Daredevil - Power DPS

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Direct damage

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds

This build is up to date for the November 29, 2022 game patch.


The power DPS raid build for Daredevil. This is an easy to play build that mostly dodges and autoattacks for high multi-target damage. Due to evading for most of its rotation, it can easily avoid boss attacks. It also has very high mobility, and provides high utility to its squad with , Stealth Stealth and various raid boss stolen skills.

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Dual pistols are a good option to switch to if you ever find yourself losing melee uptime for extended periods of time, such as if the boss is animation locked out of range. Good examples of this happening are Deimos during Mind Crush, Dhuum during Greater Death Mark, and Samarog immediately after split phase. Also very useful on Xera for shards.
    • Offhand Pistol in particular is a useful source of extra CC via and for - a smoke field that can be blasted for AoE stealth.
  • Shortbow can be used for mobility such as getting to green circles on Dhuum, and for various skips in fractals
  • A second staff with can be brought to swap to in case you are unable to flank. This is highly recommended on Qadim.

Skill Variants


  • for a relatively weak but continuous healing effect. Good if you do not plan on using your heal skill.
  • if you need an extra evade, or for fights that have a lot of movement impairing conditions.
  • if you need dodges more than damage.

Utility You can swap for any useful utility, such as:

  • for projectile defence.
  • for niche situations such as Qadim.
  • offers some self-quickness in groups where the supports aren't doing their job.
  • for AoE stealth.
  • can be used to teleport to locations quickly.


  • for breakbar damage during encounters where gets wasted on adds.
  • for extra burst damage.
  • offers projectile reflect and a three second evade that you can move during.

Template Code

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Trait Variants

  • Use if you're having trouble surviving. This is a ~10% DPS loss.
  • Use for mobility between encounters.
  • Use if you need extra condition cleanses.
  • Use if you want some more consistent endurance, particularly if using .


  • If you do not have stat infusions, swap one accessory to Assassin stats Assassin stats.

Equipment Variants

  • If you'd prefer a simpler rotation, you can run full Berserker stats Berserker stats and instead of .
  • Your second weapon set is situational.
    • Dual pistols for ranged damage.
    • A second staff with if you are unable to flank.
    • A shortbow for mobility.






The Daredevil rotation consists of two major parts: the signet burst, and the looping rotation. You open with the signet burst, then repeat the looping rotation until is available for your next signet burst.

The idea of the signet burst is to deal as much damage as possible with and while under the effects of the active cast and . The looping rotation deals consistent damage by maintaining and while allowing your initiative to slowly recharge. This allows you to perform the next signet burst with max initiative.

Signet Burst

  1. Dodge
  2. before you land the dodge
  3. or Dodge

Loop Rotation

  1. Dodge
  2. Repeat your auto-attack chain until your next dodge is up

Video example

Rotation Notes

  • If using , prepare the skill off cooldown (when you're not bursting), and trigger it during your burst.
  • Use your signet burst again when comes off cooldown.
    • If is about to come off cooldown but you will only have half a bar of endurance or less when it does, use to immediately get endurance to perform the signet burst. In this case, use a Dodge at step 8 instead of .
    • If the boss is about to phase, feel free to spam to get some extra damage in (while maintaining ).
  • Try to dodge off cooldown, keeping no dodge bars left, to maximize uptime.
    • Be careful not to leave yourself without enough endurance to dodge major attacks - downstate is the biggest DPS loss of them all! You can leave one emergency dodge bar up for a ~5% dps loss while getting accustomed to the build.
    • Generally you should avoid interrupting your autochain when possible, as the third skill does a lot of damage. If you get a dodge bar mid-chain, you can dodge and then finish the chain after you land, before using .
  • Always flank the boss to get the +7% critical chance bonus from .
  • When it comes to fighting actual bosses where positioning matters, you may have to manage where your dodge ends so that you aren't forced into a bad spot.
    • For example, if you dodge through Artsariiv, you will be in a purple damaging AoE. Here you would have to dodge to the side or stand at the side of her so dodging through her will land you on the other side of her which is safe.
    • On other stationary bosses you might want to rotate your camera 180° every single time you dodge through them, so you maintain flanking by dodging on either side of the boss. For these cases you may want to walk back slightly while autoattacking so that you don't miss the damage from your dodge or end up being at an awkward distance from the boss (especially if the boss moves occasionally).
  • animation locks you, and it cannot be canceled with a dodge or weapon stow (this is why is delayed - to allow for the potential dodge at step 8). Be sure to watch boss mechanics so that you are not hit while animation locked - you can delay during the looping rotation, or switch it with , if you anticipate that you need to move or jump a mechanic.

