Elementalist - Mighty Fresh D/F Ele

Under construction.webp This is a placeholder build that was useful in the past. Click here to view current builds.

Focused on: Hybrid damage

Designed for: PvP Conquest



Core elementalist is commonly thought to be the worst and least viable core specialization out of all the professions, but this aggressive (also somewhat fast-paced and technical) D/F core Fresh Air build is an option. Sc/F core Elementalist still exists, but is somewhat lacking in DPS for this meta. While D/F fresh air is harder to safely pilot in a large, middle node team fight compared to necro or guardian, it makes a good roamer and can confidently take many 1v1 matchups if a sidenoder is required.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • - potentially equally viable for either escape mobility and stability, or turning the momentum of a fight with the 5+4 combo.

Template Code

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  • - Fury and Swiftness uptime, particularly good if not taking
  • - Vigor for more dodges instead of the extra sustain through swapping attunements



Equipment Changes


  • - potentially better vs conditions, though condition builds still have a power damage component that toughness will reduce, and this build has a fair amount of sustain.


  • Line of sight, interrupts, and mobility are vital for survival on this build.
  • Try to combo or with , or with and in .
  • Try to enter between attunement swaps to make the most of , Superspeed Superspeed from , and 's critical damage bonus, as well as accessing the strong auto attack, and damage and cc cooldowns that Air Attunement has.
  • You may have to be proactive about initiating on other roamers that would view you as an easy target to gank, such as power Herald. They can be easy enough to fight, but hard to turn on, and esaping from or can be tricky. Watch out for thieves and glassy guardians as well.
  • Take care with timing at Mesmers with lots of reflects.

General Tips

  • is most useful for the Immobilize Immobilize when used in , the Blind Blind when used in Air Attunement, or just for damage to try and achieve enough pressure out of a certain window of opportunity. Try and make sure the Ferocity buff from is up when casting this ability.
  • As always with , try and cast auto attacks when not casting other abilities (and not afflicted with Confusion Confusion) for extra sustain. Doing this in while in combat will generate Might Might from .
  • is good for downed cleave, or for simply placing on a node in larger teamfights.

Burst combo example

  1. Swap to
  2. Swap to


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 2 votes.
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4 stars
JustMayor gave this build 4 stars • October 2021
A very fun build to play and definitely the best of the core builds. Can recommend this build if you want to play a bursty ele but feel overwhelmed by Weaver. The only true downside of the build I could think of is the sustain, but atleast you do have potential escape from Lightning Flash, movement skills and Arcane Shield.
3 stars
Manatees gave this build 3 stars • September 2021
I'm kind of hitting a wall around 1490, not quite hitting platinum with this. Maybe it can be improved though somehow.


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