Ways to Earn Gold

This guide is an overview of the best and most commonly used ways to earn gold in Guild Wars 2.

Selling Materials

When you kill enemies, complete events, gather nodes, and salvage loot, you accumulate a lot of crafting materials that go into your material storage. These can be worth a surprising amount of money on the Trading Post, ranging from 1 silver each for basic ore, wood, and leather, to 30 silver each for Vials of Powerful Blood. If you don't need these materials, you can convert them into liquid gold by selling them on the Trading Post.

Daily Completionist

Every day, you can complete 3 daily achievements for 2 gold. They can be any 3 achievements across any of the game modes, and you can do this regardless of your character level.

Tequatl the Sunless

Every day, you get 2 gold from defeating the world boss Tequatl the Sunless in Sparkfly Fen.

Heart of Thorns Metas

You get a daily Hero's Choice Chest from each of the meta events in Heart of Thorns. You can select an Amalgamated Gemstone from these chests worth 1-2 gold on the Trading Post.

These meta events also provide quite a lot of loot, which works out to another few gold in profit.

Daily Gathering

These "farming spots" provide a lot of materials when gathered, making them a good place to park your alts. They provide 30-50 silver worth of materials just by logging in and pressing F a few times.

If you have some more time you can waypoint around the open world and gather permanent nodes. A database of permanent nodes can be found here.


You can make a profit by crafting certain items and selling them on the Trading Post. Due to the nature of supply and demand, the most profitable items are always changing, so you'll have to put in some legwork to get the most out of this method.

A relatively reliable source of income is crafting timegated items. These items or their components can only be crafted once per day, which means they have inherent scarcity which makes them profitable to sell.

RIBA (Silverwastes)

RIBA is a popular method of farming the Silverwastes to get hundreds of loot bags and Bandit Crests per hour.

The basic idea of RIBA is to run in circles around the map, participating briefly in events at each fort to "tag" them before running to the next one. You run to the forts in the order Red, Indigo, Blue, Amber, or RIBA. If you have a squad of enough players doing this, all the events can be completed without failing, and every player will get loot and participation for every single event that they tagged.

RIBA continues until The Breach happens, at which point the map will stop and do the meta event. After the Vinewrath boss has been defeated, the squad commander equips a Silverwastes Shovel and leads a "chest farm" around the map where they dig up chests for the rest of the squad to open. Keys can be bought using Bandit Crests. Once Time Out ends, the squad spreads out and starts the farming process all over again.

RIBA squads are usually advertised in LFG under the Silverwastes tab. If you join a RIBA squad, it's recommended to have either a mount or tons of swiftness and mobility skills, so that you can move between the forts faster and tag more events. You should also open all the loot bags on a level 53 character (or thereabouts). This is because the materials from salvaging mid-level gear are worth substantially more than those from level 80 gear.

If you do all this right, one hour of RIBA will net ~25 gold (or more) and ~500 Bandit Crests.

Istan (Palawadan/Great Hall)

The Domain of Istan is a popular farming map with several profitable events. By running around and tagging as many champions as possible, you can earn lots of Volatile Magic and Unidentified Gear per hour.

The basic idea is to upscale events with huge numbers of players so they spawn champions, and then farm the loot they drop. The events you want to farm are:

Rinse and repeat until you get tired of following the tag. Once you're done, you can convert your loot to liquid gold through the following:

  • Convert all your Volatile Magic to Shipment Crates using this guide.
  • Sell all your Kralkatite Ore for the vendor price of 1s28c.
  • Sell all your Unidentified Gear on the Trading Post.
    • You can open and salvage them for less profit but more Luck drops to build up your Magic Find.
    • If you have maxed out account Magic Find, you can go to the Silverwastes, stack Magic Find buffs, and then open the Unidentified Gear for slightly more profit.

Leather Farm (Lake Doric)

Another popular farming map is Lake Doric. The centaurs and chests in Watchtower Cliffs drop a lot of Bloodstone-Warped Hide which can be converted to leather and sold.

This farm is fairly straightforward - just follow the squad up and down the hill killing and looting everything you see. Be careful not to lag behind, as the centaurs are very deadly if they catch you alone.

If you do this right you will net ~20 gold (or more) per hour.

Daily Fractals

Fractals give you a lot of valuable Fractal Encryptions and Fractal Encryption Keys every day. When you open a Fractal Encryption, it gives loot and valuable junk items that can be sold for gold.

You can also buy up to 30 Deeply Discounted Fractal Encryption Keys per day from BUY-4373. You should buy these and use them to open Fractal Encryptions. Unopened Fractal Encryptions can be bought and sold on the Trading Post.

At high tiers, fractals also drop valuable items like Stabilizing Matrices, ascended crafting materials, or full pieces of ascended gear. You can salvage and/or sell these for gold.

Each tier of daily achievements provides around 5 gold. Completing every daily fractal on T4 will net you ~20 gold for an hour of your time (or 30 minutes if your team is good).

Fractal Scale 42

Fractal scale 42 is Captain Mai Trin Boss Fractal, which can be completed in 5 minutes or less by a party of experienced fractal players. You can farm this fractal over and over to get Fractal Encryptions to sell.


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