Bladesworn - Defense Bladesworn

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Strike damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A new take on the old power Bladesworn build using the defense traitline to gain damage, sustain and replace some of the stab access lost through nerfs.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Warhorn over Pistol is a good option when you are likely to face heavy condi matchups but dont want to give up the sustain of . Escpecially useful against condi reapers and rangers to remove movement inhibiting conditions.


  • offers better condi cleanse and a damage buff at the cost of less healing. Take if chosen.


can be replaced by one of the following:

  • is usefull especially if you expect to be plussed by heavy burst specs.
  • is a utility that can be use if you are confident in only needing one stunbreak and will get more value out of reveal then anything else.
  • recomended when playing with and . A very versatile utility skill that is a stunbreak, cc and stability access.


The elite can be changed out but not very strongly recomended as provides alot of damage and sustain expecially paired with .

  • can be useful when you expect to be mostly teamfighting.
  • very powerful tool for sustain or kill securing when paired with .

Template Code

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  • Take when playing with any Physical skills.


  • has great synergy with Aegis Aegis. Reflecting projectiles doesn't consume the Aegis, so even if you get hit by a full all the projectiles will be reflected as long as something else doesn't pop the Aegis.
  • trades Stability Stability uptime and extra damage for better cleansing and flow generation. Only recomended if it allows you to run Pistol over Warhorn for the extra damage.


  • solves your mobility issues when not playing with Warhorn, but lowers your sustain a little.



Equipment Variants


  • can provide some nice offensive and defensive stats when conditions are not likely to be an issue.
  • an extremely strong rune on every build.


  • over can be taken when playing as a side noder. provides alot of endurance so this sigil is only recomended for beginers or using the lowest sustain variant of this build.



  • The role of this build can vary based on what traits are taken and what is needed by your team. All variants have the ability to take 1v1s and contribute to teamfights, but the default version presented here is designed to be a duelist.


  • When playing as a duelist you have strong kill pressure in 1v1s and significant ability to survive outnumbered (depending on the matchup).
  • Your best matchups are duelists that rely on blocks for sustain such as virtuoso, other warriors, rangers and vindicators. Bad matchups are ones that have heavy boon corrupt and cc such as condi reaper.
  • Weapon and gunsaber abilities are mostly chip damage and can be used as you see fit to presure the enemy and sustain yourself. The most important source of your damage is gunsaber 3 and your dragon slash.
  • means that when you cc a target with gunsaber 3 or dragon slash you will gain stability reducing the enemies ability to counterpressure and giving you a 10% damage buff for the duration of the stability. The best skills to use with this damage buff in descending order of priority are pistol 5, gunsaber 2, gunsaber 4, axe 2 then axe 3. This is your main combo and where most of your significant damage comes from.
  • Dragon slash is not only a powerful offensive tool but a powerful defensive tool. The cc, healing and stability it provides means a quick dragon slash can provide you sustain and interupt the enemies attacks allowing you to counterpressure.
  • While quick dragon slashes can be valuable the most damaging and effective ones come from those that are charged up for a long amount of time. In order to do this you must know how to make use of your defensive abiltiies while charging up. Your first ability to defend yourself is Triggerguard Triggerguard which applies 2 seconds of aegis. Should be used reactively to the first source of cc you see coming your way. Next if you have taken you can use Flicker Step Flicker Step to teleport close to the enemy and gain stability. If the enemy dodges use your dragon slash (force or boost depending on if theyre in range) when the dodge animation finishes. If they attempt to cc you use dragon slash when the cc animation is finished. If they do nothing continue charging dragon slash until you have a good opportunity to land it.
  • Dragon slash can also be used to gain control of nodes. Endlessly charging a dragon trigger can make enemies afraid to enter melee range so if done on an enemy node may allow you to decapture it. Your ability to do this will be lowered as the enemies skill increases.


  • When teamfighting you want to be on the frontlines of the teamfight. You will likely be the tankiest member of your team and as such you want to be drawing the focus of your team so your squichier dps' can put in work. Additionally you want to be peeling for your teamates when they are under pressure either via cleansing their conditions or by ccing the enemies that are pressuring them.
  • Dragon slash is an amazing tool in teamfights that disrupts the enemies pressure that should be used almost off cooldown.
  • Teamfights can often be a good situation to get a significanlty charged dragon slash in. When you are not under focus and your team isn't in huge danger charging a slash out of sight of the teamfight or out of range of the enemies damage can provide you massive prescence and even win you the fight.
  • If you have support pay attention to when they give you stability as this is your chance to unleash massive damage through weapon skills or by charging a big slash (watch out for boon corrupt though!).


  • The following applies for both teamfighting and dueling.
  • Your sources of sustain will vary based on the variant of the build you choose. All versions will gain sustain from using their dragon slash via so you should use your dragon slash as often as possible. This means you shouldnt be overly worried about fully chargign it but isntead recongise the situations in which a charged dragon slash is possible and when it is instead better to use a lowly charged slash.
  • When under pressure Cyclone Trigger Cyclone Trigger is a very valuable skill. It gives you aegis and blocks projectiles allowing you to escape to a kite spot when heavily focused. The ability to regain a charge of this ability with is a key reason why I recomend this elite option even when not using .
  • is an incredible source of sustain that allows you to sustain yourself via the use of offensive abilities. This skill means that you should not worry about overusing or spamming skills (Within reasons) as it gives you substantial amounts of barrier. This skill allows you to trade damage with enemies while your health pool remains mostly untouched.
  • Condition cleanse is gained via the variations in the build discussed above. You must be intuitive in understanding the matchups you will face and what skills will be most useful. For example, when you do not trust your team and expect to be outnumbered for a long time is an incredible source of healing. As such if expect to be in this situation and needing additional cleanse then take warhorn offhand.


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5 stars
Yerloq gave this build 5 stars • September 2023
I think lowkey, this might be the most underrated build in the entire game right now. You can even add Fighter rune and Fierce as Fire to bring on that extra damage (although you'd need to kite effectively as condi damage can really add up if you're not careful) against the tough bunker builds. This build even wins against condi zerker given the right burst setup. It's super good, very underrated.
4 stars
Vex gave this build 4 stars • June 2023
It's strong but the full shout tactics version feels stronger to me which has much better healing and more frequent access to might stacking and such. On that I hardly ever lose a 1v1 while on this I have to be way more careful, which wouldn't be a problem but the more I'm forced to kit the less I can focus on doing damage and that results in drawn out fights.
5 stars
Hanz gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
High sustain, high damage, good mobility and CC. Easy to play and really strong at the moment. Bit weak to conditions but there are several customization options that could remedy that, and there's so much barrier and healing in the build that sometimes you can even brute force your way through condi matchups with the low cleanse version as long as you avoid the bursts or keep Shake It Off ready.
5 stars
Goon gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
A very strong build that can both duel and teamfight. While vulnerable to some builds like condi reaper you have enough sustain and cc that even unfavourable match ups are winnable when played right. The build is very flexible with skills and traitlines able to be changed to deal with whatever challenge you are facing. While not overpowered like it used to be it is certainly a strong build in the current meta.


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