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A healing Scrapper build for raids, designed for supplementing a raid squad that already has one Druid. As a secondary raid healer, this build brings extremely high healing and strong defensive utility, including a ranged resurrect with and a unique defensive aura from .

This build is capable of providing high uptimes of Protection Protection and Might Might. It can also generate 100% Quickness Quickness uptime to its subgroup, though doing so requires using your gyros off cooldown, reducing your ability to use those abilities reactively.

Skill Bar


Skill Variants

Heal Variants

If you are the sole Quickness Quickness provider for your subgroup, you can take for an extra ~20% uptime, which will allow you to delay some skills a bit, though the loss of will massively reduce your healing output.

Utility Variants

can be replaced if you don't need to provide Quickness Quickness:

  • - for condition-heavy fights like Slothasor.
  • - helps with quickness uptime.
  • - AoE stability and a variety of possible boons from the tool belt skill.
  • - ranged resurrect from the tool belt skill.
  • - provides a blind and a knockback.
  • - provides a block, useful if tanking.
  • - more CC.
  • If you take you are able to provide an additional boon to your subgroup:
    • - provides 3 blast finishers, and pulses Protection Protection.
    • - pulses Fury Fury.
    • - pulses Might Might to your subgroup if traited.

If you are the secondary healer to a Druid or other class capable of providing 10-man Regeneration Regeneration, then can be swapped out as well. in particular could be taken to replace the loss of condition cleanse while bringing more Quickness Quickness.




  • if running turrets.
  • in condition-heavy fights.


Harrier stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Magi stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Magi stat icon.png
Magi stat icon.png
Magi stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Magi stat icon.png
Magi stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Harrier stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Monk
Healing +9 Agony Infusion
  • If you need to tank or can afford to bring extra toughness, you can swap the Magi stat icon.png Magi's pieces for Cleric stat icon.png Cleric's . This will provide a little more boon duration thanks to .
  • The setup above is designed to reach 100% boon duration if you have Cleric stat icon.png Cleric's pieces and +100 concentration food. As such, you can take a few more Harrier stat icon.png Harrier's pieces if you won't have these.
  • If toughness isn't an issue, you can run this build with as many Minstrel stat icon.png Minstrel's pieces as you need to guarantee personal survivability.



  • or ascended variants




  • Use , , and off cooldown.


  • is your bread and butter. Spam to keep people topped off, using , , and for burst healing.
    • Being in increases the healing effectiveness of all your skills, not just your skills.
  • (in ) and (in ) are additional healing skills you can use.
  • Use and Infusion Bomb Infusion Bomb off cooldown to keep up regeneration.
  • This build has many blast finishers, including , , , and . Blast the water field from or for ~2000 instant healing per blast (~3000 with traited). Blast or to cleanse conditions.
  • Use , , or for condition cleanse. For more condition-heavy fights you can consider bringing and .


  • is a unique 33% damage reduction buff, try to time it for phases when people are taking a lot of damage.
  • Your shield skills grant Protection Protection. If you bring you can maintain very high protection uptime on your subgroup.
  • If Stability Stability is needed, use or .
  • You can use to destroy projectiles. If you have your turrets will also spawn with reflective shields, but be careful of accidentally reflecting shards on Cairn or Matthias.


  • If people are going down, you can revive them from range with or . You can combine this with your normal revive to pick people up quickly.
Build rating - 5 stars
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2 Ratings
5 stars
Icedmanta gave this build 5 stars July 2021

With recent changes to Scrapper's ability to provide boons to a group, this build is a viable (and in some cases preferable) alternative to a Firebrand, only lacking in certain areas such as might/fury output and other raw boon outputs provided by Firebrand.

5 stars
Chinkeeyong gave this build 5 stars October 2018

An extremely solid healer for training groups or groups looking for a safer clear, with ridiculous sustained healing and condition cleanse. It offers heavy defensive utility like Firebrand as well as fast rezzes like Scourge. Perhaps the best reason to bring it is Bulwark Gyro, which offers damage reduction in high-pressure fights.