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Focused on: ControlSupportHealing and Condition cleanse

Designed for: WvW GvG

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds


The Fire Tempest provides strong condition cleanse and healing. It has access to one of the strongest revive skills, , brings access to auras and provides a good amount of crowd control.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants

provides a very strong single target immobilize. However, it can be switched out for other utilities in some situations. Especially for starting out, the alternatives are easier to use.
  • the best option for another aura/heal utility
  • group stunbreak and AOE superspeed
  • this is usually not worth using, however it synergises with as it can prevent players from dying to the debuff.

Template Code

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Rune Variants
  • can be used if extra tankiness is required. It increases the amount of condition cleanse.
  • increases the healing but loses quite a bit of defensive stats compared to the other choices.


    • personal option
    • is worth using if you can go for many revives



  • This build fills the role of the healer and cleanser in the party, so it is important to focus on these things first.
  • The is very powerful. Especially used in air attunement, it can completely reset a player that went down in a bad place. Make sure to be in a save position when this is needed.
  • Auras are quite powerful and since the access is mostly limited to Elementalists, you should applies these as much as possible.
  • The amount of might provided by is a lot, however the range is small. If possible, make sure to get value out of this trait.
  • Since you do not have good access to stunbreaks and stability for yourself and you heavily rely on skills with longer casttimes, you want to be in safe positions during the round. Especially while overloading, it is perfectly fine to move a bit away from the commander to ensure the cast.
  • For the usage of attunements and skills, you can stick to a relatively simple rotation. This is not optimal in all situations but it is a very solid start and helps you to focus on other things while learning.
    • - This is the source of most cleanses tied to the Focus skill / . This is also the source of a large amount of AoE might coming from the trait . Maximize the frequency with which you use this attunement.
  • For attunements:
    • - This is a great source of healing. Use whenever possible.
    • - is by far the strongest Aura. Therefore, use the Dagger skill and often. Keep this attunement ready for if you expect someone to die off position. Use to counter enemy Necromancer's . Use for one of the strongest single target CC effects.
    • - This is mostly a filler attunement you want to switch into to start the cooldown on the Fire attunement. It provides an invulnability on Focus, . In Earth, becomes a AoE revive with a decently large radius.
Stealth Blasting Skill Usage
  • Start with scepter/dagger in .
    • Use roughly 3 seconds before timer.
    • Use roughly 1 second before timer.
  • Switch to .
    • Use .
    • Use .
  • Swap weapon sets.

Engage Skill Usage
  • Start the fight in .
    • Use on the first engage.
  • Switch to .
    • Spam / for cleanses.
  • Be ready to get into a safe position and switch to to cast if someone dies on the first engage.

Rotation Skill Usage
  • Starting in .
    • Use on the aura from for cleansing.
    • Use and wait for .
    • Use for repositioning. Get into 180 range of allies to give Might Might with .
      • Do not use ever.
  • Switch to .
    • Note that this gives a decent heal with as well as cleanses with .
    • Use for a ranged AoE CC skill.
    • Use for a small heal until the overload is ready.
  • Use for a large amout of cleanses, a good heal and .
  • Switch to and do the same steps as above.
  • Briefly switch into if is not up.
    • Use for repositioning.
    • Using is generally not recommended.
  • Switch to and use if available.
    • Use if the cleanse is needed.
      • Use if the enemy is using ranged damage such as Necromancer's .
      • Use if your squad is going for a single target.
  • Use for the extra .
  • Switch to and repeat.

Overall Priorities

  • Condition clear
  • Healing
  • Sharing (Shocking) Aura
  • CC


  • Despite the choice of purely defensive gear, the Elementalist suffers from the lowest base stats in the game. Paired with the lack of good access to stunbreaks and stability, this makes you an easy target if you get yourself in a bad position.
  • That being said, you have very good mobility and should be able to position yourself savely. Having } as well as and gives a lot of access to evades. Using this well means that you can avoid most damage.
  • If targeted, keep your access to with open. Use the invulnability to reposition.
  • For movement, you can use and on a low cooldown. Together with , you have a large amount of dodges.
    • If necessary, gives access to another dash . Using this defensively is not recommended but can save your life.

Detailed Explanations


  • Since you have many long cast times, you want to stay in a save position slightly behind the squad. To ensure that most skills land, you want to keep a distance of around 200 to 240 units.
  • When overloading air, you can move further away if it is needed. The aura applied by has 600 range.
  • Make sure you are in a good position when people might get in trouble, so that you can use your if needed.
  • When pushing, this usually means you want to go ahead of the group with and .
  • Once is used, you can position more aggresively and try to land to low range support skills in more dangerous positions. You still want to keep some distance though, to ensure the casts go through.

Glyph of Renewal

  • Under General Options / Combat/Movement turn on Allow Skill Retargetting and set Ground Targetting to Instant Cast, this will make cast at the location your cursor is at the end of the cast, instead of where you initially targetted
  • Use mostly in to revive allies that are far away from your team or in if there are multiple players in downstate.
    • If a downed ally can be safely revived by other means, usually should not be used.
    • If the teleportation is not needed (or activly harmful), use the glyph in for the extra heal.
    • Using the glyph in can be useful in rare situations, especially if you are under the effect of .

Condition Clear

  • You mostly clear conditions by going to for and use / due to . Notice that the range is rather small here.
  • Using cleanses a condition on instant cast.
  • Using provides a good amount of condition cleanse but is rather slow to access and use.
  • Transmuting in cleanses conditions due to .
    • cleanses one condition but is mostly used for the heal.
    • cleanses one condition but should be used for the immobilize mostly.


  • Most of your healing will be passively applied by rotating through your attunements, applying aura skills and .
  • Your biggest burst heal skill is . Notice that most of the heal is in the first heal of this skill which only has a range of 180.
  • One of the most powerful heals is hidden in with and . This is instant cast, meaning it provides the healing immediately and can also be used while CCed.
  • Making sure that is not interrupted provides another very powerful heal. Due to the cast time, this requires some timing to use most effectively.
    • is a passive healing effect applied automatically. Keeping this up is not a priority but should happen automatically as you should attune to water regularely.
    • can be used to heal allies. This is not very potent but is a good filler skill while wating for .
    • heals due to the aura application and but should be used for the immobilize mostly.

Crowd Control

  • Use your CC in coordination with your team. This means:
    • If your team is focusing on a single player, use and .
    • If your team is going for a an AoE damage spike provide Immobilize Immobilize using and and share .
  • Use to stop the enemy from reviving downed players by knocking them away.
  • Use if you notice that the enemy ran out of Stability Stability and access to it.
  • can be used as often as possible.


  • Under General Options / Combat/Movement turn on Allow Skill Retargetting and set Ground Targetting to Instant Cast, this will make cast at the location your cursor is at the end of the cast, instead of where you initially targetted
  • Under Squad Options use View as a grid. This will allow you to keep and easy overview of the squads condition and spot early on if you need to be ready for .
    • Seeing conditions on allies in party view is nice, but most condition cleanses are used anyway as part of a rotation. Movement impairing conditions are easily noticable by looking at the player's character. Similarely, seeing allied player's boons is rarely of actual use, since this build does not provide ciritcal boons like Stability Stability or stunbreaks.
  • Under General Options / User Interface check Always show squad health bars and Always show party health bars. These will make it much easier to keep track of who needs your support.
    • The options Thick party health bars and Thick squad health bars can be used too as a matter of personal preference.
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