Guardian - Core Spirit Burn Guard

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest



A PvP condi Guardian burst build.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 2 votes.
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3 stars
Hanz gave this build 3 stars • May 2023
Burn guard always does well in lower tiers but fizzles out as it climbs higher. The damage is great in certain situations where you can make your enemy actually tank it (like dropping spirit weapons on downed enemies who are being revived), but once you get to a rating where people aren't glued to capture points it's hard to get value out of this build because you don't have the mobility to chase after them and they won't be standing in your symbols and other AoEs, which is where most of the damage comes from. It's somewhat versatile at least, so that's a positive, it can share valuable boons including Stability with the team while also having multiple condition removals for allies. Works best when it can stay on the sidelines doing damage, but kind of crumbles fast when focused by multiple enemies as it doesn't have the mobility to kit, healing is really low and its defensive CDs are very limited. Shield of the Avenger however is really underrated, the high uptime of projectile hate and Weakness are probably the best things about the build. Perfectly viable option for F2P players but otherwise I wouldn't really recommend it unless you really enjoy the playstyle.
5 stars
RahKirito gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
This build can be quite convincing in some situations, but is not suitable for all match-ups, especially as you are relatively vulnerable to builds with heavy cc and/or mobility, which is often the case in the current meta. However, the build offers good consistent damage from burning, ideally if you can place damage with your fields some distance away as there are not projectiles. In addition to this, the build has very high projectile block capacities. The build is actually fun to play. You can do good damage, especially if your team is already functioning well on the node, but is outmatched vs good opponents whenever they get what you are playing. In 1vs1/2 situations, success is very dependent on the opponent.


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