Mechanist - Power Mechanist

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Strike damage

Designed for: Open World and Open World General

Expansions required: End of Dragons builds

This build was last updated on September 10, 2023 and is up to date for the June 27, 2023 game patch.


Power Mechanist is a very simple and straight forward build. Armed with the sturdy CJ-1 mech that will tank almost everything for you, power mechanist is a very safe and reliable open world build, and has good crowd control and damage.

The build has one annoying downside named , which requires you to always be near your mech or your mech command skills (F1, F2, F3) will have their cooldown increased by 50%, these skills also replace your toolbelt skills.

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Skill Bar


Weapon variants

If you don't have access to Weaponmaster Training with Secrets of the Obscure, you will not be able to wield a hammer. Use Rifle Rifle instead.

  • Rifle Rifle can be used to sacrifice a large amount of damage in exchage for range.

Skill Variants

Heal skill

is great because it also heals your mech. Other alternatives can be considered:

  • provides very high healing and cleanses 2 conditions when first deployed, while creating a water field where you can detonate the turret to provide even more healing (See: Guide:What are Combo Fields). Always pick up the turret or detonate it, as it will provide more healing over time than the super weak regeneration that leaving the turret deployed provides.
  • - helpful to negate a big attack or a oneshot. This skill requires a bit more skill to use, as it only provides large healing if you were to take lethal damage.

Utility skills

has great damage and crowd control, never replace it. shares your boons with your mech, and can be used to stun break and teleport while cleansing two conditions, it's a really good skill. is a basic damage increase and can be activated for crowd control. You can consider other alternatives:

  • - quickness quickness and stunbreak.
  • - if you need to block dangerous projectiles.
  • - if you need extra mobility.

Elite skill

is the best elite for this build. It can be used for damage, or to resummon your mech if it dies.


Trait variants

  • - DPS increase when playing in groups providing you with Fury Fury.
  • - can be used when playing rifle to sacrifice a minor amount of damage for some extra AoE.
  • - for underwater combat with its passive skill, but we recommend you don't play mechanist underwater.


Ascended gear is not required.


  • and are interchangeable.
  • Other relics include , , .
  • For defense, equip the highest tier Jade Core you can afford. Use defensive food, traits, or skills if required. If necessary, use Knight Knight trinkets.


Budget consumables are acceptable for use in open world.


  • Prioritize Steak Ascended food.
  • /
  • /



  • Prioritize Steak Ascended food.
  • /
  • (and variants)


This build is extremely easy to play so this section is going to be very short.


  • Spam , , and . You can also use to command your mech to use , this doesn't interrupt any action the Mech is doing.
    • If using rifle, spam and . You can also use to command your mech to use , this doesn't interrupt any action the Mech is doing. You can save for CC or to cleanse yourself of movement-impeding conditions, or otherwise spammed for damage.
  • Stay near your mech to avoid the cooldown penalty of .
  • Spam your mech F1 skill off cooldown. You can set it to auto-cast if you want by pressing control+mouse 2 on the skill.
  • F2 and F3 can be spammed for damage, or saved if you need CC. If you need to save them for CC, do not set them to auto-cast.
  • In fights where your mech is not at risk of dying, you can use for extra damage.
  • Stay close to your target to benefit from and .


  • The best defense is always to dodge or sidestep attacks
  • Your mech will tank most enemies for you. Hide behind it when fighting enemies that fire projectiles.
  • If your mech is standing in a damaging AoE, you can recall it to your location with F7 Return to Me.
  • You can block attacks with .
  • You can teleport out of danger with . This skill also cleanses 2 conditions from yourself and your mech.
  • If your mech dies, wait a second for the skill to go on cooldown, then use to resummon it immediatly.
  • You have minor healing over time from both and .
  • If your enemy gives itself boons, save to remove up to 3 of them.

Crowd control

  • (Mech's F2)
  • (Mech's F3)


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
Zilhn.7961 gave this build 5 stars • November 2023
love this build it gives my mechanic a power of dps
4 stars
Starlitjupiter gave this build 4 stars • September 2023
With Weaponmaster, Mechanist has gained a significant boost in its power and overall feeling for general open world play. PMech has gone from a build I'd never recommend to one I think is fantastic for people that are new to engineer or just want a laid back, easy farming build to play.
5 stars
Warming Hearth gave this build 5 stars • September 2023
Stupidly easy to play, great damage, great crowd control, super tanky pet. All in all a great build. The only thing that sucks is the cooldown penalty from being away from your mech, hopefully Anet finds a better way to incentivise controlling the mech.


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