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Focused on: Direct damageMobility.

Designed for:


Fresh Air on weaver mode, with a good burst damage, almost perma switfness and a lot of regeneration and condition removal (by traits).




  • to have even more conditions cleanse.
  • over
    for the arcane burst variant.
  • over
    for the arcane-burst variant.
  • over *
    to trade mobility for boons and faster way to switch attunement.



Arcane over Water to prioritize burst potential over surivability.


Superior Sigil of Cleansing
Superior Sigil of Cleansing.pngSuperior Sigil of Cleansing
Remove 1 condition when you swap to this weapon while in combat. (Cooldown: 9s)
Superior Sigil of Exploitation
Superior Sigil of Exploitation.pngSuperior Sigil of Exploitation
Deal 5% extra damage to targets below 50% health.
Superior Rune of the Pack
Superior Rune of the Pack.pngSuperior Rune of the Pack
(1): +25 Power (2): +10% Swiftness Duration (3): +50 Power (4): 25% chance when struck to grant nearby allies might, fury, and swiftness for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 20s) (5): +100 Power (6): +125 Precision; +20% Swiftness Duration
Marauder Amulet
Marauder Amulet.pngMarauder Amulet
+1050 Power +1050 Precision +560 Vitality +560 Ferocity



  • for a more evasive setup.


  • for arcane-burst variant.



  • At the beggining of the match, start with any non-air attunement combination. When the doors will open, switch to air to get superspeed boon. Then change to any other attunement. Earth is great, in order to use
    , and get the toughness bonus.
  • Always use dual skills when they'll be available, to get swiftness and regeneration boons up.
  • Switfness and superspeed gives a damage bonus (7%) and regeneration. This synergize with
    as condition cleanse.
  • Cantrips gives regeneration and vigor via
    in adition to their usual effects.


  • Heavy burst builds.
  • Stun-lock builds.
Build rating: 90%
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2 Ratings
Gold Medal - Great
Karas said this build was great 2 weeks ago

Insane burst build it is the perfect counter against avatar Sw/D weaver build.

it gets raped by other ranged burst build though. But really this and avatar are the 2 best usage you can make with weaver in PvP

Silver Medal - Good
Swagnacious said this build was good last month

I personally run with scholar rune, get rid of water traits, run arcane 2,3,2. Run lighting flash, arcane shield, and arcane blast. Taken a liking to glyph of harmony as well. You'll definitely see a massive damage spike when you 2x swap to air, then go in for an air/fire 3 (plasma beam) and 2x swap to air before the channel finishes, all while dumping air 2 and arcane blast. The damage is destructive. The draw back to this build is that you can't handle condi pressure, you also have to per-determine what weapon skills you might need and set yourself up for them just in case. So always keep in mind, your needing a defensive cd (ex: earth 5) your gonna need to force it open with FA in most cases. This build is one I highly recommend to veteran FA players.