Renegade - Diviner Renegade

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Focused on: Direct damage and Utility

Designed for: WvW Zerg

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds



A power based Renegade build for WvW, centered around alacrity share, group support and direct damage. Offers permanent access to 10-man Alacrity Alacrity and great group utility through Jalis and Mallyx while still retains all physical damage stats at the cost of lower effective power (damage) and harder energy management than Hammer Backline.

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  • Bold Reversal if not running short bow.




feast option with additional damage reduction.



  • Keep in mind this setup gives ~78% Boon Duration, enough for permanent Alacrity Alacrity uptime as long as you press Heroic Command off cooldown, assuming the boon doesn't get stripped/removed.
  • This setup relies on Fury Fury and full endurance (2 dodge bars) to crit cap.
    • 48% (baseline) crit chance from gear
    • 20% crit chance from Fury Fury
    • 33% crit chance by having 2 dodges available, thanks to Brutal Momentum
    • Total: 102% crit chance
  • A gear combination (along with runes and sigils change) between Marauder Marauder, Berserker Berserker, Assassin Assassin and Diviner Diviner can be done to achieve different purposes like more damage, survivability and/or group support.


  • Sigil of Superior Sigil of Energy or Sigil of Superior Sigil of Stamina if you wish.


  • Rune of Superior Rune of Durability trades damage for more self sustain



  • Always try to swap legends when off cooldown to buff Fury Fury, Might Might and Vigor Vigor and to reset your energy.
  • Cast Orders from Above on cooldown to buff you and your allies with Alacrity Alacrity. Position yourself to maximize the number of affected allies.
  • Citadel Bombardment provides decent AoE damage if the projectiles hit. Not recommended to use, unless there's an energy abundance.
  • Cast Heroic Command on cooldown for Might Might if your group can't maintain 25 stacks.


  • Hammer Bolt will be used after all your other Hammer skills are unavailable for single target damage.
  • Coalescence of Ruin is your bread and butter damage skill, land it as often as possible.
    • Try to not have anyone targeted if casting this skill, as it can bug out and put on a 4s cooldown. Rather, cast it based on where your character is facing, and where the enemy stack is going to be
    • It only hits a maximum of 5 targets across all three pulses, and the pulses often dissappear in non flat terrain, so keep that in mind if fighting inside structures.
  • Phase Smash deals a ton of damage and evades for its duration, be careful not to get caught behind your group while casting this skill.
    • Functions well for ranged cleave, and to hard pressure the enemy group when coordinated.
    • You can Phase Smash through traps and marks to activate them without taking any damage.
  • Drop the Hammer has a long cast time, so try to predict where the enemies will go or use it on stationary targets like downed players that the enemy will move on to.
  • Hammer usage
    • While pushing: Coalescence of Ruin Drop the Hammer Phase Smash.
    • Ranged spike: Coalescence of Ruin Phase Smash.
    • Add Hammer Bolt in the mix if it's convenient.

Jalis (Legendary Dwarf Stance)

  • Soothing Stone will be used as panic condi clear, as the healing itself isn't that great.
  • Vengeful Hammers reduces incoming damage and brings a powerful DPS potential on melee.
  • Try to time Rite of the Great Dwarf to mitigate damage, don't simply use it as soon as you enter Dwarf stance, as it will drain almost all of your energy.
    • Can be used both preemptively, before the fight really starts, or reactively, once it's already going on.
    • Try to have the buff up as engages begin, when an enemy player is being cleaved or a friendly player is being rezzed.
  • Inspiring Reinforcement does solid damage and gives pulsing Stability Stability on a large range, try to place it in areas where allies and enemies will be clashing to maximize utility from the road.
  • Forced Engagement should always be used on the enemy stack not on isolated targets, along with winds and ground pressure, to lock down foes.

Mallyx (Legendary Demon Stance)

  • Pain Absorption breaks stuns and pays the energy cost at the start of the cast but only gives Resistance Resistance and pulls conditions at the end of the cast. Be careful to avoid interrupts.
    • Keep an eye on your parties conditions using Party View as opposed to Squad View. Save your energy until allies have conditions that need removal, rather than casting preemptively.
  • Increase the healing of Empowering Misery by first using Pain Absorption to pull conditions to yourself.
  • Call to Anguish will be used to repositioning and for the wide CC on melee range.


