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Mechanist - Celestial Alacrity Support

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damageHealing and Support

Designed for: Fractals and Raids

This build was last updated on December 26, 2023.


A flexible 'do it all' build for Mechanist that's easy to use and can perform multiple roles. Good for open world, story, fractals, strikes, and most raids; shouldn't be brought to raids where Toughness is a factor. The build brings solid dps, healing and boons. Extra tanky due to celestial stats so great for beginners. Jack of all trades, master of none.

The draw of this build is it's easy to do 'well' whether solo or while filling a group's need for Alacrity Alacrity in either dps or support with minimal tweaks in one set of gear. As an added benefit, Celestial gear is what you're given on boost and Traveler runes are very cheap, making the build very accessible to players new to engineer that have a boost available. Specialized builds will outperform this build for their niche, but the draw of this build is ease of use and flexibility.

As with other celestial builds, you have great freedom to adjust how much you want to focus on damage or support.

Skill Bar


Hybrid DPS or Hybrid Heal?

The above setup is just one option that provides a mixture of damage and heal utilities. Med Kit is the obvious choice for any heal build, and Elite Mortar Kit provides both healing and damage via Elixir Shell and Poison Gas Shell respectively.

Elixir Gun and Barrier Signet are the best support choices. Elixir Gun provides the most healing, and Barrier Signet can provide a good amount of barrier to mitigate incoming attacks while also blocking projectiles.

For damage, Flamethrower and Grenade Kit offer the highest DPS (Flamethrower is slightly higher than Grenade Kit), though between them and Elite Mortar Kit there won't be much time left for healing.

Shift Signet provides almost the same damage and allows for much more time to focus on support, while also being a very useful emergency teleport/stun break.

Superconducting Signet is an option if you want to avoid kits, but is less DPS than the other options. Leave it on passive.

There may be situations where your mech is in danger of dying. As you lose a huge amount of strength without a mech, you may have to bring Overclock Signet for the ability to instantly revive it.

Template Code

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  • Mech Arms: Single-Edge Cutters could be taken for more damage if you don't need to provide all 25 stacks of Might Might to your subgroup.

Specialization Variants

For more healing, replace the Inventions traitline with Alchemy:

Dropping Inventions removes your ability to provide Protection Protection via shield skills, so Alchemy is a better fit when using offhand Pistol. Alchemy also enhances Med Kit, making it better for burst healing.



Rune Variants

Rune of Superior Rune of Leadership provides a lot of extra boon duration without sacrificing too much damage.

Rune of Superior Rune of the Trapper is the highest DPS option.

Other all-stat runes are also possibilities, such as Rune of Superior Rune of Divinity or Rune of Superior Rune of the Zephyrite.

Stat Variants

Depending on your rune choice, you may end up overcapping on Bleeding Bleeding or Burning Burning duration. In this case you can swap in some Seraph stats Seraph stats pieces to increase your damage, while maintaining your healing power and concentration.


As a hybrid healer, you ideally want to use ascended food that provides a 10% healing power modifier. This provides a much greater improvement to your healing than damage buffs would to your DPS.


  • You could also trade in some support for more damage with food such as




Both versions can produce a lot of Alacrity Alacrity via barrier generation using Mech Frame: Channeling Conduits, which also gives you access to Crisis Zone for a large amount of Alacrity Alacrity at once. Keeping Alacrity Alacrity uptime via barrier comes from using these skills regularly:

  • Mech auto chain with Mech Core: Barrier Engine
  • Barrier Signet (optional)
  • Barrier Burst

Defiance Bar

Whether you're playing heal or dps you should know which skills will hurt the blue bar:

  • Mace: Rocket Fist Prototype
  • Offhand Pistol: Glue Shot
  • Offhand Shield: Magnetic Inversion, Static Shield, Throw Shield
  • Flamethrower: Air Blast and Smoke Vent

DPS Skill Usage

For maximum damage, run Mace/Pistol weapons and use these skills:

DPS Priority:

  • Use Rocket Fist Prototype and Blowtorch off cooldown (they have the same cooldown)
  • After using Energizing Slam, swap to Flamethrower to drop Flame Blast and Napalm (if available and the target will remain stationary)
  • If using Grenade Kit, swap to it after using your Flamethrower skills for Shrapnel Grenade and Poison Grenade (if available)
  • Rolling Smash off cooldown (make sure the mech is in position to hit)
  • Mace auto chain (you have +67% condi duration so you'll be providing alac&barrier while also dropping confusion stacks on the target)
  • If you're doing organized content, your primary job is providing alacrity - don't forget about it!

Defense/Zergs: For crowds, you can camp Flamethrower to tag. If Barrier Signet and mace autos aren't enough defense, swap to flamethrower for Smoke Vent (aoe blind) or Air Blast (aoe knockback). Rectifier Signet is a strong personal heal, and Overclock Signet can be used to re-summon the mech if something goes wrong, as it has a tendency to get instagibbed in some scenarios.

Heal Skill Usage

For more support, swap to mace/shield.

Heal Priority:

  • Mace auto chain constantly pulses barrier&alac to your group - if not doing something else, do Mace auto!
  • Barrier Signet & Mech abilities as you deem appropriate
  • Big heals: Elixir Gun 5, Mortar Kit 5, Med Kit 4
  • Useful: Med Kit 5 (regen), Med Kit 2 (regen), Med Kit 1 (top-off aoe), shield skills (protection)


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 2 votes.
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5 stars
Kyno91 gave this build 5 stars • September 2022
I can't stress enough to tell how this build performing exellently anywhere in the game except in Raid ofc. This build is a beast in solo play, close to immortal if i must say while deals a good amount of damage, in Fractal/Strike/Dungeon able to provide excellent Heal/Alac while being a Tank for your team, very beginner friendly and being effective whilst gearing up is not that expensive, pure 5 stars.
5 stars
Retvolki gave this build 5 stars • May 2022
It is a very nice build which I've been playing for a while now. I never liked core eng but mech util truly is amazing. Not to mention the good dps, survivability and alac. Since my eng is not all the way leveled yet I'm currently using a mixture of asc and exo gear, but still it's working quite good even for hard metas and strike missions. I can only expect it'll be better and better as I swap the remaining exo gear for asc. My fav eng build by far!


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