Daredevil - Power DPS (Fractal)

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Focused on: Strike damage

Designed for: Fractals


A power DPS build for Daredevil. This is an easy to play build that mostly dodges and autoattacks for high multi-target damage. Due to evading for most of its rotation, it can easily avoid enemy attacks. It also has very high mobility, and provides high utility to its party with and party wide Stealth Stealth access.

This guide is focused on fractals. For the raid version see Build:Daredevil - Power DPS.

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • You should carry a Shortbow for stacking stealth, pulling enemies, and skipping ahead with .
  • You should also carry an offhand Pistol for the short cooldown smoke field on , or for emergency CC with .

Skill Variants

Healing Skills

  • for a relatively weak but continuous healing effect.
  • if you need an extra evade, or for fights that have a lot of movement impairing conditions.
  • useful for gaining additional dodges (particularly for skips using .

Utility Skills

Always try to keep and . If you need to replace them, switch out first, then .

  • for a pulsing blind, projectile screen, and smoke field to blast stealth in.
  • for stealth skips.
  • can be used to teleport skip in certain places. Combine with for extreme mobility.

Elite Skills

  • for stability and projectile reflection.
  • for breakbar damage during encounters where gets wasted on adds.
  • for extra burst damage.

Template Code

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Specialization Variants

  • if you're having trouble surviving. This is a ~10% DPS loss.
  • Use for mobility between encounters.
  • Use if you need extra condition cleanses.



Equipment Variants

  • on night time encounters.
  • Slaying sigils if applicable.




  • or slaying potions


The priority of your rotation is to use and while under the effects of both and .

Opening Rotation

  1. Dodge
  2. during the cast
  3. ->
  4. Dodge

Loop Rotation

  1. Dodge
  2. Auto Attack chain
  3. Auto Attack chain
  4. Repeat

Rotation Notes

  • Use your opening rotation again when comes off cooldown and you have max initiative.
  • Try to never have your endurance full to get the most out of .
  • Always flank the boss to get the bonus from .
  • Use to get back endurance to keep up as much as possible. Try to use it off cooldown so it lines up with .
  • Use off cooldown.
  • When it comes to fighting actual bosses where positioning matters, you may have to manage where your dodge ends so that you aren't forced into a bad spot. For example if you dodge through Artsariiv you will be in a purple damaging AoE. Here you would have to dodge to the side or stand at the side of her so dodging through her will land you on the other side of her which is safe. On other stationary bosses you might want to rotate your camera 180° every single time you dodge through them. For these cases you may want to walk back slightly while autoattacking so that you don't miss the damage from your dodge or end up being at an awkward distance from the boss (especially if the boss moves occasionally).

General Tips

  • You can use or as evades if you're out of dodges.
  • on Shortbow can be used to blast might or stealth. Make sure not to double tap it as only the first skill counts as a blast finisher.
  • on Shortbow can be used to skip parts of certain fractals such as the lasers in Aetherblade and the scaffolding in Cliffside.
  • Use with nearby allies to break defiance bars.

Group Stealth

Thief's unique support in groups is long-lasting group-wide Stealth Stealth, which lets you run past trash without having to fight it. This lets you skip large sections of dungeons and certain fractals.

  • should be used as the primary smoke field due to lack of cooldown. Have party members chain blasts in this field with you, while you blast it with . The smoke field only lasts 4s so you need help from your party in order to stack a significant amount of stealth.
    • Use in less organised groups since it gives a longer stealth field for easier blasting.
  • gives a large amount of area stealth without needing to use blast finishers. This skill is useful when stealthing next to or on top of mobs since most blast finishers deal damage and thus break stealth. It can also be used to reapply stealth in the middle of a skip. When possible retrait for Shadow Arts before using it to get the benefit of and the cooldown reduction of .
  • gives 3s of stealth, is a blast finisher, and causes no damage making it very useful if you have to cover a long distance. It is often used in combination with Black Powder.


Once you trigger certain mob groups while being in stealth they will follow you unless you "path" them. This is done by standing still until the Mobs reach you.

Pathing Tutorial by Vitarain

Skipping Ahead

After stealthing with your group you can use a lot of skills to skip ahead of your group to trigger bosses/events faster to save time. This requires you to be able to retrait fast for full efficiency but isn't needed.

You should retrait to for extreme mobility. You should also trait Shadow Arts to reduce the cooldowns of Deception skills and get longer stealth from your skills.

  • Use to port to mobs (only with traited Shadow Arts otherwise you get revealed/in combat due to ).
  • Use to blink up ledges and for additional mobility.
  • Use and/or to teleport to mobs (should be used out of range to not hit the mob).
  • Use and/or Steal Traited with to gain stealth to not aggro mobs.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars • September 2018
An incredibly solid fractal DPS build with high cleave, high burst, broken CC, and unique stealth utility.
5 stars
Relt gave this build 5 stars • July 2018
With the recent buffs, this build is just barely behind the Deadeye D/D build. Great damage, better cleave than D/D and better mobility.
5 stars
Screaming gave this build 5 stars • July 2018
After the recent balance patch, this build is a good deal better than it used to be, with much better sustained damage and the best cleave Thief has available, alongside Thief's inherent mobility. Thanks to having more or less the same gear as Deadeye, this also means Thief can switch between high single-target DPS and lower DPS but better cleave as needed. It is also very easy to play. It should also be mentioned that Shortbow can be used to skip certain parts of certain fractals - the scaffolding on Cliffside and the first half of Aetherblade are good examples.


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