Mirage - Condi Mirage

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Condition damage

Designed for: Open World and Open World General

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds

This build was last updated on September 08, 2023 and is up to date for the June 27, 2023 game patch.


Condi Staff-Staff Mirage is a very simple yet effective build that revolves around spamming to both deal damage and generate boons. The build provides permanent 25 Might Might, Fury Fury and Alacrity Alacrity to yourself and nearby allies, while dealing good Torment Torment, Bleeding Bleeding, and Confusion Confusion damage.

While the build has a very prominent lack of burst damage, staff-staff mirage is very simple to play, capable of soloing champions and bosses with ease thanks to its evasiveness, clones tanking for you, and its mobility. Unfortunately, its damage is just okay, since Confusion Confusion has been recently overnerfed and deals very low damage, but Torment Torment and Bleeding Bleeding are still good.

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Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

This particular build requires two staves to function.


If instead of focusing on doing damage and generating boons you need to focus on tagging (quickly attacking enemies to earn kill credit) you can consider swapping one staff for a Greatsword with and . This provides low damage but great tagging potential by spamming , but you will need gear with significant Power and Crit, such as Viper Viper or Celestial Celestial, to ensure tag credit. Gear such as Trailblazer Trailblazer will not work for this purpose.

Skill Variants

  • and provide the highest sustained damage through their passive, so you only use them in emergencies. If damage is not a concern, you could sometimes use different utility skills.

Utility skills

  • - evade, stunbreak, and Mirage Mirror.
  • - if conditions are a problem.
  • - to reflect projectiles.
  • - situationally powerful.
  • - can be useful, especially when zerging.
  • - stunbreak and movement.
  • - steals boons, sends conditions, gives Quickness, and does some CC through Slow.

Elite skill

  • - to run past enemies or commune with Hero Points in stealth, use together with for longer stealth, but change the trait afterwards.


  • is essential to generate Alacrity Alacrity.
  • On fights against boses where your clones can stay alive just fine so is wasted, you can instead use + for more Confusion Confusion.
  • You have great synergy on you traitlines.
    • provides Vigor Vigor for more and more condition damage thanks to .
    • + + provide even more Bleeding Bleeding damage.
    • removes the need for , allowing use of which provides superb synergy with and .


This set uses the same gear as Mirage - Alacrity Support Condi DPS, making it a good option for general PVE. Infusions are not mandatory.


  • Note that you require 0% boon duration from your gear to provide permament Alacrity Alacrity, even with 0 clones.
    • This is because provides permanent Regeneration Regeneration to enable and gain 250 concentration (16.66% boon duration), which is all you need.
  • You can trigger the with .
    • is also a great option and easier to use, but Akeem hits in an AoE whereas Fractal is single target.
    • If you don't have access to expansion relics, you will have to resort to using .


Budget consumables are acceptable for use in open world.


  • Prioritize Flatbread Ascended food.
  • - DPS
  • - can be considered while learning the class but, when played optimally, you simply will not be able to spend all of this extra endurance.
  • /


  • Prioritize Flatbread Ascended food.
  • /
  • (and variants)


Mirage Cloak

is the profession mechanic of the mirage. Whenever you dodge or pick up a , you enter Mirage Cloak for 0,75 seconds, dodging incoming attacks. You also gain access to Ambush skills for 1,5 seconds, which replace your first weapon skill. Mirage Cloak does not have a cast time, allowing mirages to dodge at any time, such as when casting a skill, when reviving someone, but cannot be used while under the effects of hard crowd control.

Clone generation

  • Phantasms become clones after attacking, so will summon 2 clones.
  • summons 1 clone, but be mindful of the forced teleport, don't teleport into enemy AoEs.
  • Dodging while in combat will summon 1 clone at your location that attacks the nearest target due to , and it will immediately use due to .
  • Since your clones are very important in this build, you can time your dodges to make your clones dodge dangerous attacks thanks to . This trait also stunbreaks your clones when you dodge.


  • This build provides permanent 25 Might Might and Alacrity Alacrity to yourself and nearby allies through . The duration of these boons scales with the number of clones that use this skill (which is only possible thanks to ), so try to maintain 3 clones up.
  • will also provide Might Might and Fury Fury to allies it bounces to. also helps with fury. And the increased critical chance enables .
  • provides permanent self Regeneration Regeneration.


  • The vast majority of your damage comes from auto attacking and casting with 3 clones up, thanks to .
  • You should allow yourself and your clones to use one inbetween each , as it does more damage than spamming Chaos Vortex.
  • You should always have 3 clones up. Check the clone generation section above.
  • Since clones are so important for your damage, this build only uses when you can immediately generate 3 clones again.
  • If your target is about to die you can finish them off with .
  • Weapon swap any time you're under 50% endurance.
  • Use off cooldown in melee range.
  • Use when your target has 5 or more stacks of Confusion Confusion or Torment Torment to trigger . If not using this relic, save this skill to do crowd control.
  1. to trigger , skip if not using this relic.
  2. Dodge Dodge weapon swap weapon swap
  3. but don't consume the mirror yet.
  4. Dodge Dodge
  5. give your clones time to use it before you shatter them.
  6. with 3 clones
  7. Dodge Dodge with 3 clones
  8. Consume the from Crystal Sands
  9. Dodge Dodge weapon swap weapon swap
  • By dodging before weapon swapping, you ensure that you never waste any endurance from . This can be done even with autoattack on, but you have to be fast to not interrupt your character automatically using Chaos Vortex.
  • Note that this opener only works when you use the trait .
  • At step 10 of the opener you shatter 3 clones. But at step 11 you have 3 again: 2 from and a third from .


  • You can use your dodge at any time, even during other actions, but not while under the effects of hard crowd control.
  • Use to reposition and cleanse 1 condition.
  • Abuse your for frequent dodges.
  • can provide a strong stunbreak.
  • You dodge very often, so you'll dodge some attacks without even trying.
  • blinds trash mobs.
  • Against enemies with projectiles, hide behind your clones.
  • Thanks to , your Shatters provide stability stability. However, do not rely on this as this build wants to have high clone uptime.

Crowd Control

  • - 1 second Daze Daze
  • - 1 second Daze Daze from you AND each clone shattered, so up to 4 seconds of Daze.
  • - 3 seconds of Stun Stun (as a last resort)

Video Examples

Check the description of each video for more details.


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5 stars
Starlitjupiter gave this build 5 stars • March 2023
Re-evaluating this build in 2023 after major balance patches, it's clear this build's power hasn't diminished at all. It is still one of the most versatile open world builds. It maintains high DPS, high utility, easy tagging with a Greatsword (I run full viper), and is very simple to actually play. A simple build with very high returns on investment. To me, this is one of the top 5 builds in the open world section.


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