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Focused on: Strike damageDpsDefense.

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Power Soulbeast is an extremely versatile roaming build that does well in virtually every aspect of open world.

  • Extremely versatile
  • High burst damage
  • Great self-buffs
  • Low sustain
  • Can be hard to play at times.

Skill Bar

Juvenile Smokescale.png
Juvenile Jacaranda.png


Smokescale and Jacaranda are chosen because they are best in slot for their intended purpose. Smokescale provides the powerful Worldly Impact ability and other strong skills. Jacaranda is a very powerful tanking pet that also provides considerable healing when merged.

Alternatives include:

Weapon Variants

  • Mainhand Axe - Good for might, better in short fights than other options
  • Sword - Similar DPS to dagger with slightly higher burst
  • Greatsword - Good burst and cleave

Skill Variants

  • - good DPS option that helps maintain
  • - extreme condi cleanse
  • - stability spam
  • - large boost to squad DPS
  • - passive toughness + panic button
  • - stunbreak + evade
  • - stunbreak + quickness
  • - very high single target burst; combine with


Build Code


  • - boosts stance duration & shares stances with allies; always take this if playing with a group

Skirmishing Variant

This variant can be a dramatic boost to DPS but only if you can manage to flank most of the time. This makes it great in groups.



This set uses gear similar to that of Soulbeast - Power DPS, making it excellent for general PvE.

Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Berserker stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Berserker stat icon.png
Superior Rune of the Scholar

Variant Equipment


  • Marauder stat icon.png Marauder - +40% HP, -10% DPS; combine with
  • Knight stat icon.png Knight's , Soldier stat icon.png Soldier - mix with other gear for extra defense


  • - budget DPS; if taking this, replace with a different DPS option.
  • - provides high sustain against trash mobs or when zerging
  • , , - strong defensive options when solo


  • - more dodges
  • - condition cleanse



  • Any ascended food is superior to any other food you could use. Steak for power, flatbread for conditions.
  • - Use for general farming.
  • - Use for when you need to max out magic find.
  • - more sustain
  • Anything - Any food is better than none, but you should prioritize the food above before using any other food.
  • , , - general farming


This food assists with more difficult content, such as bosses or bounties. Ascended versions of these are available and should be used when possible.
  • - permanent Fury Fury when farming trash or with a zerg
  • - extreme sustain when farming trash or with a zerg
  • - a huge boost to damage whenf arming trash or in a zerg
  • , - DPS food
  • , - Defense and Might Might
  • - Lifesteal
  • , , - Damage Reduction Food
  • , - Damage



There are a few basic rotations


If using Longbow with Marksmanship and :

  • +
  • ^1
  • Weapon Swap
  • ^2
  • Auto-attacks
  • Weapon Swap
  • Auto-attacks

^1 Situational: Be careful not to push mobs away from other engaged players, or into nearby players.
^2 Optional: Closer in case of extreme range with Longbow ('s radius is only 240).

- Your biggest damage skills are , , , and .
- Use before other big skills so that Cripple Cripple will trigger .
- You can run in place of to help cover this buff more, but be careful not to undercap Might (i.e change WHAO casting time to prevent Might from expiring).


Use instead of if also running Marksmanship:

  • +
  • Weapon Swap
  • Auto-attack 3x
  • Weapon Swap

- can be useful to fill gaps in the rotation.
- It is useful to use to extend boon duration.


Most of the defense with this build will come from dodging, as it has few blocks or other defensive cooldowns. Greatsword offers more thanks to and Smoke Assault is a very useful evade.

If fighting something powerful, it can be beneficial to use the Jacaranda pet instead of Smokescale. When the Jacaranda gets low on health, merge with it and use its powerful healing skills until it is possible to unmerge.

Crowd Control

  • if using Greatsword
  • if using Axe
  • if using Greatsword
  • Jacaranda has a moderate amount of CC in its un-merged kit.

Video Examples

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1 Ratings
5 stars
Onlywrin gave this build 5 stars March 2021

A fantastic roaming build capable of completing basically any content in the game, from casual play to hard story bosses. It can struggle against especially challenging foes, like solo bounties, but that's also not the focus of the build.