  • Skill usage is reliant on energy management.
  • Potential to be locked into the wrong stance at the wrong time.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 13 votes.
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4 stars
Just For Fun Yo! gave this build 4 stars • September 2020
I run a build similar to this one. It is very useful during siege to accelerate the siege engines, and performs adequately in group combat. Run the Demon stance if you face heavy condition pressure, and Renegade stance with All for One when direct damage is more of your concern. Notice that Alacrity could be converted in to Chill, so it is best to cast Orders from Above after your group exit enemy shade coverage.
4 stars
Ansau gave this build 4 stars • May 2019
The damage and sustain sacrificed to get alacrity is too big to make it a choice over Herald. Damage ends up being 60-70% of a power herald, while survivability gets trickier without glint's heal, more complicate mechanics and 10% less health. However, it's a very fun build to play. It requires more management of skills and energy, compared to Herald where you just pop few facets and spend the rest of the time using hammer. Best use is in PPT mode to speed up rams and catas.
4 stars
Threather gave this build 4 stars • May 2019
10-man alacrity is great. However you sacrifice so much from yourself to provide 1 boon for allies that the players that you're providing alacrity to must be at least as good as you making this build questionable in blobfights. 5 stars in some guild comps.
4 stars
Tyroxin gave this build 4 stars • April 2019
Still worse damage than Herald, still only about the alacrity. Yes it is even more useful since the alacrity has been changed to 10 people, but imo in a pug scenario the solid execution of the other classes is far more important than some extra reduced cooldown. That said, even for organized groups that require and use alacrity still should not replace all their heralds with Renegade. Sep18: Power Renegade had its usage just recently but it started declining with the Forceful Persistence Change that shoved the Backline Herald back to the top. Now that said trait is even in the Herald traitline, the bit of extra precision (which can be exchanged for defense) would impact the gameplay too much and the Alacrity (on top of that it's a boon now) don't justify the dps loss anymore.
4 stars
Corli gave this build 4 stars • April 2019
I'd question the usefulness of 10-man perma alacrity in most WvW situations - for GvGs (invariably 15v15) you can't be certain who the spare boons are going out to, so while some members might have skills ready others can still have cooldowns, so co-ordination is ruined. For larger group content, it's a nice luxury to have, but still doesn't replace the importance of perma-fury and toughness that Herald brings to those around you. Recommended if you run >11 in your raids, or if your squad has plenty of Heralds then this build is a nice bonus to have. But as I say, it feels like a luxury.
5 stars
PeLi gave this build 5 stars • February 2019
With some changes (just for me), a really good build working with Heralds. Damage, boons and perma alacrity
3 stars
Messiah gave this build 3 stars • February 2019
this build only gives perma alacrity . but the truth is that alacrity only shines in a perma state of fighting as it shorten the icd of skills. in the current pirate ship meta the alacrity is hardly useful. also this build yield less dmg than herald. also F skills cost too much to be used. for conditions scrapper is great for the group and also herald mallyx is better. so i would give it low score.
5 stars
Xivor gave this build 5 stars • February 2019
Definitely a usable option, but inferior damage numbers than Herald. Alacrity is nice, and the extra damage from Citadel is handy, but those are not game changers. This build brings everything that the power Herald has, just with lower numbers. UPDATE 02-05-2019 With the change to Righteous rebel increasing the Alacrity spread to 10 targets and the increase in duration of Firebrand's Tome of Courage, this build has become a very competitive contender with the Herald. Now with Diviner's gear, this build is top knotch in filling that niche role of perma alacrity while still maintaining high DPS in the pirate-ship meta. Versatile in its legends, this build shines with Dwarf Stance and Mallyx as shown, but can also change trait to All for One and gain Protection spam on Kalla usage. Fireworks runes also are a strong contender with Pack runes for a little bit more selfish, but more frequent boon spam.
5 stars
Kurnian gave this build 5 stars • January 2019
Great build. With Diviner's gear release, Higher alacrity uptimes are way easier to be achieved while maintaining all physical damage stats. Lower damage than Backline Herald, but faster CDs to 10-man, meaning more DPS/support on the group as a whole. Essential to have at least 1 every 10-15.
5 stars
Chokepoint gave this build 5 stars • August 2018
I have been running a variant of this build lately and it is indeed Great. I prefer Retri over Devastation (much more survivability/consistency), and S/S over staff (much more spike dmg), and Vindication grandmaster over Righteous Rebel (more might and citadel order damage on downies). Much more damage than Herald, and more fun to play.
5 stars
Freya gave this build 5 stars • June 2018
A build that is behind herald atm in terms of usability. Fights are over too soon in most cases that alacrity would help much. While herald can provide a bit higher amount of boons it also does more damage. Definetly use this one if you don't have HoT.
5 stars
Nailuj gave this build 5 stars • December 2017
I wouldn't recommend valk for this set. Note that you will only have 100% critical chance if your endurance bar is filled to maximum. Unless you equip sigil of stamina, your going to be hovering around mid 70s critical chance with this build. I'd run full zerker with marauder as a alternate set. Sigil of air should be subbed out for sigil of frenzy or sigil of accuraccy because both are numerically superior in the damage department. Power renegade offers comparable dps to a herald (~8-10% less damage), but I believe it makes up for it in the high alacrity uptime from orders from above. Guilds running heavy revenant comps should consider running a split of heralds and renegades to maximize their group dps with alacrity uptime. In a nutshell, the difference between revenant and renegade: Revenant: High+ dps, provides abundant access to basic boons, might, fury, swiftness. Renegade: high dps, provides abundant access to might, and the scarce and coveted alacrity buff.
5 stars
The Blue Rangerr gave this build 5 stars • December 2017
Decent alternative to Herald, comparable DPS, unique ability to provide on the move Alacrity. Harder to play for beginners to the class but a good addition to any group looking to fight at range.


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