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Focused on: ControlSupportHealing and Condition cleanse

Designed for: WvW GvG

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds

This build was last updated on September 05, 2023 and is up to date for the November 7, 2023 game patch.


This build primarily fills the role of the healer and cleanser for its party as an alternative to Druid, Scrapper or Vindicator. Catalyst can also be used instead for the same role, see here for a comparison

is an exceptionally powerful revive skill - in it has the unique effect of repositioning the target, allowing the tempest to fully reset a player that went down in a bad place and in it revives up to three players.

Tempest provides high amounts of might provided with , and as well as unique auras including the very powerful .

For the usage of attunements and skills, Tempest can stick to a relatively simple rotation. While a strict rotation is not optimal in all situations, it is effective for beginners and helps to allow focus on other things while learning.

Skill Bar


  • or instead of are easier to use.



Template Code

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    • personal option
    • is an alternative if you can go for many revives



  • Unlike most builds in WvW, Dagger/Focus aurashare tempest can be played with a skill rotation
    • Breaking the rotation to survive is fine, breaking it to try and access more healing or condition clear is usually suboptimal
    • The most important part of the rotation is maximizing the amount of swaps into to proc with / and to generate large amounts of Might Might with and the Flame Expulsion from
    • The order of the non-fire attunements is not important to the rotation, roughly prioritize in this order, but change based on needs:
      1. - healing and cleanse
      2. - anti-melee CC, projectile hate, single target CC, single target
      3. - personal survivability, movement, AoE

Skill Rotation
  • Start the fight in
  1. right before Overload
  2. Repeat
  • The order or and can be swapped.
  • Use , , , , , , as fillers
  • Use for the projectile block
  • Use and for single target focus
  • If at any stage your group is not engaged or is standing back, not needing to be cleansed or healed, continue to swap in and out of for the Might Might

Overall Priorities

  • Condition clear
  • Healing
  • CC
  • Aura/Boonshare


  • This build has moderate passive defense
  • This build has moderate mobility skill access
  • This builds has low active defenses
    • Be careful about attuning into , since you'll lose access to after leaving it
    • Since your personal stunbreaks are time-gated 'Overloads and you don't have access to Stability Stability and you heavily rely on skills with longer casttimes, you want to position safely
  • Stay close to tag, but not directly on top - within 200-300 range is close enough to quickly respond to movements and get boons without getting stuck behind
    • While overloading, if needed, move further away ensure the cast finishes - has 600 radius
    • While in , move a bit closer - , and the Flame Expulsion from have 240 radius.
Active defense priority

Detailed Explanations

Glyph of Renewal

  • Under General Options / Combat/Movement turn on Allow Skill Retargetting and set Ground Targetting to Instant Cast, this will make cast at the location your cursor is at the end of the cast, instead of where you initially targetted
  • Focus on reviving allies who are far away with , don't waste the skill on players that can be hand rezzed.
  • Use in on single players and on multiple players if possible
    • Don't delay your cast for this, it is better to get the revive from the wrong attunement over being to late
    • If the teleportation is not needed (or actively harmful), use the glyph in for the extra heal
  • If a downed ally can be safely revived by other means don't use
  • If you are under the effect of you can cast in to revive yourself after timing out

Condition clear

  • Most of your condition clear is tied up in attunements and overloads by , so conserve your shouts unless you absolutely need them
    • Use , , and for this purpose - keep in mind that the range for the cleanse is 240
  • with
  • and each cleanse two conditions but should normally be saved for healing and Immobilize Immobilize respectively
Condition clear priority
  • - +
    • -
    • -
    • - +
    • -
    • -
    • - +
    • - +
  • -
  • -
  • -


  • Most of your healing will be passively applied by rotating through your attunements, applying aura skills and . Your main decision is when to go into and when to use your shout skills
  • Enter for the immediate healing from and, after a short delay from
    • Try to predict when the final proc of will line up with incoming damage
  • Tempests biggest burst heal skill is
    • Keep in mind most of the healing is first pulse which only has a radius of 180
  • is decent healing while waiting for
Healing priority
  • -
    • - water field blast
    • - +
  • - +
    • -
    • -
    • - +
    • - water field blast
    • - +
  • -


  • Use your AoE CC when:
    • Your group calls a spike:
      • Winds -
      • Wells - +
      • Shades -
      • Traps - +
    • On top of enemy downs (while alive players are on top of them)
    • Enemy groups moving defensively while your group is pushing
  • Be careful using since leaving locks you out of
  • If your team is focusing on a single player, use and
    • Make sure to check the targets boon bar for Stability Stability
  • Use to stop the enemy from reviving downed players by knocking them away
    • It can also be used if you notice that the enemy ran out of Stability Stability and access to it
    • Press 2 once for , then use and the pulsing knock to CC
CC priority
    • -


  • Try to be in for melee engages to apply
    • Activate as soon as you enter so its duration doesn't overlap with +
    • Use right before to get extra cleanse and CC
  • Make sure you're close to your group when leaving to proc , it has a short 240 radius
  • Adjust your positioning so that you don't get interrupted while channeling overloads


  • Under General Options / Combat/Movement turn on Allow Skill Retargetting and set Ground Targetting to Instant Cast, this will make cast at the location your cursor is at the end of the cast, instead of where you initially targetted
  • Under General Options / User Interface check Always show squad health bars and Always show party health bars. These will make it much easier to keep track of who needs your support.
  • Also under General Options / User Interface turn on Thick party health bars
    • Thick squad health bars can be used too as a matter of personal preference, but is not recommended for large numbers
  • Under Squad Options check View as a grid. This will allow you to keep track of your allies' health so that you can better predict when to use


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