Renegade - Shortbow Shiro

The community gave this build a rating, making it second-tier: Good

Focused on: Direct damage and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

This build was last updated on May 11, 2023 and is up to date for the May 02, 2023 game patch.


A versatile Renegade PvP build that deals high power burst damage, potent group CC and can provide utility to the team. Suitable for fights of any size.

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  • helps maintain endurance for dodges and getting the critical chance increase for .


  • reduces the chance of getting your interrupted after breaking stuns, making it easier to secure the second half of the skill.


  • increases your damage but makes you weaker to conditions and reduces Alacrity Alacrity uptime.



Equipment Variants


  • - slightly less tanky option that offers more damage but might make it harder to maintain .


  • - lower burst damage, better survivability.



  • Invoking a legend resets energy to 50, procs , grants Fury Fury and removes 1 condition. Swapping legends is basically the main resource management tool in the build - swap whenever you're out of CDs, low on energy, or need to cleanse.
  • Renegade comes with its 3 own specialization skills:
    • will hardly ever be used, but it's okay for pushing your energy below 10 before switching legends.
    • could be a strong burst skill if you need to cleave and the targets are either stunned or immobile (for example when they are rezing a downed).
    • is decent, but not necessarily in combat (except for energy depleting before legend swap). Instead you should be using this between fights for the Alacrity Alacrity to speed up the CD recovery of your team.
  • allows for permanent Swiftness Swiftness uptime. The easiest way to trigger this is to turn either (if you chose Shiro) or (if you chose Jalis) on/off every 5 seconds.
  • Dodging cleanses 1 condition.
  • enhances your legend swap. Invoking Shiro now gives you Quickness Quickness to help you do burst damage on bow while swapping to Jalis inflicts Weakness Weakness on nearby enemies on top of applying barrier to you. The Jalis swap is especially valuable while you're CC'd as it's an instant defensive proc with two layers of damage mitigation.


  • is a skill with life steal, which means the damage it deals bypasses any damage mitigation including Protection Protection or even . That being said it still can't go through evasion or invulnerabilities such as .
  • can augment any skill and increase your damage output significantly while active. It's quite expensive though, so don't maintain it for more than a few seconds at a time, use it only for bursts. Note that it's only single target damage, doesn't cleave.
    • Always stop maintaining this skill if you're about to hit 0 energy - turning it off sends it on a 1 second CD while running out of energy results in a 4 second CD.
  • is great for initiating fights from range and immediately starting off with Quickness Quickness coupled with unblockable attacks. Quickness can be used to do burst damage or cleave downed targets better through auto attacking, while the unblockable attacks could seal the fate of enemies relying on blocking as their last resource option for sustain. Either follow up with hard hitting attacks or a / if you wish to interrupt them (and to cancel their blocking skill).
  • won't be used often because it exhausts most of your energy pool, leaving you defenseless and with barely anything to capitalize on the CC. This should only be used to set up kills for your teammates, or to interrupt very important channels like a rez or a stomp.


  • Most of the damage comes from a combination of Shiro and Shortbow skills.
  • and are your primary burst CDs. Use them as often as possible.
    • and work really well with these skills as multiple hits can mean multiple procs, and stacking several sources of damage at the same time is a big part of Revenant bursts in general.
  • is an excellent AoE that could easily cover a capture point on most maps. Using it before unleashing your other bow skills adds to your burst damage.
  • is a strong ranged CC, use it to root enemies into your burst combos.
  • If you're out of CDs, spam with Impossible Odds can still do a lot of damage.
  • While Shortbow attacks pierce and hit multiple targets thanks to , you should still consider using Staff auto attacks over Shortbow's for things such as downed cleave.


  • is great for mitigating damage for both yourself and your team.
  • provides excellent defense vs CC for every ally affected, whilst also mitigating direct damage through the Weakness Weakness.
  • is yet another form of damage mitigation, and it's instant. adds to the base healing of this upkeep.
  • is one of the strongest skills you've got in the build, and also the only stunbreak on this legend. It's rather costly though, keep it for saving your allies or breaking out of stuns that could result in your death.
    • Being a stun break with a cast time, that means if you get interrupted while channeling it you'll lose the entire energy cost of this skill without getting anything other than a stun break out of it. Consider using it while standing on whenever possible.
  • also deserves a mention. You've guessed, another skill for mitigating damage but this is a bit more situational as it doesn't work on targets that are immune to CC. It's also just in general a great AoE CC that could either set up kills for your team, or take pressure off of them.


  • Staff is the defensive weapon in the build.
  • The 3 main defensive skills include a block, a condition cleanse, and an evade frame. These skills are not only strong but also cheaper than Jalis skills in case you need to survive but you're running low on energy.
  • other than being a much needed condition cleanse is also a Blast Finisher - your combo fields are not that great, but you could combo this with whatever fields your allies are using for stronger benefits like Stealth Stealth.
  • is an instant evade frame which already makes it valuable. Perhaps the best thing about this skill though is the fact that it CC's multiple times in a row, which makes it great at burning through Stability Stability stacks of your opponent and interrupting casts they thought were safe.

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This build has a rating of 4 stars based on 6 votes.
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3 stars
Ethan gave this build 3 stars • March 2023
Saw play in the MAT suprisingly despite it not being the best. Havent given it a retry but I think even after I I'll still give it this rating. Can be played in ranked but you wont be carrying anytime soon. What makes it worse is that herald(power or condi) and vindicator are just better in every way basically.
1 star
Voilà, suicide! gave this build 1 star • December 2022
I don't know who these people are who say the build is "still viable" it's so ridiculously underpowered it almost makes me wanna cry. The DAMAGE is non-existent. Even sevenshot followed by citadel bombardment with Impossible Odds takes away a meta class' 3rd of total hp, that's without bearing in mind the fact that every single meta class now spams block/aegis and has insane condi cleanse. Oh and let's not forget Eles being the main player in this meta, so get ready for AoE projectile block and magnetic auras 24/7. This build is dead, sorry, but it's true. 1/5
4 stars
Hanz gave this build 4 stars • August 2022
Still does okay, but the powercreep has pushed it out of the meta. I'd still consider this slightly above average, but only slightly. Perfectly viable for ranked, but there are better specs out there.
5 stars
Ikyro gave this build 5 stars • November 2021
Herald may be meta, but this build is overall much more versatile in soloq. You can side node, or put out huge aoe damage mid. Tons of CC and reasonably tanky. There's just so much you can do with this.
5 stars
Acedia1092 gave this build 5 stars • February 2021
Rediculously versatile with unparalleled damage output, amazing mobility, powerful team support and reasonable sustain. The go-to for win.
4 stars
ShaoAZ gave this build 4 stars • August 2020
Sevenshot is likely to get nerfed on either damage or cooldown, nonetheless this build quite defines the idea of being a glass canon. It can beat condition builds too but through very hard earned efforts and predictions, otherwise it gets countered quite easily by such as confusion or poison because of the amount of key presses required to be effective and healing being very limited. With all the projectile reflect their can be as well from what appears to be mostly condition builds too, it's weaknesses are not glaring but noticeable. It can hold it's own and even points depending on the match up, against certain 1v2's it can turn the tides quite fast from foes that are not wary of the burst and the ability to safely stomp.


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