General Tips

  • You can use or as evades if you're out of dodges.
  • Use with nearby allies to break defiance bars.
  • can be used to blast for Might Might or Stealth Stealth - particularly useful in dungeons or fractals. Make sure not to double tap it as only the first skill counts as a blast finisher.
  • can be used to skip parts of certain fractals such as the lasers in Aetherblade and the scaffolding in Cliffside.

Group Stealth

Thief's unique support in groups is long-lasting group-wide Stealth Stealth, which lets you run past trash without having to fight it. This lets you skip large sections of dungeons and certain fractals.

  • should be used as the primary smoke field due to lack of cooldown. Have party members chain blasts in this field with you, while you blast it with . The smoke field only lasts 4s so you need help from your party in order to stack a significant amount of stealth.
    • Use in less organised groups since it gives a longer stealth field for easier blasting.
  • gives a large amount of area stealth without needing to use blast finishers. This skill is useful when stealthing next to or on top of mobs since most blast finishers deal damage and thus break stealth. It can also be used to reapply stealth in the middle of a skip. When possible retrait for Shadow Arts before using it to get the benefit of and the cooldown reduction of .
  • gives 3s of stealth, is a blast finisher, and causes no damage making it very useful if you have to cover a long distance. It is often used in combination with Black Powder.


Once you trigger certain mob groups while being in stealth they will follow you unless you "path" them. This is done by standing still until the Mobs reach you.

Pathing Tutorial by Vitarain

Skipping Ahead

After stealthing with your group you can use a lot of skills to skip ahead of your group to trigger bosses/events faster to save time. This requires you to be able to retrait fast for full efficiency but isn't needed.

You should retrait to for extreme mobility. You should also trait Shadow Arts to reduce the cooldowns of Deception skills and get longer stealth from your skills.

  • Use to port to mobs (only with traited Shadow Arts otherwise you get revealed/in combat due to ).
  • Use to blink up ledges and for additional mobility.
  • Use and/or to teleport to mobs (should be used out of range to not hit the mob).
  • Use and/or Steal Traited with to gain stealth to not aggro mobs.

Encounter Specific Tips

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian Toggle
  • The stolen skill from this boss is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact which can be used to save downs or recover from getting ported by blue circles.
  • If your team needs you to cover green circles, use .
Ghost events Toggle
  • Consider equipping a shortbow, , and/or using .
Gorseval the Multifarious Toggle
  • The stolen skill from this boss is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact which can be used to shadowstep between adds during the split phase.
  • Be careful using while the breakbar is active to not get killed by Gorseval's Retaliation.
  • You can take to continue doing your rotation more comfortably during Gorseval's Retaliation.
Bandit event Toggle
  • You can use for blocking projectiles and extra blinds.
  • Consider equipping Sword/Pistol to gain access to for AoE blinds.
Sabetha the Saboteur Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Sabetha is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact which can be used to shadowstep to the launch pads.
  • The stolen skill from the split phase champions is Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb which is a DPS increase.
  • If you are clearing cannons, or are a backup, you can use Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact or to reach the platforms faster.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor Toggle
  • The stolen skill from this boss is Soul Stone Venom Soul Stone Venom which can be used to cleanse Slothasor's fear.
  • You can bring to break Slothasor's fear, and to block its high damaging attacks.
  • When fixated try not to move through the boss.
Bandit Trio Toggle
  • The stolen skill from the champions is Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb which can be used to do mortars.
  • If you are doing mortars, use , , and Dagger/Pistol as your second weapon set. For the triple mortar spawn, you can use on the first target, on the second, and on the third. If you miss any of those skills, swap to Dagger/Pistol and use .
Matthias Gabrel Toggle
  • You can use for mobility around the room.
  • will work on the breakbar but can be wasted by squadmates on Matthias or the ice patches. You can choose to run instead.
  • You can activate (if using) to stun break the rain phase knockdown.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Siege the Stronghold (Escort) Toggle
  • If you are going on the towers, consider equipping a Short bow to traverse the cave easier.
  • Use for blocking projectiles, extra blinds, and AoE stealth.
  • You can use to hit up to five targets at once.
Keep Construct Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Keep Construct is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact and the stolen skill from the phantasms is Detonate Plasma Detonate Plasma. The latter can be used to provide your squad boons at the beginning of each burst phase.
  • If you are pushing the core, you should equip for the sustained healing.
Twisted Castle Toggle
  • The Twisted Castle is mostly movement based. Consider equipping a shortbow and/or using .
  • You can use to hit up to five targets at once.
Xera Toggle
  • The stolen skill from this boss is Soul Stone Venom Soul Stone Venom which can be used as an emergency cleanse.
  • If pulls and/or cleave are bad, you could use for blocking projectiles, and extra blinds against Xera's minions.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Cairn is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact, which can be used to shadowstep downed allies towards you.
  • Note that the third part of your autoattack chain is a projectile reflect! Be careful not to reflect any of Cairn's projectiles. Cairn's projectiles only spawn at the edge of the circle drawn around him on the platform, so if you are stacked very closely on Cairn, you can avoid reflecting projectiles.
Mursaat Overseer Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Mursaat Overseer is Detonate Plasma Detonate Plasma, which can be used to provide your squad with boons.
  • Be careful when dodging that you do not end up in spikes.
Samarog Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Samarog and Guldhelm is Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb. This can be both a DPS increase and used to help break the frequent breakbars.
  • Use to help break Samarog's breakbars.
  • Use your dual pistols at the start of the 3rd phase to deal damage to Samarog while he does his long animations outside of the arena.
Deimos Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Deimos is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact which can be used to help immobilize prides. The stolen skill from the Sauls is Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb which can be used to help with their breakbars, cleave prides and greeds, or a DPS increase.
  • Since you may not have dodges available, be careful that you do not get launched by Deimos's attacks. You can choose to keep an extra dodge bar for these, delay your dodge to align with them, or use as an emergency dodge.
  • Dual pistols can be useful to maintain DPS on Deimos while running to the ward or while he is stuck inside of oils.

