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Elementalist - Core Signet Ele

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Hybrid damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on March 29, 2024 and is up to date for the June 25, 2024 patch.


A tanky core Elementalist build for PvP, made to contest side nodes and mostly focus on 1v1s. The build has great sustain against all types of damage but its damage output is somewhat mediocre, so you'll want to win a battle of attrition.

Being a core build, this is perfectly suitable for F2P players who want to pick up Elementalist in PvP.

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  • Earthen Blessing offers more sustain in exchange for lower damage.



Equipment Variants


  • Relic of Antitoxin - better cleansing.



  • Written in Stone causes your signets to retain their passive effects even after being used, so there's no downside to using most of your signets on CD.
  • Glyph of Elementals is a very flexible elite that changes based on yuor attunement.
    • Fire is best for damage.
    • Water is best for sustain.
    • Air is best for CC.


  • A significant chunk of the damage comes from Signet of Earth and Signet of Fire. Use these on CD and build your burst combos around these two. You won't be dealing a lot of damage outside burst combos.
  • Signet of Earth is great at rooting enemies into your hard hitting skills and should be used at the start of burst combos.
  • Your best damaging skills other than the signets are Burning Speed, Drake's Breath, Ring of Earth and Lightning Whip spam.
  • Burning Burning and Bleeding Bleeding are your only damaging conditions (not counting the Doom sigil proc), try to cover them with stuff like Chill Chill from Frozen Burst or even the Blind Blind / Vulnerability Vulnerability from Signet of Air to make them harder to cleanse, if you feel like you can get away with using your only stun break offensively.


  • Gaining an aura removes a condition and grants Protection Protection thanks to Smothering Auras and Elemental Shielding.
  • Smothering Auras also makes you lose 2 conditions whenever you transmute an aura - in this build you get to do that on both Air and Fire attunements by using the chain skills of Shocking Aura (Air skill #3) and Fire Shield (Fire skill #5).
  • Sunspot grants you Fire Aura whenever you attune to Fire Attunement. The above mentioned two traits therefore make attuning to Fire an instant source of cleansing and damage mitigation.
  • Elemental Attunement makes it so you also gain Protection Protection when attuning to Earth Attunement, so both attuning to Fire and Earth grant instant damage mitigation.
  • Written in Stone causes each signet to apply an aura based on the attunement associated with the signet:
  • There is no reason not to use Signet of Restoration on CD if you're missing some health, as you retain the passive of signets even while they are recharging.
  • When used on Water, Glyph of Elementals summons a Water Elemental and Crashing Waves becomes available for you. This heals about twice as much as your healing skill, removes a condition, and even knocks back enemies! Always use your elite on Water if you're struggling to survive.
  • Final Shielding procs a lesser version of Arcane Shield whenever you use your elite. This includes the 15s CD chain skill of your elite, not just the part that summons the elemental! The trait itself has a 20s internal CD, so sometimes you may want to consider waiting 5 more seconds before using Flame Barrage and other pet attacks in order to proc this on every cast.
  • Burning Speed followed by Magnetic Leap is a good defensive combo that could help distance yourself from enemies while evading their attacks and even comboing Fire Aura Fire Aura for trait synergy.
    • In general always try to use Magnetic Leap in one of your fire fields to combo auras.
  • It's possible to cleanse up to 9 conditions with the following chain: Fire Attunement Transmute Fire Fire Shield Transmute Fire Signet of Fire Transmute Fire
  • Swirling Winds, Ring of Earth and Magnetic Wave provide plenty of defense against projectiles. These could be crucial when it comes to surviving Longbow rangers or Lich Form.
  • Obsidian Flesh is your "time out" button in case you're starting to get overwhelmed.
  • Magnetic Wave is the best anti-condition skill in the build.

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This build has a rating of 3 stars based on 5 votes.
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3 stars
BlobTheBob gave this build 3 stars • March 2024
Arguably still the strongest core ele build. Either run dagger/focus or scepter/focus. Staff actually works on this build but its very low damage and mainly just for kiting. Pistol can work too in matchups where there isnt much projectile defence. You can beat many builds 1v1 that dont have strong cleansing, but you wont be able to kill other sidenoders and duelists that do. Also its quite slow and really bad in teamfights.
2 stars
Eddieknj gave this build 2 stars • October 2023
This has recently been rushed by signet nerfs. Obsolete build. Needs editing or deletion
4 stars
Guirssane gave this build 4 stars • January 2023
If you're poor, the build is playable for sure. It has good sustain and okayish damage. Not the worst duelist build. But if you have EOD, just play catalyst please. :D Also consider lighting flash for more mobility and another stun break.
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • August 2022
It's an okay-ish hybrid build but has a hard time keeping up with elite spec builds that often have more damage and sustain. The sustain's actually kinda good on this build, but the damage is lacking outside signet bursts and fire attunement. Might take some practice to get results but it's absolutely playable in ranked. Ele is the only class we don't have a core PvP recommendation for right now, so I'm going a bit more lenient on this just so F2P players have something decent to play because having this is way better than having nothing.
3 stars
JustMayor gave this build 3 stars • October 2021
As the description says, this build is very good for beginners that want to try Elementalist in PvP. It's quite simple to play and you can go toe to toe against most classes in 1v1. One of it's advantages is an element of surprise. You barely ever see a Core Ele in a PvP match, so you will quite often lure enemies into a false sense of easily winning a duel. Dueling is however the only thing that this build is good for. Your teamfighting presence is pretty small since you don't have any AoEs or Burst and your mobility isn't much better either, to the point when you can struggle catching Thiefs and Mesmers in 1v1. Dueling is otherwise quite comfortable, you have enough cleanse to deal with condi bursts, easy acccess to protection, a nice stun break which also blinds and a damage output which you can comfortably upkeep. However, I can only recommend this build if you don't own any expansions as it gets completely outclassed by Fire Weaver.


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