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Scourge - Celestial Alacrity Hybrid DPS

The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great

Focused on: Hybrid damage and Utility

Designed for: Raids and Fractals

Expansions required: Path of Fire Builds

This build was last updated on June 14, 2024 and is up to date for the June 25, 2024 patch.


A Scourge hybrid healer/DPS build that brings easy full Alacrity Alacrity uptime, very high Fury Fury uptime, and high (with the possibility of full) Might Might uptime to its subgroup, solid amounts of healing, and the signature support Scourge resurrectability. Most of the healing comes in the form of barrier — which is great for maintaining health (particularly useful for modifiers that require being above a certain HP%) and doesn't get reduced by Agony Agony — and Regeneration Regeneration, and as such, this build isn't amazing at burst healing. This is not a problem most of the time as even should the combination of barrier and regen fail the ease of resurrection should make most things recoverable.

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Skill Bar


Weapon Variants

  • Dagger for life force generation and CC.
  • Warhorn can be very useful for some extra CC.

Skill Variants


  • Sand Flare for extra AoE barrier generation and boon corruption at the cost of regen and ranged heals/rez.


  • Signet of Spite does a very very respectable amount of damage.
  • Signet of Undeath might be helpful for life force upkeep if you're not using a dagger.
  • Summon Shadow Fiend for some damage and life force generation.
  • Trail of Anguish for Stability Stability.
  • Spectral Grasp is amazing for CC, especially for any fights with adds because you can do it inside the boss's hitbox to hit it five times.
  • Epidemic can be useful in certain specific encounters.
  • Note that Desiccate is the sole source of Fury Fury in this build so if you replace it you'll lose that.


  • Summon Flesh Golem for CC.


Trait Variants

  • Abrasive Grit for extra Might Might generation and condition cleanse.
  • Vampiric Presence for some passive healing.



Equipment Variants

  • You can swap in Plaguedoctor Plaguedoctor's stats if you need to get your toughness below a certain level to avoid tanking.
  • Relic of Antitoxin for encounters with many conditions where your normal condi cleanse isn't doing sufficiently well.



  • if you want some extra Concentration.
  • for extra DPS.
  • offers high damage while still giving you a 10% healing modifier.
    • The same is true of , though it trades a little damage in return for more of every stat.


  • for more boon duration
  • if you need the extra healing.
    • is a slightly less effective, but cheaper, option.
  • to go all in on DPS.



  • Manifest Sand Shade, Sand Cascade, Sandstorm Shroud, and Serpent Siphon (plus Sand Flare if you take it) are your big sources of barrier.
    • Do remember though that your allies can only get up to 50% of their total health in barrier.
  • Use Garish Pillar for the pulsing healing to your allies but you might wish to save it if you'll need to rez someone or for CC.
  • Serpent Siphon and Well of Blood will provide full Regeneration Regeneration uptime if used off cooldown.
    • Dodge every now and then for the regen from Mark of Evasion.
  • If you're taking Life from Death then Sandstorm Shroud also does healing.


  • Using your barrier skills off cooldown will basically guarantee full Alacrity Alacrity uptime with a good fifteen or more seconds of leeway.
  • Desiccate, Oppressive Collapse, and Blood Is Power are your main sources of Might Might.
  • Sandstorm Shroud does very high Protection Protection uptime.
  • Using Desiccate off-cooldown should guarantee full Fury Fury uptime, given its reduced recharge due to your permanent Alacrity Alacrity.


  • Charge (necromancer) if you take the Flesh Golem.
  • Dark Pact
  • Oppressive Collapse
  • Garish Pillar
  • Grasping Dead
  • Spectral Grasp if you take it.
  • Wail of Doom if using a Warhorn.

General Tips

  • You should always have at least one Shade active from Manifest Sand Shade for the bonus Concentration and Expertise from Sand Sage.
  • If you're using the Scepter, try not to interrupt your auto-attack chain for the high damage dealt by Putrid Curse.
    • Bunch uses of your other weaponskills and utility skills to use them all together so as to avoid interrupting the auto-attack chain.

Encounter Specific Tips and Variants

Bastion of the Penitent

Hand Kiting Toggle

This build can be modified to kite hands for Deimos while using Relic of Dwayna and Plaguedoctor Plaguedoctor's stats, making it possible for the tank to run very low toughness.


Life force generation will be mostly handled by Eternal Life, Spectral Armor, Lich Form, and the myriad dying spirits and hands, so you don't need to worry about that. It's a tricky build to run, however, and requires some precise timing and practice.

For the hands themselves, you can very comfortably stack five of them; between the insane amounts of barrier and Regeneration Regeneration you can generate and Spectral Armor, the damage from them is just actually not a problem.

  • Try to always use Spectral Armor just as the hands are spawning to get the full benefit of the Protection Protection and life force generation.
  • Use your barrier skills and Garish Pillar off-cooldown.
  • You can start casting Sand Swell just after the fourth hand spawns to get out of the fifth and instantly get some barrier.

Now, the main problem is Mind Crush. The only way you have to deal with it is the Aegis Aegis from Serpent Siphon. However, that gets eaten by a single hit of the hands, and Mind Crush does overlap with them, so if you're getting hands just as Mind Crush is coming you will need to either have very precise timing about the damage ticks or to walk around a bit so that they hands don't have time to hurt you.

  • With the Alacrity Alacrity this build provides you have two Serpent Siphons per Mind Crush cycle, so use one to tank the Mind Crush and then the next one for some extra barrier and regeneration.
  • Right after the instant-down of Mind Crush you will start getting ticking damage for 70% of your max HP which won't get reduced by Protection Protection. Well of Blood is your best healing tool for the heavy damage so stay in it for the full heal. Sandstorm Shroud will also heal you due to Life from Death, as will Garish Pillar because of Transfusion.

Some more general tips:

  • You can use Mark of Evasion and your staff's Mark of Blood on the spirits that start spawning to kill Saul to get some extra regeneration for yourself. The hands themselves don't trigger Marks, though.
  • If you're finding yourself not needing so much pure healing, taking Blood Bank can be a nice source of some extra barrier.
  • You can also use Lich Form for some extra temporary vitality so that the hands effectively do less damage to you. This isn't a good escape from Mind Crush's ticking damage though because it's based on a percentage of your max health not on actual values, and you do need to take care when you use it since you won't have access to your healing Utilities—but you do still have access to your Shade skills.


This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 2 votes.
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5 stars
Cabbagemancer gave this build 5 stars • April 2024
A very fun alternative to pure heal scourge that capitalizes on the healers already high dps capability. A welcome alternative to adps scourge if the parties struggling with healing in CMs. It will never replace the meta but is able to upkeep respectable dps while providing immense safety to the group making it a phenomenal niche pick for training runs. Not recommended for fights with an enrage timer once the group reliably makes it to enrage. It is able to Heal T4s very easily making it my preferred healer for everything sub cm. The build above can be further optimized however. A better choice of alternative stats if you have a comfortable amount of vitality is seraphs over plaguedoctors as it increases precision rather than vitality which will increase your condi damage more through the target the weak trait. If more healing power is desired, runes can be swapped with runes of the scourge and relic to relic of the flock for better burst healing and barrier strength.
5 stars
Mukiyuu gave this build 5 stars • October 2023
This is a pretty nice build and im loving playing this in all game modes!!


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