Chronomancer - Phantasmal Duelist

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Strike damage and Defense

Designed for: Open WorldOpen World General and Open World Solo

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds

This build was last updated on December 04, 2022 and is up to date for the June 30, 2022 game patch.


Power Chronomancer is a powerful solo build with great boon uptime and damage. It has access to plentiful utility, including evades and blocks, making it a great solo build. This build has a high skill floor, which can be off-putting for some, but investing time into learning it can be very rewarding as its potential is some of the highest in the game.

This build revolves around spamming Phantasm skills to both do damage and gain boons, namely, permanent Fury Fury, Quickness Quickness, and 21~ Might Might, with 0 boon duration, thanks to the Illusions trait line.

Template Code

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Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

You can replace the focus with other weapons:

  • Greatsword - Strongest ranged option
  • Shield - allows you to block
  • Torch - access to stealth
  • Pistol - higher burst, lower damage overall. Stun instead of pull.

Skill Variants

Utility skill

If you want/need to use other skills, replace Mantra of Pain. Phantasmal Disenchanter and Mirror Images are key to the build.

  • - very strong defensive utility that provides blocks and a stunbreak.
  • - condition cleanse for yourself and nearby allies.
  • - projectile reflection.
  • - mobility + stunbreak.
  • - personal stunbreak and AoE stability.
  • - defensive option with some CC.

Elite skill

  • - mob packing and great but delayed cc
  • - slightly less cc than Gravity Well but it happens inmediatly if you need to break a defiance bar really fast.


  • - very minor dps gain if you don't need the extra CC of Slow from Delayed Reactions.
  • - group quickness uptime at a cost of personal DPS and boons. Never use this when solo.
  • This build uses despite having little access to Alacrity Alacrity (only from ). This is not an error. deals slightly lower burst damage due to the increased critical strike damage of IA, and deals even lower sustained dps because with IA you will always have 100% critical chance, but with DT you have to rely on Slow Slow, one of the rarest conditions in the game. In conclussion, DT is never worth it.


Domination can be taken over Illusions if you are playing in a group providing you permanent Quickness Quickness and Might Might.

  • - for higher clone generation if using greatsword


This build uses the same gear as Build:Chronomancer_-_Power_DPS for raids for ease of gearing.

  • This set provides exactly 75,04% critical chance with precision food like , reaching 100% with Fury Fury.
    • This food is very cheap so make sure to always have it.


  • - budget DPS sigil, replaces Impact.
  • - very strong defensive sigil.
  • Do not use because Phantasms and Clones do not gain the extra crit chance.


  • Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Steak for power, flatbread for conditions. Budget versions of these foods exist and are acceptable.
  • - magic find and extra gold for farming
  • / - ascended dps food
  • - dps
  • / - budget dps, perfect for open world
  • - defense
  • / / - magic find for farming
  • - dps


Continuum Split

is the profession mechanic of the chronomancer specialization that allows a player to "rewind" time. Specifically, it tracks the chronomancer's position, health, endurance, and skill recharges, and returns the chronomancer to that point at the end of the split. As this is a Shatter, it will consume active clones, with the duration of the split increasing with each clone shattered.

This extremely powerful skill is used to spam your Phantasms four times in a row.

  1. Generate 3 clones with and .
  2. Cast your phantasm skills while entering Continuum Split.
  3. Reset your Phantasm skills with .
  4. Cast your Phantasm skills again.
  5. Continuum Split ends.
  6. Cast your Phantasm skills.
  7. Reset your Phantasm skills with Signet of the Ether
  8. Cast your Phantasm skills again.

Use your elite skill or inside the Split. Since Time Warp has a longer cooldown than Continuum Split, and even more so due to , it is recomended to only use Time Warp during Continuum Split. As for Gravity Well, you can use it inside the Split, and after the Split, as its cooldown is 30 seconds shorter than Continuum Split.


The following is a general priority of which skill to use.

  1. with 3 clones.
  2. /
  3. Fill with auto-attacks; try not to interrupt them as the last attack, , deals a lot of damage.


The majority of your damage comes from casting your phantasms then using Signet of the Ether to reset their cooldown and cast them again.

Opening rotation

Against durable enemies like meta event bosses, try to start the fight with this rotation:

Start on Sword/Focus.

  1. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  2. - enter near the end of the cast of this skill.
  3. /
  4. - should end during this cast.
  5. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  6. Proceed to Loop rotation
  • This might look long and complicated, but it's simply using phantasms twice thanks to your heal skill, then doing it again because you used Continuum Split.
Loop rotation

The loop is very simple and revolves aroud your phantasm skills. Fill the gaps with and auto attacks but never interrupt the chain as the damage is heavily loaded into .

  1. Weapon swap Weapon swap - if you have alacrity you can squish a second Blurry Frenzy before weapon swap
  2. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  3. Repeat
  • Mastering of this skill priority will provide you with permanent quickness, permanent fury, an average of 21 stacks of might, and about 31% of alacrity uptime.


  • dodges incoming attacks for up to 1 second depending on quickness. Use this to avoid attacks instead of dodging.
  • is a block.
  • If you need condition cleanse, slot .
  • Let your clones and phantasms tank for you when needed.

Crowd Control

  • - knockdown knockdown, float float and pull pull.
  • - daze daze.
  • - daze daze.
  • - pull pull.
  • You can use any of the above in to get a free cast of the skill without it going on cooldown.

Video examples

Please note the gear and traits shown in these videos are not updated. Use the gear and traits recommened in this guide.

Phantasmal Defender helps cc the boss. It is possible to squeeze Defender inside the Continuum Split rotation, but the timing is very tight, I was unable to in this example. Shield helps blocking this boss' dangerous attacks and has nice CC. Thanks to shield 4, sword 4, sword 2, and normal evades, the boss only hit me with one attack, which was not worth evading because I was in the middle of spamming my phantasms and was going to use my heal skill shortly after anyway.

Feedback makes the archers shoot themselves to death. The boss has a devastating melee dagger combo which is why I'm always hanging back, letting my illusions tank, and only engage in melee when the boss is using the bow or is stunned.

Portal is used to teleport away from the arena-wide wipe attack at 50% since the boss' breakbar had bugged. Otherwise, Bouncing Mushrooms can also take us to safety.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
Warming Hearth gave this build 5 stars • June 2022
The best chronomancer build for open world. With great damage, utility, crowd control, and boon generation. Definitely not easy to learn, but very rewarding once mastered. Most of its damage comes from Phantasms, which are mostly single target, so it needs to pack enemies together with focus before bursting. Its weaknesses are having its survivability tied to its evades and blocks that must be timed, and the skill required to successfully play this build mainly since the heal skill is an integral part of the DPS rotation.
5 stars
Linera gave this build 5 stars • January 2021
An incredibly fun and satisfying build to play. This build is capable of summoning an army of illusions so large, that your minimap will start to resemble the night sky. If running a full glass cannon, and if you survive long enough to carry out a full rotation, even champion health bars will crumble before you. Shield provides very good damage mitigation, and traits make sure that you almost always have a source of quickness available. 5/5
5 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 5 stars • November 2020
An extremely fun roaming build capable of soloing most content in the game, provided your timing is good. While it has low burst, its DPS is very high. A very high skill ceiling is the only thing keeping this build from being top tier.


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