Firebrand - Quickness Seraph DPS

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Focused on: HealerSupportCondition damage.

Designed for:


This build is a perfect mix between a healer and a dps, which shines in less organized groups that normally run a full healer. Even though it's a condition build, the burst of a Firebrand is really solid and by no means bad in fractals.

Thanks to Writ of Persistence Writ of Persistence and this build heals up to five players for ~400/sec while still being able to hit for ~20k dps on the golem.
It provides 100% Quickness Quickness, 100% Fury Fury, 99% Regeneration Regeneration, 35% Protection Protection, ~19 Might Might, a lot of Aegis Aegis with and a lot of condi cleanse because of .
This build should be played with a Renegade - Boon Support Power DPS (Fractal) providing alacrity.




Utility skills
  • Swap out , or if you don't need the Regeneration Regeneration.
  • if the stability of is not enough.
  • if the reflect of is not enough.
  • for more healing.
  • over for a ~1k dps increase.




  • instead of if you have a Weaver and a good Renegade in your group that provide enough might. Will result in more healing, but only providing ~7 Might Might for your group.
  • instead of for higher dps, but less boon uptime.


Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Seraph stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Seraph stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Balthazar
Malign +5 Agony Infusion
  • One viper accessory is needed to hit 100% burning duration.



  • over for better healing, but less dps.


  • You can also use healing infusions, if you prefer that.



  • to hit 100% burning duration.


  • for concentration (recommended).
  • for more healing.
  • for ~1k more dps.


The basic idea is to maintain high uptime of and while spamming Burning Burning with . When is not available, axe skills are used to fill the downtime. See Firebrand - Condi DPS for a detailed explanation of the DPS rotation.


  • Use immediately, then as soon as it is avaiable.
  • Use once immediately, then once every time it gains a charge.
  • Use and twice immediately, then once every time it gains a charge.
  • Never interrupt your axe autoattack chain.
  • Your dodges also heal for ~950 because of Selfless Daring Selfless Daring, so don't forget to use it, if needed. You Also mentain 70% Vigor Vigor on yourself thanks to .
  • Use if reflection, Stability Stability or Resistance Resistance is needed. It can also be used to spam Swiftness Swiftness.
  • Use if burst healing or even more condition cleanses are needed.
Build rating - 5 stars
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3 Ratings
4 stars
Archon Wing gave this build 4 stars April 2020

This build is an interesting alternative for people already used to healbrand. The rotation is simple enough to learn though it certainly doesn't have the same level of facetanking. (Still a good amount)

You still provide a decent amount of healing and boons but you add a decent burst. It's particularly useful for fights that needs more dps such as Thaumanova Anomaly, Siax, and Arkk which will overwhelm you with mechanics as the fight goes along. In these cases, your pug friends simply won't put out enough DPS no matter how much you heal them and are bound to die to the instakill mechanics eventually so you need to add some of your own. It's also very effective on Siren's Reef, as with any kind of condi Firebrand.

However, in fights that aren't just about raw damage and require the party to survive mechanics such as Mai Trinn or the last boss of Molten Furnace, this build is significantly less effective, especially considering that you have to keep critting to maintain might. In these cases, a regular healbrand build is going to be far more effective.

5 stars
Staub gave this build 5 stars December 2019

Been running this build for a while when it was first mentioned on SC dc. With so much unjustified hate towards healbrand among the hardcore FOTM community, this build offers a middle ground between the so-called 'wheelchair' healbrand and the 'meta' power quickbrand. It has relatively high burst, and brings the usual boon kit of a FB - perma quickness, might, aegis, fury etc. It doesn't bring PI for your try-hard FOTM group, but it's a great alternative for the majority of the players who are not speedrunners. The healing is enough to survive bad instas while pugging, and if you find yourself not being able to keep the team alive, you can swap Empowering Might for Pure of Heart. In worst case scenario - add a shield for CC and minor heal, but that would significantly lower your powersonal DPS.

5 stars
Debatrax gave this build 5 stars December 2019

I used this build for about 2 month pretty much daily in fractals (CMs+T4+Recs) and I absolutely love to play it. This build isn't that great if u are a speedrunner, but for pugs this is pretty much the best build in my opinion.

It can't carry as hard as a full healer, but even if the pugs aren't that good the heal with Seraph gear is pretty good and is able to keep most of them alive while still doing really good damage. I'm always surprised how good the dmg can be.

The boons this build brings is also perfect for the current meta. I often have bad might uptime in pugs so Empowering Might is really useful. I wasn't sure if Protector's Restoration is worth to take. but it works extremely good with a diviner renegade, because renegade can keep up about 60-70% protection so with me we are often at 100% and it's another symbol every 20 secs which heals your allies.