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Focused on: Direct damage

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on January 28, 2023 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


Power Catalyst is a complex and fast-paced build that provides strong melee damage as well as some Might Might, Fury Fury, Resolution Resolution and Protection Protection for your group.

As a power DPS, you rely heavily on your hammer and its unique Circular Projectile mechanic that sits on the 3rd skill in each attunement. Successful play involves maintaining these projectiles both for their damage and the buffs they provide and if they are mismanaged it can be difficult to recover. Catalyst also brings its Jade Sphere that drops stationary damage and boon fields that your utility skills interact with for bonus effectiveness. These two unique mechanics mean that Catalyst greatly prefers fights against large, low-movement bosses.

The combination of Elemental Empowerment and Rocky Loop more durable than other elementalist specialisations, but be aware that you can gain up to 200 bonus toughness, so make sure your tank has more.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Arcane Blast will provide more burst damage than Shattering Ice.
  • Conjure Lightning Hammer will be more damage than Shattering Ice on large hitboxes.


  • Glyph of Elementals deals comparable damage to Conjure Fiery Greatsword when using the Earth Elemental, as its active ability applies Immobilize Immobilize and is sufficient to keep you at 10 stacks of Elemental Empowerment via Vicious Empowerment.

Template Code

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  • You should bring Raging Storm if Fury Fury uptime is bad.

Specialization Variants

Replacing Fire with Arcane provides you with extra boon duration and a cooldown reduction of attunements and the jade sphere. This means you could technically provide Quickness Quickness without adjusting your gear, though it would require a different rotation.

  • When providing Quickness Quickness, you will also need to use Spectacular Sphere and Sphere Specialist.

Fire can be replaced by Water for a burstier opening, suited to shorter-phased fights such as fractals. With Powerful Aura, you also share auras fairly frequently, which can be particularly helpful for Condi Berserkers.


  • Dragon stats Dragon stats gear is an inconsequential amount of extra damage, but gives you some free vitality.



  • or ascended versions



Rotation fundamentals

Catalyst's rotation can be varied quite a lot, so an outline is provided rather than a strict skill usage. The fundamental goal is to cycle through all four elements, activating the Circular Projectile in each element before releasing them all with Grand Finale and starting the loop again.

Jade Sphere use

During the loop, you also want to deploy your Jade Sphere once in each element. You do not regain the energy needed to cast them while one is active, so it's best to cast them in "pairs" as you switch attunements. This creates some gaps in the loop where energy can recharge, and as the most powerful autoattacks are found in Fire and Earth, these attunements are the best choice to stay in. The sphere does the same amount base damage in each element, but thanks to the damage buffs you gain while in Fire and Air, these attunements are higher priority. Deploy Jade Sphere (Fire) also generates stacks of Persisting Flames, and Relentless Fire and Shattering Ice will last longer if used while standing in Deploy Jade Sphere (Fire) and Deploy Jade Sphere (Water).

Glyph of Storms use

Glyph of Storms should be used either in Fire or Air attunement. Optimal use will depend on phase timings as well as hitbox size - Fire favouring small hitboxes and Air favouring large. Given the damage and cooldown, Fire should be the more efficient option, but the rotation lines up somewhat awkwardly compared to using it in Air, so consider the following:

  • A rule of thumb for elementalist is that your last Glyph of Storms in each phase should be used in Air, so try to keep an idea of how long you have left when deciding where to use it.
  • As the more powerful option, if you can line Air up with your target gaining Exposed Exposed this will be greatly beneficial - particularly useful in fractals.
  • If your rotation is not particularly tight, you may be better off just casting Glyph of Storms at the earliest possible opportunity, whether you are in Fire or Air.

Fiery Greatsword use

With the Whirling Stones trick (see the Earth section below), Earth has the fewest cooldowns to use, and so is the best time to Conjure Fiery Greatsword. Summon after using Rocky Loop and Ground Pound (if available) and use Fiery RushFirestorm then drop the weapon and continue your rotation. The next time you reach Earth, pick the second Greatsword up and repeat.


In Fire you want to use:

  • Deploy Jade Sphere (Fire)
  • Surging Flames
  • Flame Wheel
  • Triple Sear
  • Molten End
  • Relentless Fire


In Water you want to use:

  • Deploy Jade Sphere (Water)
  • Rain of Blows
  • Icy Coil
  • Crashing Font
  • Cleansing Typhoon - use if available, but don't delay your attunement swap for it
  • Shattering Ice


In Air you want to use:

  • Deploy Jade Sphere (Air)
  • Hurricane of Pain
  • Crescent Wind
  • Shock Blast.


In Earth you want to use:

  • Deploy Jade Sphere (Earth)
  • Whirling Stones - as Stonestrike is a powerful autoattack, it is a good idea to delay this until your attunement swap is available, then use Whirling Stones and immediately swap (this will not interrupt the cast)
  • Rocky Loop
  • Ground Pound - use if available, but don't delay your attunement swap for it

Rotation example

While you have opportunities to adjust the element order as needed, in most cases you want your first two attunements to be Fire and Air, followed by Water and lastly Earth. Your choice of starting attunement is largely up to you, but it might be best to base it upon which Glyph of Storms you wish to open with.

Opener in Fire

  1. Glyph of Storms (optional)
  2. Deploy Jade Sphere (Fire)
  3. Flame Wheel
  4. Surging Flames
  5. Relentless Fire
  6. Molten End
  7. Triple Sear
  8. Air Attunement


  1. Crescent Wind
  2. Shock Blast
  3. Hurricane of Pain
  4. Deploy Jade Sphere (Air) once you pass 20 energy (2/3rds of the energy bar) and swap to Water Attunement Water Attunement


  1. Icy Coil
  2. Deploy Jade Sphere (Water)
  3. Shattering Ice
  4. Cleansing Typhoon
  5. Crashing Font - if available
  6. Rain of Blows - swap to Earth Attunement Earth Attunement once the cast begins
  7. Earth Attunement


  1. Rocky Loop
  2. Ground Pound - if available
  3. Conjure Fiery Greatsword (if available)
  4. Firestorm - drop Fiery Greastword immediately after the cast
  5. Stonestrike until you are at full energy and Relentless Fire is nearly off cooldown
  6. Deploy Jade Sphere (Earth)
  7. Whirling Stones - swap to Fire Attunement Fire Attunement once the cast begins


  1. Deploy Jade Sphere (Fire)
  2. Relentless Fire
  3. Grand Finale
  4. Molten End
  5. Triple Sear
  6. Flame Wheel
  7. Surging Flames
  8. Air Attunement
  9. Return to the start of the Air Section

Keep looping between the four elements, following the advice in the Rotation fundamentals section and adjusting as necessary.

Video example

Video example (using earth elemental)


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5 stars
OfficerAndyGentleman gave this build 5 stars • May 2023
Very good sustained target and cleave damage, and provides some incidental boons. Weaver is easier and higher damage in most situations, but Catalyst is still an excellent option.


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