Mechanist - Condi DPS

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on February 07, 2024 and is up to date for the January 30, 2024 patch.


Condition mechanist is a strong and versatile DPS build that is both the strongest and simplest version of condition engineer to date. The addition of the mech ensures reliable damage with minimal input, and the strength of signets allows you to replace kits and vastly simplify the rotation as you desire.

The plethora of viable builds means that this is a strong option regardless of experience level, and it allows you to gently increase the difficulty (and damage) as you gain confidence. The default build presented here is the highest damage on most bosses, but also the most complicated, so be sure to read the guide to figure out which build is best for you.

Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Mace can replace Pistol, which offers lower base damage but a lot more Confusion Confusion, which can be stronger on encounters where bosses attack frequently.

J-Drive Variants

If you use , you can dramatically simplify the rotation without losing too much damage:

  • can replace or , depending on personal preference.
    • On bosses with high attack rates, will outperform .
  • also becomes stronger, but may still be preferred.
  • If you want to totally avoid kits, use a along with (as there will be few explosions).

Template Code

Copy Template Code


  • will make signets significantly stronger, allowing you to replace kits with them.


  • On bosses with very high attack rates, you could use and (assumes you are running Bomb Kit).
  • The could be swapped for a . The sigil is cheaper and the damage is basically identical, but it requires you to be in melee to benefit.

Non-SotO Relics

Unfortunately there aren't any good core damage relics for condi Mechanist, the best option being , which does not affect your mech.

  • If running this, you would want to swap some pieces to Sinister stats Sinister stats such that you reach ~67% base condition duration, with bleeding and burning duration capped.
  • It may be recommended to pick an option that offers some utility instead.



  • or ascended versions


    • for a cheaper alternative


Simpler Rotations

Mechanist's signets are very strong, which allows them to replace / and if you use the trait. This also allows you to use without losing DPS.

See the Condi Boon Support page for this rotation, and use off cooldown - this should prevent you needing to use outside of the opener.

Video guide by Masel

Rotation example (J-Drive)

Rotation example (J-Drive with Bomb Kit)

Jade Dynamo rotation

The Jade Dynamo rotation (using three kits) is very complicated and essentially boils down to keeping track of priority cooldown skills and switching into kits as necessary to maximise their uses. Downtime between kit swaps are filled with Pistol autos.

To make this manageable, each "kit" you swap to (for these purposes we consider Pistols to also be a kit) has a key skill that we ideally want to swap to and use every time it comes off cooldown, as well as some lower-priority skills that you use if they happen to be off cooldown when you swap. The skills you use in each kit are:

Key skills: &
Other skills:

Grenade Kit
Key skill:
Other skills: &

Bomb Kit
Key skill:
Other skill:

You may notice that the cooldowns of the key skills (before Alacrity Alacrity) are 5, 8 and 12 seconds, which do not fit together very neatly. The full rotation then is not going to look very neat, but it can be broken down into a general loop with three sections:

Section 1

Cycle through each kit in turn, using all the skills named above in each. In general, the best order for kits will be


and have the same cooldown, so if we make sure to cast last on Pistol and first in then we can know that we only need to go into immediately after using .

After , autoattack on Pistol until just before then do:

Section 2

Your key Pistol/Pistol should be coming off cooldown now so you can immediately go

& Pistol/Pistol

may not be available when you swap to , so auto with until it's ready.

After autoattack on Pistol until just before , then:


Section 3

The final section is much like Section 2, but the cooldowns align slightly differently.

& Pistol/Pistol

This time, when is available do


Autoattack on Pistol until and are on a ~6 second cooldown then quickly swap into and use . Return to Pistol/Pistol after using and start again from Section 1 when and are off cooldown.

Rotation example (Jade Dynamo)

Winging It

If you find the structure above difficult to follow, you can use your Pistol cooldowns to prompt you to swap kits:

  • Every time you use , go into
  • has roughly half the cooldown of and , so use it once immediately before or after using these Pistol skills, then again when they are on a ~6 second cooldown.
  • Focus on the key skills so as not to delay your rotation.
    • When swapping to kits to use key skills, have a look at the remaining cooldowns on the other skills. If they are ready, then swap back to the kit and use them when you would otherwise just be autoattacking on Pistol.
  • Pistol skills should take priority.

General Tips

  • Make sure you're within 360 units of your mech before using F1-3 skills, or they will have a 50% longer cooldown thanks to .
  • Any of your other Pistol skills will interrupt , so it's best to use it last.
    • You can swap to during the cast without interrupting the skill.
  • During the wind-up of , it can be interrupted with . Either make sure not to press too soon, or use first.
  • Press all your mech skills off cooldown - you can save for CC if necessary.
  • If using , use it off cooldown. It is a very small DPS gain though, so hold on to it if there is any danger that the mech might die.


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4 stars
OfficerAndyGentleman gave this build 4 stars • July 2023
Enough options that most players will find a build they enjoy, and experienced players can play around with the confusion generation to push it even further. Also comes with all the usual advantages that the mech offers in terms of dps uptime.


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