Daredevil - Power DPS

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Focused on: Strike damage

Designed for: Raids


The power DPS raid build for Daredevil. This is an easy to play build that mostly dodges and autoattacks for high multi-target damage. Due to evading for most of its rotation, it can easily avoid boss attacks. It also has very high mobility, and provides high utility to its squad with and various raid boss stolen skills.

This guide is focused on raids. For the fractal version see Daredevil - Power DPS (Fractal).

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Dual pistols are a good option to switch to if you ever find yourself losing melee uptime for extended periods of time, such as if the boss is animation locked out of range. Good examples of this happening are Deimos during Mind Crush, Dhuum during Greater Death Mark, and Samarog immediately after split phase. Also very useful on Xera for shards.
  • Shortbow can be used for mobility such as getting to green circles on Dhuum.
  • A second staff with can be brought to swap to in case you are unable to flank. This is highly recommended on Qadim.

Skill Variants

Healing Skills

  • for a relatively weak but continuous healing effect. Good if you do not plan on using your heal skill.
  • if you need an extra evade, or for fights that have a lot of movement impairing conditions.
  • if you need dodges more than damage.

Utility Skills You can swap for any useful utility, such as:

  • if you do not have in your subgroup.
  • for projectile defence.
  • for niche situations such as Qadim.
  • offers some self-quickness in groups where the supports aren't doing their job.

Elite Skills

  • for breakbar damage during encounters where gets wasted on adds.
  • for extra burst damage.

Template Code

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Specialization Variants

  • Use if you're having trouble surviving. This is a ~10% DPS loss.
  • Use for mobility between encounters.
  • Use if you need extra condition cleanses.
  • Use if you want some more consistent endurance, particularly if using .



Equipment Variants

  • In situations where you will not have in your subgroup, running full berserker and instead of will be higher DPS.
  • Your second weapon set is situational.
    • Dual pistols for ranged damage.
    • A second staff with if you are unable to flank.
    • A shortbow for mobility.



The Daredevil rotation consists of two major parts: the signet burst, and the looping rotation. You open with the signet burst, then repeat the looping rotation until is available for your next signet burst.

The idea of the signet burst is to deal as much damage as possible with and while under the effects of the active cast and . The looping rotation deals consistent damage by maintaining and while allowing your initiative to slowly recharge. This allows you to perform the next signet burst with max initiative.

Signet Burst

  1. Dodge
  2. before you land the dodge
  3. or Dodge

Loop Rotation

  1. Dodge
  2. Repeat your auto-attack chain until your next dodge is up

Rotation Notes

  • If using , prepare the skill off cooldown (when you're not bursting), and trigger it during your burst.
  • Use your signet burst again when comes off cooldown.
    • If is about to come off cooldown but you will only have half a bar of endurance or less when it does, use to immediately get endurance to perform the signet burst. In this case, use a Dodge at step 8 instead of .
    • If the boss is about to phase, feel free to spam to get some extra damage in (while maintaining ).
  • Try to dodge off cooldown, keeping no dodge bars left, to maximize uptime.
    • Be careful not to leave yourself without enough endurance to dodge major attacks - downstate is the biggest DPS loss of them all! You can leave one emergency dodge bar up for a ~5% dps loss while getting accustomed to the build.
    • Generally you should avoid interrupting your autochain when possible, as the third skill does a lot of damage. If you get a dodge bar mid-chain, you can dodge and then finish the chain after you land, before using .
  • Always flank the boss to get the +7% critical chance bonus from .
  • When it comes to fighting actual bosses where positioning matters, you may have to manage where your dodge ends so that you aren't forced into a bad spot.
    • For example, if you dodge through Artsariiv, you will be in a purple damaging AoE. Here you would have to dodge to the side or stand at the side of her so dodging through her will land you on the other side of her which is safe.
    • On other stationary bosses you might want to rotate your camera 180° every single time you dodge through them, so you maintain flanking by dodging on either side of the boss. For these cases you may want to walk back slightly while autoattacking so that you don't miss the damage from your dodge or end up being at an awkward distance from the boss (especially if the boss moves occasionally).
  • animation locks you, and it cannot be canceled with a dodge or weapon stow (this is why is delayed - to allow for the potential dodge at step 8). Be sure to watch boss mechanics so that you are not hit while animation locked - you can delay during the looping rotation, or switch it with , if you anticipate that you need to move or jump a mechanic.

