Virtuoso - Condition Signet Virtuoso

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Condition damageControl and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on September 03, 2023 and is up to date for the November 07, 2023 game patch.


A condition Virtuoso build for PvP with good sustain, meant to win smaller skirmishes.

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Skill Variants


  • over

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Equipment Variants


  • - better healing, slightly lower damage.


  • - could replace Doom and Confusion sigils if you need more defense against conditions.
  • over Confusion - if you prefer extra healing reduction and better condition variety to longer burst duration.


Elite specialization basics

  • Shatters are replaced by Bladesongs (we're still going to refer to these as shatters).
  • Instead of generating clones in combat you now stack Blades and Blades persist even after combat. The maximum count is 5 instead of 3.
  • Bladesongs are a bit more clunky than regular shatters. They require you to face the target to activate and have a cast time, therefore cannot be used defensively while stunned.


  • Role: look for 1v1s and smaller skirmishes, your damage isn't enough to be relevant in teamfights.
  • is a very simple yet versatile skill allowing you to chase enemies, retreat to the safety of the highghround, break stuns, or get around the map faster.
  • When you can't count on your team to assist with a kill, 's more about securing a kill on an already pressured target rather than setting it up. The Moa doesn't last long and the Moa'd player has access to a few defensive/mobility skills to avoid your followup attacks if played well. This however is still great for denying low HP enemies access to their heals and cleanses inbetween two bursts.
  • is perhaps the most versatile skill in the build. While the passive is nice, its best part is the active - refreshing shatters is useful in just about any situation whether you need burst damage, CC or even the sustain of F4-5. Activating the signet itself also grants 1 second of via .


  • Use for mobility while roaming between capture points or chasing after targets. PR teleports you in the opposite direction of where you're facing, so in order to teleport "forward" simply turn around and use it then turn back. We recommend that you set up a bind for about face to do this in a fluid manner (Options ⇒ Control Options ⇒ Movement).
    • About face about face is the rotation.
    • Make sure that you don't have an enemy targeted when doing this!


  • For Virtuoso the best defense is a good offense. Bladesongs/Shatters are crucial for sustain.
  • Shatter skills grant Aegis Aegis from while blocking an attack procs and , applying boons and generating 3 Blades. This is the important part.
  • Stocking a Blade heals you from the passive of , while using a shatter skills heals you via and even removes a condition.
  • Try not to use the active of unless you're in serious trouble as the passive is way too valuable.
  • Every Signet skill grants . is your panic button: break stuns, applies Stealth Stealth + and cleanses 5 conditions thanks to . SoM is the only mass condition cleanse in the build, keep that in mind when facing condition specs. Correcting mistakes or recovering from bursts becomes harder while this is on CD.
  • acts as an instant cleanse and source of Aegis Aegis, plus the multiple hits could rip Aegis from enemies and get rid of Blind Blind in you so that your more important skills can connect. Aside from that it doesn't do much, it's by far your weakest shatter.
  • If taken is your time-out, protecting you from both strike damage and condition bursts while also stocking Blades (and that has further synergy with the Signet heal).
  • The build has plenty of ways to deal with conditions:
    • Weapon swapping removes a condition via .
    • is your mass cleanse, removing a total of 5 conditions with .
    • removes another one when you use your healing skill.
    • cleanses whenever you shatter.
    • Last but not least, is another source of cleansing.
  • can be used even while stunned, blinding nearby enemies and giving you a chance to gain Protection Protection whens struck.
  • Same goes for , you could use it to get out of harm's way even while stunned.


  • Every shatter inflicts Torment Torment via .
  • Try to use shatters with 4-5 Blades stocked if possible for maximum effect.
  • is your main burst skill.
  • is burst skill #2 but also more of a filler for dumping your Blades.
  • As for weapon skills Scepter/Torch is the primary damaging set in the build. is a block with Blade generation that has nice synergy with all the other block related traits, you can always follow up here with a shatter.
  • is best used after blocking so you can have Fury Fury and Quickness Quickness for its entire duration.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 2 votes.
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3 stars
Ethan gave this build 3 stars • August 2023
Virt still is okay, but the nerf to the blade generation has made me think dueling might be a better tratline for an extra blade on dodge plus bleed traits, this would lower your overall sustain considerably but I feel a bleed based roamer is now better than this duelist build, and it may seem strange, but using jagged mind gives you less aegis but a much more dangerous f2, plus it isn't expected for virts to generate that kind of damage so, yeah if you do decide to take jagged mind, consider dagger and pistol with the pistol trait on dueling, you are going to need cleansing and energy sigils for that tho, or the cleansing mantra
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • November 2022
Easy to play and extremely obnoxious to play against. Tons of distortion and block spam, decent mobility and condition cleansing. Sustain in general is quite good, but with Virtuoso builds the damage is always a bit low. Works fine for 1v1s but expect fights to be on the longer side and you may have to rely on landing a good Moa to secure the kill.


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