Necromancer - Core Condition

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Focused on: Power damage and Condition damage

Designed for: Open WorldOpen World General and Open World Core



A sturdy open world condition build for core necromancer. Since condition damage gear is not easy to acquire while levelling, we don't recommed this as a levelling build.

Condi necromancer drowns its enemies in Bleeding Bleeding, Torment Torment, and Burning Burning, turning even more resilient as they afflict their enemies. They are also adept at removing or even corrupting boons on enemies, and feature a very unique playstyle of inflicting conditions on themselves only to immediatly transfer those conditions to their enemies.

This build can also be played with minions, though that greatly reduces its damage.

Compared to Build:Scourge - Condi Scourge, this build inflicts much less damage but has more upfront tankyness with core necromancer shroud and extra toughness from Death Magic Death Magic Death's Carapace. It can either be played while working on unlocking scourge, or should the player prefer core necromancer.

Template Code

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Skill Bar


Weapon variants

Scepter Scepter is absolutely mandatory, and Dagger Dagger works great with it. For the other weapon set, you can use Staff Staff for more utility, Warhorn Warhorn for more Crowd Control, or (rarely) Focus Focus if more boon removal is required.

If the player has access to Weaponmaster Training with the Secrets of the Obscure expansion, we recommed using Scepter Scepter+Torch Torch, plus Pistol Pistol+Dagger Dagger.

Skill variants

Heal skill

The choice of heal skill is quite open. Consume Conditions is good in this build, but if the self-inflicted Blinded Blinded from Master of Corruption is too annoying you can consider other options:

  • Well of Blood - good heal if you can stay inside the well
  • Signet of Vampirism - good heal but the passive effect can be annoying and keep you in combat for longer.

Utility skill

Blood Is Power is absolutely fantastic and should never be replaced. Epidemic is amazing to improve your AoE damage, but useless in single target situations, adapt accordingly. Spectral Walk is a stun break but also removes conditions which is great. You can consider other alternatives:

  • Corrosive Poison Cloud - mediocre damage but it destroys projectiles.
  • Spectral Grasp - to pull enemies together to kill them easier. Also amazing at breaking defiance bars.
  • Plague Signet - very situational, good against enemies that inflicts lots of conditions.
  • Signet of Spite - single target damage with the active skill.
  • Summon Shadow Fiend - mediocre damage but good life force generation with its active skill Haunt.

Elite skill

Plaguelands deals amazing damage, but you have to keep the enemy inside it.

  • Summon Flesh Golem - low damage but good crowd control with its active skill Charge (necromancer)


This build can also be played with minions, though doing so is a massive damage loss. We recommend to never go full minions and always keep Blood Is Power

  • Summon Blood Fiend
  • Blood Is Power for damage. Don't go full minions.
  • Summon Shadow Fiend
  • Summon Bone Minions / Summon Bone Fiend whichever you prefer, they are both equally bad. Minions for life force, or Fiend for very minor crowd control.
  • Summon Flesh Golem


Trait variants

  • Parasitic Contagion - large loss of damage in exchange for a little healing.
  • Death Nova - good option when fighting trash mobs, though the minions might keep you in combat for longer.

Specialization variants

If playing with minions, adjust your Death Magic Death Magic traits accordingly.

Corrupter's Fervor - against bosses where Death Nova is mostly useless.


Ascended gear and stat infusions are not required. This build uses gear similar to Build:Scourge_-_Condi_Scourge, making it ideal for general PVE.

  • You can start with a cheaper attribute combination such as Rabid Rabid while working on acquiring the better but more expensive Viper Viper gear. Likewise, you can use Rune of Superior Rune of the Lich while working on crafting the Rune of Superior Rune of the Trapper runes.
  • If you need more defense you can use Trailblazer Trailblazer.
  • Players with access to Weaponmaster Training with the Secrets of the Obscure expansion should instead use Scepter+Torch and Pistol+Dagger, plus Relic of Akeem which can be activated with Vile Blast, Doom, or Oppressive Collapse.



Generally speaking, you want to use Devouring Darkness and Grasping Dead off cooldown. Players with Weaponmaster Training will also want to use these skills off cooldown: Harrowing Wave, Oppressive Collapse, Weeping Shots, and Vile Blast. In Death Shroud you want to use Tainted Shackles, Dark Path, and Dhuumfire.

Note that Devouring Darkness only inflicts Torment Torment if the enemy is already suffering from conditions, so delay the skill if necessary.

Use Blood Is Power everytime you can transfer the self-inflicted conditions with Plague Sending, or Deathly Swarm, or Putrid Mark.

Your sources of life force are nearby deaths and Devouring Darkness. Finish off enemies outside of shroud, since you don't gain life force from nearby deaths while inside shroud. Players with Weaponmaster Training also gain life force from Harrowing Wave, and Vile Blast.


Agains bosses and other durable enemies, it's a good idea to start the fight with this opener:

  1. Blood Is Power
  2. Putrid Mark
  3. Chillblains
  4. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  5. Grasping Dead
  6. Devouring Darkness
  7. Death Shroud
  8. Tainted Shackles
  9. Dark Path
  10. Shroud autos Dhuumfire until Tainted Shackles ends.
  11. End Death Shroud
  12. Enfeebling Blood
  13. Blood Is Power
  14. Deathly Swarm
  15. Grasping Dead
  16. Devouring Darkness

You want to enter and leave Death Shroud periodically to trigger Soul Barbs. Death Shroud is mostly for defense so don't stay inside for long.

Weaponmaster Training opener:
Click to Expand Toggle
  1. Blood Is Power
  2. Deathly Swarm
  3. Weeping Shots
  4. Vile Blast (triggers Relic of Akeem)
  5. Weapon Swap Weapon Swap
  6. Devouring Darkness
  7. Grasping Dead
  8. Blood Is Power
  9. Death Shroud (triggers Plague Sending)
  10. Tainted Shackles
  11. Dark Path
  12. Dhuumfire until Tainted Shackles ends.
  13. End Death Shroud
  14. Harrowing Wave
  15. Oppressive Collapse
  16. Devouring Darkness
  17. Grasping Dead


  • You're a fully ranged build, use that to your advantange. Never stop moving, sidestep and walk or dodge out of enemy attacks.
  • You have a lot of toughness thanks to many traits in the Death Magic Death Magic specialization.
  • You have permanent Protection Protection from Corrupter's Fervor and protection is improved to also reduce incoming condition damage thanks to Dark Defiance.
  • In extremely rare situations you can use Unholy Sanctuary to negate a oneshot or very high damage attack.
  • Deathly Swarm can blind trash mobs.
  • You take 33% reduced damage inside Death Shroud, consider it as a second health bar.
  • Remove boons from your enemies to make them less dangerous. You can use Devouring Darkness or use Corrupt Boon if you need even more.
  • If you desperately need sustain you can use Parasitic Contagion at a damage loss.

Crowd Control

  • Doom - 3 seconds of fear fear.
  • Dark Path soff cc through chill chill.
  • Tainted Shackles - soft cc through Immobilize Immobilize.
  • If you need more cc you can use Charge (necromancer) from Summon Flesh Golem to knockdown knockdown.
  • Weaponmaster Training crowd control:
    • Vile Blast - 1 second of Stun Stun.
    • Oppressive Collapse - 2 seconds of knockdown knockdown.


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4 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 4 stars • July 2020
When it comes to open world, Necromancer is a fantastic place to start. The minion variant of this build offers an excellent roaming option and a variant using wells does fairly well (hah!) in zergs. Overall a solid core spec for open world farming.


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