Druid - Support Druid

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: HealingCondition cleanse and Boon support

Designed for: WvW Zerg

Expansions required: Heart of Thorns builds

This build was last updated on April 05, 2024 and is up to date for the April 16, 2024 patch.


Channel the power of the celestial bodies above and the earth below to swing fights in your allies' favor! Druid brings high burst healing and cleanse as well as Immobilize Immobilize, Stealth Stealth and Superspeed Superspeed

Skill Bar

Siege Turtle
Brown Bear


  • Brown Bear Smokescale - for smoke blasting
  • Brown Bear Krytan Drakehound - for Immobilize Immobilize
  • Muddy Terrain
  • Spirit of Nature

Template Code

Copy Template Code


  • Invigorating Bond




  • Relic of the Monk - trades cleanse for healing
  • Relic of Antitoxin
  • Sigil of Superior Sigil of Energy Sigil of Superior Sigil of Renewal


    • personal food option



  • Quick Draw activates when swapping in/out of Celestial Avatar
    • Use Ancestral Grace/Vine Surge first in Staff and Lunar Impact in Celestial Avatar
  • Make sure to set your pet to Avoid Combat
    • When blasting stealth stow your pet

Overall Priorities

  • Healing
  • Cleansing
  • Celestial Shadow


  • This build has moderate passive defense
  • This build has moderate mobility skill access
  • This builds has low active defenses
Active defense priority Toggle
  • "Protect Me!" - for stunbreaking
  • Dodge Dodge

Detailed Explanations


  • Target allies for Solar Beam + Astral Wisp
    • Keybinding call/take personal target can be useful to easily target an ally
    • Your commander is typically a good target for these skills
  • Keybinding (toggle) snap ground target can be useful for aiming Cosmic Ray and Lunar Impact
  • Use Glyph of Unity (Celestial Avatar) just before leaving Celestial Avatar so the effect will persist and quickly refill your Astral Force
  • Sublime Conversion has no target cap for allies, use it to give your entire group Regeneration Regeneration
  • Ancestral Grace and Lunar Impact are blasts and can be used on Healing Spring and Sublime Conversion
  • Be careful with the movement from Oaken Cudgel
    • Aim to the side instead of towards the enemy group
Healing Skills Toggle
  • Staff
    • Solar Beam
    • Astral Wisp
    • Ancestral Grace
  • Mace/Warhorn
    • Flourish
    • Oaken Cudgel - Relic of Karakosa
    • Call of the Wild - Relic of Karakosa
  • Celestial Avatar
    • Cosmic Ray
    • Lunar Impact
    • Rejuvenating Tides
    • Glyph of Unity (Celestial Avatar)
    • Glyph of Alignment (Celestial Avatar)
  • Pet
    • Invigorating Bond


  • Healing Spring should be dropped when clashing with the opponent or preemptively before an enemy spike
    • Healing Spring begins its cooldown as soon as its dropped, not when it triggers. Precast it when you can do so without wasting it
  • Try to hit enemies and allies with Vine Surge on clashes to maximize value
  • Seed of Life is instant and can be used while casting other skills
Cleansing Skills Toggle
  • Healing Spring
  • Frost Spirit
  • Celestial Avatar - (Druidic Clarity
  • Glyph of the Stars
  • Seed of Life
  • Glyph of Alignment (Celestial Avatar)
  • Vine Surge - for Immobilize Immobilize

Celestial Shadow

  • If you don't anticipate needing heavy healing in the next 10s, you can end Celestial Avatar on a push for Superspeed Superspeed
  • Move to isolated player(s) and use end Celestial Avatar to give Stealth Stealth and Superspeed Superspeed


  • The most important time to use Immobilize Immobilize is when your group is spiking, watch out for the following skills:
    • Winds - Winds of Disenchantment
    • Wells - Well of Corruption+Well of Suffering or Gravity Well
    • Traps - Procession of Blades+Test of Faith
    • Shades - Desert Shroud
  • Try to hit enemies and allies with Vine Surge on clashes to maximize value
  • Natural Convergence is very difficult to use effectively, not casting it is fine
Immobilize Skills Toggle
  • Muddy Terrain (if applicable)
  • Vine Surge
  • Glyph of Alignment
  • Natural Convergence


  • Under General Options / User Interface check Always show squad health bars and Always show party health bars. These will make it much easier to keep track of who needs your support.
  • Also under General Options / User Interface turn on Thick party health bars
    • Thick squad health bars can be used too as a matter of personal preference, but is not recommended for large numbers
  • Under Squad Options uncheck View as a grid. This will allow you to keep track of your allies' boons, conditions and health, enabling a better decision-making and skill management.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 7 votes.
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5 stars
Leif gave this build 5 stars • February 2024
Very strong heals and cleanses, can outpace all others in the right hands. That said, 1) Lingering Light is the way to go - reduces CA downtime significantly in addition to more healing 2) Mace+WH instead of the 2nd staff, for those with SOTO. WH5 is a 5-in one skill: daze, regen/healing from Windborne Notes, blast finisher, ally boons (might+fury+swiftness)
5 stars
Soldier198 gave this build 5 stars • July 2023
The Support Druid is an absolutely top tier healer and cleanser which packs an absurd amount of sustain and boon support into its build. Alacrity, fury, swiftness, might, resistance, regeneration, stability all shared with the group. It is also a powerhouse healer and condition cleanser capable of topping healing and cleanse charts. Trait and utility changes can be done to allow the support Druid to provide near permanent protection as well. The elite Glyph is a multipurpose skill that can be used to revive 5 allies or provide incredible sustain through healing, cleansing, and stability sharing.
2 stars
Deloitte34 gave this build 2 stars • April 2023
Subpar support build really, as the guides shows..very low active defense, this translate to :"must be babysitter to accomplish anything"...why in hell would I run this over a support staff tempest or catalyst?, it does the same thing...but better, has 2x more active defense, condi clear, healing and support. This is at best a GvG build and you're just doing a favour to that ranger fanboy in your guild...it has been 14 years now and ranger still has 0 x zerg builds...Brilliant
5 stars
Skydiver3685 gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
Druid slaps right now let's be honest. Timing celestial avatar is about as hard as shooting a giant wall, which is to say it isn't. I prefer taking 3 glyphs with equality because the build never feels like it's in danger. The easy access to information on cooldowns makes playing a breeze and aiming skills is barely difficult. Super fun and easy to play with great sustain.
5 stars
Lazze gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
Some nitpicking: Glyph of Unity isn't really needed, in most cases you are better off running Glyph of Equality for more cleanse and aoe stun break. Signet of Renewal should also be considered for a mass cleanse button. Fern Hound is borderline useless. The cast time of its F2 is too long, and the healing and regen scales from the pet healing power. Grace of the Land should also be considered for might generation, your healing output is good enough without Lingering Light.
5 stars
BNasty gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
I think this is a great build. You also have an option of taking Axe/Warhorn with Windborn Notes as this has High Fury/Might/Swiftness uptime with a bit of added Regen. The Build can be a bit harder to play than other Support Classes as it requires you to aim your CA 1-3. But CA 2 is much better now than it was before. Try to use your Heal skill out of CA to keep cleanses going and providing Regen which will fill your bar up a bit quicker.
5 stars
Genter2238 gave this build 5 stars • October 2022
this build is really good it is similar to what I am using with my guild. We are trying druid some and vindictator and we really like them it has a lot of healing and condition cleansing as much as a tempest. the stability helps our fb too. we like a lot using the smokescale to use stealth, but some of us are using the moa to give protection too... I think it's very good now the druid


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