General Tips

  • You can use or as evades if you're out of dodges.
  • Use with nearby allies to break defiance bars.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 14 votes.
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5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars • October 2018
Very good DPS, especially on any encounter where Throw Magnetic Bomb can be acquired. On some bosses, the utility of the stolen skills cannot be understated - Throw Magnetic Bomb makes Daredevil very strong for Samarog, Conjured Amalgamate, and Qadim, even if it falls short of Holosmith on the latter two it's probably the second best DPS to bring there. The thing to be mindful of is positioning. Moreso than Deadeye, as you have to Bound around to maintain Bounding Dodger and on encounters where you can fall off the or there are instant death mechanics, be very careful.
5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars • September 2018
Extremely solid DPS with an easy rotation and high raid utility through stolen skills. Incredibly broken on Mursaat Overseer and Matthias thanks to the Detonate Plasma stolen skill.
5 stars
Lkilian gave this build 5 stars • May 2016
High DPS, forgiving. Simple usage.
5 stars
Dahkeus gave this build 5 stars • April 2016
Definitely a solid build and probably one of the most underestimated by many. As Scootts said, this probably outperforms Tempests in many fights not simply because of how forgiving the rotation is, but also because of how quickly you can move to and from a fight.
5 stars
Scootts gave this build 5 stars • April 2016
I'd wager 99% of players would actually do more total damage per fight with a Daredevil then they would with a Tempest. Theoretical DPS is lower then that of the Tempest, but the rotation/build is ridiculously forgiving. It's hard to lose DPS with a build that auto-attacks and doesn't lose much damage when it dodges.
5 stars
TristanTzara gave this build 5 stars • March 2016
Oh I just want to say that this build is absolutely amazing. It offers very high DPS and simple in usage.
5 stars
Chase gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Excellent DPS, very easy to play, extra dodges and skill-evade makes surviving better, excellent mobility. A very worthy addition to any raid group.
5 stars
Octavianrb gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Very good build and a worthy addition to any Raid team. I highly recommend staff over dagger. It adds additional mobility, better range, and more consistent DPS.
5 stars
Fredor gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
The dps of this build is so humongous that perry wet himself
5 stars
FrostyStar gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Attack-Speed OP
5 stars
Khazik gave this build 5 stars • January 2016
While I havent used this build for Tanking (I have a Chrono in Commanders stuff for that) I have used it for DPS. With recent changes to AA damage, Initiative can be used for Utility or burst (how it should be IMO). The rotations given are spot on and simple to maintain. This build and guide is top notch. Personally, I'd suggest Staff for raids for 2 reasons: on-demand mobility via Vault (superb on Sab), and it's potential for higher +% dmg modifier than daggers because of Staff Master.
5 stars
Imyn wulf gave this build 5 stars • January 2016
Used a variation of this for tanking last night. Switched out the channelled vigor with Signet of Malice for the heals on strike, and used staff and S/P. Overall, it worked perfectly, until things went bad and I was unable to keep myself healed without having the healer focus on me. I'm not sure that channelled vigor would have helped in that situation though.
5 stars
Ishin rikku gave this build 5 stars • January 2016
The recent buffs to Dagger auto makes this build AMAZING, ease of use makes it even more reliable and since initiative isnt needed for it to succeed, it can be used for utility!
5 stars
Mushweed gave this build 5 stars • January 2016
The amount of damage and mobility makes it perfect for time-limited bosses. Although it lacks of group support it provides extraordinary damage, espacially compared to other tanks. With the mobility it can ensure saving phases at Vale Guardian and provides fast movement on the way to Gorseval.


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