) he co-owns (alongside Kusumura Corsano) at

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