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Renegade - Alacrity Support Condi DPS

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Condition damage and Support

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds

This build was last updated on July 08, 2024 and is up to date for the June 25, 2024 patch.


The condition alacrity Renegade build for raids and fractals. The basic rotation is similar to the DPS build, but made slightly trickier by the need to adjust each section depending on whether Orders from Above will come off cooldown during it. It trades the CC of Power Alacrity Renegade for slightly more DPS on long phases, as well as higher ranged damage. It excels against large stationary bosses where it can hit with every missile of Citadel Bombardment.

In fractals, this build can also provide Might Might with Heroic Command.

Skill Bar


Template Code

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Trait Variants

  • Taking All for One is a ~5% DPS loss, but provides your subgroup with a good amount of Protection Protection.


  • This setup provides ~42% boon duration.
  • In fractals you will gain extra boon duration from potions, so you can swap your food and utility to dps options, then replace Ritualist stats Ritualist stats gear with Viper stats Viper stats - make sure to keep yourself above 34% boon duration or you will not be able to maintain Alacrity Alacrity solo!
  • Relic of Akeem is almost identical damage and is AoE, but requires using CC during the rotation to trigger it.

Non-SotO relics

Unfortunately none of the core damage relics are particularly strong for condi renegade. You could pick an option that offers some utility instead, or:

  • The rotation uses Embrace the Darkness almost exactly every 30s, so Relic of the Krait wouldn't be completely terrible.
  • Relic of the Aristocracy could work if you switch the pairings of legends and weapons, so that you can build stacks up in Legendary Demon Stance with Echoing Eruption, and Icerazor's Ire in Legendary Renegade Stance.
    • You should use (or ascended versions) with this.



    • or the other ascended versions are also very close in damage




Below is the Invocation DPS rotation. These sections are those you follow when Orders from Above will not come off cooldown during that section.


Start in Legendary Renegade Stance and on Mace/Axe.

  1. Icerazor's Ire
  2. Razorclaw's Rage
  3. Echoing Eruption
  4. Legendary Demon Stance
  5. Embrace the Darkness
  6. Temporal Rift
  7. Orders from Above
  8. Weapon swap Weapon swap


The stronger effect of Embrace the Darkness can only be activated once per pulse, so a single autoattack is added after key skills to ensure that no pulses are wasted. This requires precision to avoid either cancelling Shattershot or delaying your legend swap, so it may be better in practise not to worry about it.

Note that some steps can be ignored if you aren't using Relic of Akeem.

  1. Bloodbane Path, Shattershot
  2. Spiritcrush, Shattershot
  3. Sevenshot, Shattershot
  4. Scorchrazor (only if using Relic of Akeem)
  5. Bloodbane Path, Shattershot
  6. Resist the Darkness (only if using Relic of Akeem)
  7. Shattershot until Bloodbane Path is available
  8. Bloodbane Path, Shattershot
  9. Embrace the Darkness (only if using Relic of Akeem)
  10. Sevenshot
  11. Spiritcrush
  12. Legendary Renegade Stance
  13. Icerazor's Ire - make sure to cast this first, so that it enhances Razorclaw's Rage
  14. Razorclaw's Rage
  15. Weapon swap Weapon swap


  1. Searing Fissure
  2. Echoing Eruption
  3. Auto-attack chain
  4. Misery Swipe - If you're fast there is time to sneak in a single auto before Searing Fissure comes off cooldown
  5. Searing Fissure
  6. Auto-attack chain twice
  7. Searing Fissure
  8. Temporal Rift
  9. Citadel Bombardment
  10. Echoing Eruption
  11. Legendary Demon Stance - Don't delay this step or you might allow your energy to creep above 10
  12. Embrace the Darkness
  13. Searing Fissure
  14. Weapon swap Weapon swap
  15. Repeat from Shortbow

Video example

Video example (Akeem relic)

Providing Alacrity

Each of the sections above (excluding the opener) will change if Orders from Above comes off cooldown during that section:

  • On Shortbow, you Resist the Darkness at step 6 even if not using Relic of Akeem, then reactivate it again at step 9 (essentially as soon as you are able to). If you are using Relic of Akeem, do not reactivate Embrace the Darkness at step 12.
  • On Mace/Axe, replace Citadel Bombardment at step 9 with Icerazor's Ire.

In all rotations, you should be using Orders from Above as soon as it comes off cooldown.

Providing Might

Thanks to the combo of Searing Fissure and Echoing Eruption, you generate ~11 Might Might for your subgroup. If you want to provide more, you will need to replace some skills with Heroic Command:

  • On Shortbow replace one use of either Spiritcrush or Sevenshot.
    • Replacing Spiritcrush is a smaller DPS loss, but also means that you spent two less energy per loop - if you find this is making it more difficult to trigger Charged Mists without delaying your swap, then replace Sevenshot instead.
  • On Mace/Axe replace either Temporal Rift or one use of Echoing Eruption.
    • Replacing Echoing Eruption is a smaller DPS loss, but also generates less extra might as you will miss out on the blasts.

General Tips

  • You will want to delay Orders from Above slightly if the group is not stacked together (for example, if it comes off cooldown near the end of the split phase at Vale Guardian, you should save it for when everyone is back together).
  • Charged Mists is the reason we run Invocation, and it requires you to be under 10 energy when you switch legends. If you reach the point when you need to switch, and are above 10 energy for whatever reason, you can use Heroic Command to quickly expend some.
  • While in Mace/Axe, always try to let your Auto Attack chain finish, as the last hits are very strong.
  • On most fights, there are going to be moments when you can't hit the boss, but you'll still gain energy. During these phases, use Heroic Command and Orders from Above to help keep boons up.
  • Try to avoid canceling Bloodbane Path during its cast.
  • As Razorclaw's Rage does not stack, more than two Kalla renegades in one subgroup will result in lost damage (unless one adjusts their rotation). Any additional renegades can take Shiro instead of Kalla.
    • If taking Shiro, activate Impossible Odds during the cast of Temporal Rift and otherwise keep the rotation the same (minus the Kalla skills, obviously).


  • Temporal Rift
  • Scorchrazor
  • Darkrazor's Daring
  • Call to Anguish (costs a lot of energy for comparatively little CC, so only as a last resort)
  • Frigid Blitz deals ~300 soft CC (assuming the target doesn't already have Chill Chill and Slow Slow)


This build has a rating of 3 stars based on 1 votes.
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3 stars
OfficerAndyGentleman gave this build 3 stars • May 2023
A good alacrity source for condi-favoured fractals, and able to bring good ranged DPS with some utility from Kalla. Struggles more in raids though as it only really offers alacrity, which restricts your options for quickness supports.


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