Mirage - Greatsword Farmer

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Part of the current metagame.

Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great.

Focused on: TaggingEventsAoeDirect damage.

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This build is up to date as of October 13, 2019.


A Mirage build specialized for farming loot from enemies in large group events. This build is highly mobile and able to tag a lot of enemies at once with . It is easily in the top 3 for Tagging builds and is one of the easiest ways to farm in holiday events or LS4 trains.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants

Utility Skills
  • can be taken over Mantras if it is needed.
  • You can run any of the Mantras in the first slot, Pain is just the best "general" use.
Elite Skills
  • - if CC is needed.
  • - tags a lot of enemies, and increases your tagging speed, but has a very long cooldown.

Weapon Variants

  • Greatsword is absolutely core to this build and should always be used.
  • Your second weapon set is flexible - you can run whatever you want there.



Your gear should feature a mixture of defense and offense. You don't want to go all out on damage because you will steal kills from others in your zerg. You can ultimately run whatever Power gear you want. The gear listed below is an optimal set created specifically for zerg farming.
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Marauder stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Marauder stat icon.png
Superior Rune of Vampirism
  • Try not to run full Berserker gear because if you deal too much damage you will steal tags from your zerg. This is generally considered poor behavior.
  • You can run any Power-stat gear you want. Soldier and Knight are both excellent choices. Feel free to mix and match - For example Berserker's armor with Soldier's trinkets is good.





  • Spam dodge and to tag mobs for loot (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
  • Use to tag enemies whenever there are 2 charges available. You can also use and off cooldown.
  • Place and to passively tag more enemies and get more loot (if you're using them)
  • Use to get around quickly.
  • Use to break stun and move around quickly.

I Got Separated And Now Have To Fight Mobs

  • Use the burst damage skills of Greatsword and sustained damage of Sword/Sword to quickly kill enemies.
  • You have essentially infinite dodges from , and all of your dodges grant superspeed. Abuse this to survive enemy attacks.

Crowd Control

  • Illusionary Riposte Illusionary Riposte
    Illusionary Riposte
    Clone. Block your foe and create an illusion when attacked.
    Damage.pngDamage: 734
    Duration.pngBlock Duration: 2½ seconds
    Range.pngRange: 900
     Forward arrow blue.png 
    Counter Blade Counter Blade
    Counter Blade
    Shoot out a bolt that dazes foes in a line.
    Damage.pngDamage: 37
    Daze.pngDaze: 1 second
    Targets.pngNumber of Targets: 5
    Range.pngRange: 900
  • if running it
Build rating - 5 stars
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2 Ratings
5 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 5 stars 2 weeks ago

S-Tier Open World Tag build. Used for the right circumstances (Lab, LS4 farming, Etc) it can be one of the most effective builds in the game. Its also insanely easy to play and has a ton of utility via Portals and Reflects. I normally don't vote on builds; I've made an exception in this case.

5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars September 2018

Turns out Infinite Horizon doesn't just multiply your clone damage, it also multiplies your loot.

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