Herald - Condition Mallyx

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Focused on: Condition damageUtility and Boon removal

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on March 29, 2024 and is up to date for the March 19, 2024 patch.


A condition-based PvP Herald build with decent boon removal, pressure, and utility. The current version specializes in teamfighting, putting constant pressure on the enemy.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants


  • Off-hand Axe over Shield - this cuts back on sustain significantly in exchange for more CC and mobility. Higher risk/reward option. Take Shining Aspects on Herald Herald.

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  • Cleansing Channel helps you deal with conditions. However giving up Glaring Resolve increases the chance of getting your Pain Absorption interrupted after breaking stuns, which prevents the condition transfer and boon application from happening.


  • Core Value trades mobility for an improved F2.



Equipment Variants


  • Rune of Orr - helps against conditions and has good stats.
  • Rune of Revenant - makes the build even more tanky.


  • Relic of Vass - adds some extra Poison Poison stacks to your burst damage, works well in a build with 2 healing skills.
  • Relic of Antitoxin or Relic of Leadership - better condition cleansing.
  • Relic of the Wizard's Tower - AoE CC and anti-projectile dome every ~30 seconds upon elite activation.
  • Relic of the Zephyrite - pulses defensive boons for your team whenever you use an elite skill once every ~30 seconds.
  • Relic of the Sunless - similar to Cerus but this one always applies Poison Poison and Cripple Cripple instead of corrupting boons. The field spawns directly under your targeted enemy.



  • Invoking a legend resets energy to 50, procs various traits such as Invoking Torment or Spirit Boon, and could even trigger the sigils of your active weapon set (if they are not on CD) among other things. Swapping legends is basically the main resource management tool in the build - swap whenever you're out of CDs or low on energy. That's not all however, on Mallyx builds legend swapping may also be used to do AoE burst damage or manage conditions on yourself.
  • Start on Dragon stance (Glint) and while still in the base activate the following 4 upkeep skills for party buffing:
    • Facet of Nature (use its active when your energy is about to hit 0)
    • Facet of Elements
    • Facet of Strength
    • Facet of Darkness
  • In combat Facet of Nature is used for dealing with conditions. On Mallyx True Nature (Demon) transfers conditions to nearby enemies, while on Glint it extends the duration of boons on nearby allies, which is best used when you have Resistance Resistance.
  • Swapping legends deactivates the upkeep skills of that legend without sending them on full CD.
  • Chaotic Release can be used to knock downed opponents away from their rezzing teammates, or to knock them off of capture points - this allows you to take the cap while bleeding them out, delaying their respawn.


  • Most of the damage comes from Mace and Mallyx.
  • Chain Searing Fissure Echoing Eruption in order to stack Might Might. Use these two weapon skills on CD.
  • Banish Enchantment might not do a whole lot of damage but a ranged, unblockable boon removal with Chill Chill and Abyssal Chill synergy can still pressure targets by softening them up or preventing them from building distance.
  • Call to Anguish (CoA) is a rather strong CC skill, capable of balling up an entire team or pulling enemies off the highground. While it doesn't do much damage on its own, if you have enough allies around you may consider abusing this skill as much as possible to harass the enemy team and set up kills.
    • Banish Enchantment is a great followup for CoA (if you have the energy for it). While generally viewed as a single target ability, it's capable of hitting multiple foes if they are close enough to each other.
    • Consider activating Embrace the Darkness right before doing a CoA jump, as CoA is a leap finisher and EtD is a Dark field. By combining them you can grant yourself Dark Aura.
  • Embrace the Darkness is where most of the burst comes from. Always try to activate it before using Mace skills, even just a few seconds of this can cause serious AoE damage.
  • Both elite skills can proc Relic of Cerus, which is something you should attempt to do once every 30 seconds. Targets right below the eye can be hit by the beam multiple times so Embrace the Darkness is worth comboing with Call to Anguish for CC.

Self Sustain & Disengaging

  • Crystal Hibernation is basically your third healing skill. It heals for a fair amount, blocks attacks and cleanses conditions.
  • Envoy of Exuberance aimed at your character heals for a small amount and grants Protection.
  • Pain Absorption is the most reliable skill to use if you want quick access to Resistance Resistance. It's also a great support skill in general, removing conditions from allies and granting them Resistance.
    • As with all stun breaks with a cast time, the second part of this skill can be interrupted and instead of just going on CD, you'll lose all the energy for nothing. Glaring Resolve could help with that - if you break stun with Pain Absorption you'll gain just enough Stability Stability to cover the channeling.
  • Call to Anguish will be your best mobility tool and on some maps can be used to leap to places where enemies can't follow (or at least, not easily).
  • Facet of Light's chain effect Infuse Light is your jail free card - makes you immortal for the duration by converting all incoming damage into healing. Some players may stop pressuring you once Face of Light's been activated, in this case you should just wait a couple of seconds before using Infuse Light. Make sure you get at least 10k healing out of this skill, try to predict when burst is coming and use Facet of Light in advance - FoL has a cast time thus cannot be used while stunned, while Infuse is instant.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 6 votes.
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5 stars
Goon gave this build 5 stars • July 2023
Very strong and adaptale build with enough chill to ruin eles days. The constant buffs have helped it become a very usable build. A decent pick into condi cata and tempest as you can shut down their condi cleanse with your cc abilities.
5 stars
Ethan gave this build 5 stars • June 2023
Edit: Visited this after general buffs to condi rev. Also saw play in tournaments and did decently. Would rate this higher than power herald now
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • August 2022
Build's definitely weaker now, you probably won't be seeing it in ATs anytime soon. For ranked it still seems fine. Resistance already was a secondary way of dealing with conditions so gutting the boon wasn't quite as devastating as it would've been a few years ago when rev truly relied on it. Pain Absorption is hit by the Resistance change the hardest, but it got some Resolution to compensate which.. could've been worse. Perhaps the Torment changes did the most harm to the build, I could see some of its traits and sill getting buffed in the future to offset the change. It's decent. Not great, but not unplayable.
5 stars
Albydavide gave this build 5 stars • May 2020
The best build for rev. Tanky and very good damage. In teamfight performs perfectly, with mallyx u can absorb conditions from allies and giving them back to enemies. + the boon sustain with glint. Amazing
5 stars
Devil sivad gave this build 5 stars • March 2020
After having problem with conditions and healing. This helped a lot during fights.
5 stars
Guirssane gave this build 5 stars • February 2020
Really strong build atm. Absurd damage, really tanky, good sustain...


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