Berserker - Condi Macezerker

This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Condition damage and Control

Designed for: PvP Conquest


A PvP Berserker build which combines high stacks of various conditions and CC for an all-out condition burst to make up for its low sustain.

Skill Bar


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Equipment Changes


  • can help a lot against conditions and has all around great stats.


  • over Smoldering can be considered if you're having trouble dealing with conditions.



  • as a short CD stunbreak has great synergy with and . Even if you're not getting CC'd, you can self-stun with and then use a stunbreaker. Another use for this skill is to instantly detonate a Fire Aura Fire Aura via .
  • Landing is crucial for the build as it refills your entire adrenaline bar. This elite is best used while not in Berserker mode.
  • Mace/Shield blocks reflect projectiles.
  • Aside from , most of your cleansing is tied to bigger CDs like and . Proper CD management isnecessary when it comes to surviving condition pressure. Bridge the gaps in your sustain with proper use of blocks, stuns, and leaps.
  • Much of the pressure comes from spamming and detonating Fire Auras using Berserker skills made possible by . Any skill related to the elite specialization will do the trick: Rage, Torch, or Berserker-mode skills.
    • Sometimes can proc the Fire Aura Fire Aura from King of Fires on one of its early strikes, and then detonate said aura when the skill ends. This is because crits can give you Fire Aura, and Torch skills count as Berserker skills that detonate these auras, but the trait will only check if a Berserker skill has been used once the skill has successfully finished its entire animation.
  • While Mace/Shield is more defensive because of the blocks and CC, Sword can help you survive too with proper use of to leave enemies behind, especially if you jump from one ledge to another or behind a pillar/wall to deny line of sight.

Burst combo example

  1. for Fire Aura.
  2. then stunbreak with .
  3. Enter Berserker mode, cast .
  4. Swap Weapons.
  5. for 2nd Fire Aura while Flames of War is still up (detonate aura with if possible, otherwise the next step can do it too).
  6. Spam .

Note: this chain is very CD-heavy and shouldn't always be used as it'll leave you almost completely defenseless. The pressure it brings to the table however is quite significant.

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4 stars
Zuko gave this build 4 stars • May 2022
IMO the best war build at the moment, however I have some suggested changes. Savage instinct over last blaze. Signet of Fury over shattering blow. Endure pain over outrage. Savage instinct and endure pain let you survive bursts and signet of fury means you’re not useless if you miss headbutt.


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