Hall of Chains

Dhuum Toggle
  • The stolen skill from Dhuum is Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact, which can be a lifesaver by porting downed players to yourself, or used for mobility, e.g. during Soul Split or to get to a green if you need to do them.
  • , when used, cleanses 3 conditions from yourself and allies and refills endurance. Be sure to use it if conditions are not being cleansed after each Greater Death Mark.
  • Dual pistols can be used to hit Dhuum during the Greater Death Mark.

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate Toggle
  • Conjured Amalgamate itself does not have a stolen skill, however its adds do. Conjured Swords give Unstable Artifact Unstable Artifact and Conjured Shields give Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb. The latter in particular is extremely useful for CCing and cleaving down Conjured Shields as well as being a DPS increase during the burst phases.
  • Use to cleave down Conjured Swords and Conjured Shields if needed.
Qadim Toggle
  • It is highly recommended to bring a second staff with for when you are unable to flank Qadim.
  • Take instead of . Being able to use stolen skills twice here is extremely powerful.
  • The stolen skill from the Pyres, Ancient Invoked Hydra, and Wyvern Matriarch is Detonate Plasma Detonate Plasma. The stolen skill from Qadim, Apocalypse Bringer, and Wyvern Patriarch is Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb.
  • Steal from the pyres before every DPS phase to give your squad boons immediately with Detonate Plasma Detonate Plasma. Since you can use them twice, use it once for the pyre group and once on Qadim.
  • Use Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb to cleave the Lava Elementals and help break the frequent breakbars. If you are doing the Lamp, save at least one cast for the second and third lamps each. At the 100%-66% DPS phase, save at least one cast to help CC the Apocalypse Bringer. Once it appears, use it once, and if steal is off cooldown, steal again and it use to help break the three Reapers of Flesh that spawn.
  • You can precast Basilisk Venom before the Apocalypse Bringer appears.
  • should be able to one-shot groups of unprotected Lava Elementals if needed.
  • If going into the lamp, save one Throw Magnetic Bomb Throw Magnetic Bomb for both the second and third lamps. Use one one the Moas in the second lamp, and use one on the Dredge in the third lamp. Use on the Giants in the third lamp to blind them as they do a significant amount of damage otherwise.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 6 votes.
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4 stars
OfficerAndyGentleman gave this build 4 stars • November 2022
Not the strongest DPS, but makes up for it with great CC and the stolen skills. Rewards encounter knowledge so that you can maintain your rotation while still having dodges to deal with mechanics.
5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars • October 2018
Very good DPS, especially on any encounter where Throw Magnetic Bomb can be acquired. On some bosses, the utility of the stolen skills cannot be understated - Throw Magnetic Bomb makes Daredevil very strong for Samarog, Conjured Amalgamate, and Qadim, even if it falls short of Holosmith on the latter two it's probably the second best DPS to bring there. The thing to be mindful of is positioning. Moreso than Deadeye, as you have to Bound around to maintain Bounding Dodger and on encounters where you can fall off the or there are instant death mechanics, be very careful.
5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars • September 2018
Extremely solid DPS with an easy rotation and high raid utility through stolen skills. Incredibly broken on Mursaat Overseer and Matthias thanks to the Detonate Plasma stolen skill.
5 stars
Lkilian gave this build 5 stars • May 2016
High DPS, forgiving. Simple usage.
5 stars
TristanTzara gave this build 5 stars • March 2016
Oh I just want to say that this build is absolutely amazing. It offers very high DPS and simple in usage.
5 stars
Chase gave this build 5 stars • February 2016
Excellent DPS, very easy to play, extra dodges and skill-evade makes surviving better, excellent mobility. A very worthy addition to any raid group.


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