Deadeye - Condi DPS

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Focused on: Condition damage.

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A condition DPS build for Deadeye. Higher DPS than Daredevil, but can be awkward to use in actual encounters and does not gain the powerful stolen skills.

Skill Bar


Utility Skills

  • can be used on bosses that move too much to reliably hit with .

Elite Skills

  • Use for fights that have breakbars.




  • for slightly higher DPS if you think you'll be dodging a lot.
  • for better personal DPS when group boon uptime is poor.
  • if you need to bring as you won't have a cantrip in this case, and will allow you to build up malice stacks faster if your rotation is disrupted.


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Viper stat icon.png
Viper stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Malign +9 Agony Infusion

can be used instead of at a tiny DPS loss, and are much easier to obtain.



  • , or


  • or


After hitting a target with , it flips to become for four seconds.

Your goal is to quickly build up seven stacks of malice and 15 stacks of with and , then stealth to use and reset.


  1. and
  2. x3

The third use of in the opener is just to guarantee that we reach seven malice stacks in case or don't crit, so you can interrupt the cast with .

Use in the opener to build up stacks faster. During the loop you can prioritise your stolen skill (all deadeye stolen skills grant stealth if used when above five malice stacks).


  1. x3
  2. Stolen skill, or
  3. repeat

Prioritise to gain stealth if you don't have a stolen skill available, or if you messed up and Revealed Revealed yourself.


  • If you jump immediately after using such that the attack hits while you are in the air, then the shadowstep will not trigger, which can be very useful!
  • Use Weapon swap Weapon swap, , venoms and off cooldown. Make sure to only use and between steps 1 and 2 in the loop, otherwise you might miss your chance to use .
  • If the phase goes on long enough that you run out of initiative, use at step 4 in the loop to recover.
  • Try to only use venoms while four other allies are in range, or their potential will be wasted. Allies includes Mesmer clones, Necromancer minions, and Ranger pets.
  • You can pre-cast venoms on allies if you know the encounter will start within 24 seconds.


  • Basilisk Venom Basilisk Venom
    Basilisk Venom
    Venom. Your attacks turn foes to stone.
    Basilisk Venom.png2Basilisk Venom (30s): Your attacks turn foes to stone.
    Stun.pngStone Duration: 1 second
    Duration.pngVenom Duration: 30 seconds
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