Elementalist - S/F Fresh Air

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Focused on: Direct damage and Mobility

Designed for: PvP Conquest


Scepter/Focus Fresh Air is one of the harder elementalist specs to master, but allows for high pressure roaming.

Archival note: replaced by Build:Elementalist_-_Core_Support as our default F2P Ele build.

Skill Bar


Template Code

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  • is an equally viable alternative to .

Specialization Variants

Fire over Water:

  • which makes 25 Might Might easily accessible at a loss of some healing on . Absolutely Any skills used while in will grant Might Might, even Utility.
  • Condition cleanses can still be achieved via , giving a that removes 1 condition on then with Transmute Fire will remove 2 more, can be followed by another . also passively adds up 3 conditions to be removed upon having said amount on self.
  • boosts any damage by 10% to Burning Burning enemies. All Fire skills can apply it as well as , ideally even doing one before can increase damage by good margin alongside extra Might Might.
  • is highly recommended if using this specialization to keep Might Might longer and 5% damage increase, however if able to follow the right circumstances before leaving , waiting to activate the second into with can increase the damage by 10% (20% if paired with Burning Burning.) on it's duration for a bit less Might Might uptime.



Equipment Variants


  • - a reliable damage bonus at the cost of potentially lower burst damage.


  • - better damage, way lower health pool. Take to compensate, but even then the build is going to be more unforgiving to play so beginners may struggle on Berserker.



  • Avoid 1v1s whenever possible, keep moving between capture points to outnumber fights and burst targets down.
  • Much of this build's damage comes from swapping to , as this triggers , followed by . To capitalize on this, you should generally swap out of air immediately or soon after casting Lightning Strike into any other attunement, get a Fresh Air proc and jump back into Air Attunement.
  • Recharging Air: to take advantage of you need to score a critical hit. The fastest way to do it on attunements with slower skill is to start channel the air autoattack just before leaving . Swapping attunements doesn't break the channeling and Arc Lightning is almost guaranteed to critically hit at least once.
  • should usually be used while in for the Immobilize Immobilize, which makes it harder to avoid your burst. Alternatively, cast while still in then switch over to Earth before the projectile hits - this will root the target and you can get back into Air without skipping a beat as Arcane Blast is always a critical hit. With 1.5k range this is also your best ranged option.
  • This build can self-stack might by blasting the fire field created by . Do not prioritize might-stacking, but do take advantage of the incidental opportunities which arise. Your blast finishers are:
  • The build's most dangerous above 90% HP where the and bonuses are active. These bonuses are active in any attunement, but to maximize bursts most of your hard hitting abilities should go off while attuned to Air to benefit from and .
  • is best used either while in Earth for the Protection Protection or Water for the Regeneration Regeneration which cleanses a condition via .
  • 's purpose is twofold.
    • Mobility: and are excellent movement skills that can help you disengage from fights if your defensive CDs ran out, or if you want to get to the other capture point as soon as possible.
    • Cleave: AoE in the build is rather clumsy, except for and . Use these whenever you need to cleave down a downed enemy.

Notable burst combos

These are some potential combos you can use based on the techniques outlined above. The quicker you pull these chains off, the better.

From Fire:

  1. (optional, easy to avoid so use it only when the target is CC'd or downed)
  2. - optional: right at your target before Phoenix Goes off
  3. - swap to this just before Phoenix and Arcane Blast are about to land

From Earth:

  1. - Projectile must land right before attuning to Air to get the Immobilize Immobilize

From Water:

  1. + right at your target before the trident goes off
  2. just before Shatterstone and Water Trident does damage


  • makes it easy to kite most specs. Avoid melee range at all costs!
  • CCs can be used for shaking off pursuers.
  • Abuse spots on maps that break teleport skill pathing when the enemy team has Thieves, Revenants, and other such specs with teleports. Use the terrain to your advantage in general, it's very important for builds as squishy as this one.
  • and provide excellent protection against enemies who use projectiles. These however do not work against unblockable projectiles, and some ranged builds - such as this one - are mostly unaffected by projectile reflects and blocks.
  • is the build's best condition cleanse which can also be used while stunned.
  • gives invincibility for a short while, and can be used to survive bursts or to create a window where you can pressure targets in the heat of battle without any hindrance.


  • Stealth, as most high-damage abilities in this build require a target.
  • Heavy condition pressure.

Related Builds

  • Freshweaver - a more powerful version using the Weaver elite specialization


This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 5 votes.
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3 stars
Ssendink gave this build 3 stars • May 2019
Decent build for f2p players, but lack of all
4 stars
ShaoAZ gave this build 4 stars • March 2019
With all the changes the core specs got, it's hard to say if Freshweaver is actually better than this one if played with Fire. With more control over skills at a loss of a rather telegraphed burst of weaver, core gets to be more volatile and organized, which is arguably putting the player in a better place for any type of situation. IMO water should not be used any longer as long as a focus is involved, the might , damage increase and cleanses in Fire are way more accessible and efficient for dueling.
2 stars
Hanz gave this build 2 stars • January 2019
We're keeping this one mainly for the sake of F2P players. Fairly simple playstyle but relatively hard to master, should work well up to ~platinum.
5 stars
FalkonLink gave this build 5 stars • May 2018
This build has given me quite a bit of success. After a few matches I swapped out S/F for D/D to see if it would make a difference and ended up far more successful.
5 stars
Walle gave this build 5 stars • January 2018
This build has given me the most success with ele so far I still find ele squishy that's why I only put good but obviously that's just the current shape ele is in. I really enjoy playing this build


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