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Untamed - Bunny Thumper Duelist

Part of the current metagame

Our curator decided this build is in the current metagame regardless of rating. This is a test build. You may comment and rate it.

Focused on: Strike damageControl and Sustain

Designed for: PvP Conquest

Expansions required: End of Dragons buildsSecrets of the Obscure builds

This build was last updated on July 08, 2024.


A Power duelist Ranger build for PvP that focuses on CC and survivability.

Skill Bar

Siege Turtle

Skill Variants


Mutate Conditions can be replaced by:

  • Signet of Stone - for matchups where you expect direct damage to be a bigger concern than conditions.
  • Lightning Reflexes - lower CD stunbreak with worse cleansing but an extra evade frame and Vigor Vigor.


Siege Turtle Siege Turtle can be replaced by:

  • Sky-Chak Striker Sky-Chak Striker - good damage and some CC. The F2 can also be used for Swiftness Swiftness stacking with Blast finishers, improving your mobility. This also allows you to drop Rune of Lynx for something better.
  • Wolf Wolf - multiple CC skills.

Template Code

Copy Template Code



  • Empathic Bond offers better condition cleansing.



Equipment Variants


  • Sigil of Savagery on both weapon sets - for improved offense / CC.
  • Sigil of Cleansing on both weapon sets - for a bit more condition cleanse.


  • - more survivability.


If you either don't care about mobility or play with the Sky-Chak pet, pick one of the following runes:

  • Rune of Fighter - mix of defense and offense.
  • Rune of Dolyak - more tanky option.


Elite specialization basics

  • Untamed Untamed Rangers have more control over their pets than regular Rangers, allowing them to manually control their pet's 3 special attacks.
  • Unleash is the central mechanic of Untamed. At any given time either you or your pet is in the Unleashed state, and you get to flip back and forth on a 1s CD.
  • When you're unleashed, your first autoattack is empowered. Hammer's turns into Relentless Whirl while Mace's becomes Rampant Growth. Unleashing yourself makes you deal more damage.
  • Unleashing the pet grants you damage reduction while their pet skills flip over to new ones:
    • F1 becomes Venomous Outburst
    • F2 becomes Rending Vines
    • F3 becomes Enveloping Haze
    • Note: these unleashed pet skills share CD between pets, so pet swapping won't reset them.


  • Hammer has 2 sets of skills - the left side of your bar changes based on whether you or you pet is the one currently being unleashed.
    • Unleash Pet is the "default" state of the weapon. While your pet is unleashed Hammer skills are quite versatile. They deal decent damage, help with survivability (mainly through barrier stacking) and have some good CC skills.
    • Unleash Ranger focuses on damage and capitalizing on CC, as several skills deal bonus damage against disabled enemies.
  • If you're new to the build it's completely fine to just stick with using Hammer skills while your pet is unleashed. The non-unleashed Hammer skills are powerful and far more loaded with effects while still dealing good damage. You'll lose a bit of burst but nothing major.
  • Mace/Mace has its own mechanic called Nature's Strength Nature's Strength.
    • Every weapon skill (except for the first 2 skills of the autoattack chain) grants a number of Nature's Strength stacks.
    • At 5 stacks you become enlarged, dealing extra damage while reducing the CD of your Mace skills.
    • Mace skills have to hit something or else you'll get 0 stacks.
    • The unleashed Mace auto Rampant Growth also stacks Nature's Strength in case you've failed to build 5 stacks using skills 2-5, but this skill won't get a CD reduction at 5 stacks.

Doing damage

  • Make sure that you're the one who's unleashed during Mace burst combos, not the pet. Not only does that boost your damage but also gives you Quickness Quickness when you CC an enemy. Hammer is a bit more complicated than that.
  • Unleashed autoattacks are recharged whenever you swap weapons thanks to Let Loose. Most people use these right after weapon swapping, after which they go on a 15s CD.
    • Note: if you spend 15+ seconds on a set for some reason, don't expect the auto to automatically flip over. You must re-enter the unleashed state by unleashing your pet and then yourself in order to gain access to the unleashed ambush attack.
  • Do your unleashed autoattack at least once per weapon swap.
  • Whenever Fury Fury is applied to you your next attack's going to deal more damage and be a guaranteed critical hit. This only works on the next strike and doesn't cover entire skills that deliver multiple hits like Wild Strikes. Sources of Fury Fury applications in the build:
    • Disabling a foe to proc Relic of the Midnight King. Both weapon sets have access to CC skills.
    • Using any survival skills such as Quickening Zephyr.
    • Swapping pets thanks to Clarion Bond. This is instant and could even be used in the middle of casting skills to make them crit when they land.
    • Unleashed Thump on Hammer (although this is hardly ever used).
  • Mace/Mace is nothing complex, Wild Strikes is your hardest hitting ability with the longest cast time so set it up with Oaken Cudgel as it stuns targets. Using Oaken Cudgel in Unleash Ranger also gives you Quickness and more damage.
  • For maximum damage on Hammer you need to make use of both unleashed states, as these play off of each other:
    • Skills #3 Overbearing Smash and #5 Thump on Hammer CC targets while your pet's unleashed.
    • Skills #2 Unleashed Wild Swing and #4 Unleashed Savage Shock Wave deal increased damage to CC'd targets while YOU are unleashed.
    • With unleashing only having a 1s CD you can keep swapping back and forth between the two unleashed states based on what you want to combo.
  • Even if you choose the simplified way of playing the build and stick to using Hammer skills while camping Unleash Pet, you should at least use Unleash Ranger once after swapping to Hammer so you can use Relentless Whirl which is a high damage AoE skill.
  • While we recommend using Hammer #3 Overbearing Smash in its default state, Unleashed Overbearing Smash has a role to play too against targets with Stability Stability. You couldn't get the CC from regular Overbearing Smash anyway, and the unleashed version actually removes boons which could open them up for Thump.

Hammer combo example (keep your pet unleashed for a simplified rotation, skip the optional steps)

  1. Thump to set up burst through CC.
  2. Optional - Unleash Ranger to make Wild Swing stronger against the knocked down target.
  3. Wild Swing
  4. Optional - Unleash Pet if you used Unleash Ranger earlier
  5. Savage Shock Wave for the Immob.
  6. Overbearing Smash. Optional - Unleash Ranger once again before the second part of the skill goes off for a 10% damage boost.

Mace burst

  1. The entire chain happens when you're unleashed. We need to be in the unleashed state in order to get Quickness Quickness from using CC skills.
  2. Optional - if you had to swap unleashed states and gained access to Rampant Growth, use it. This will set up Oaken Cudgel nicely. This skill also deals heavy damage, you may consider swapping pets just before it goes off, as pet swapping gives you Fury Fury and Fury applications boost the damage of your next hit.
  3. Oaken Cudgel for CC and hopefully a Moment of Clarity proc.
  4. Flourish
  5. Wild Strikes
  6. Thistleguard

Stealth stacking

  • Pet swapping acts as a Blast finisher thanks to Clarion Bond. Being instant, you can have Smokescale place a Smoke Cloud under you (even while you're stunned), and swap pets for AoE stealth. This even works when you're downed - you may not see the pet UI but you still have full control over your pet. Dropping the field and swapping pets could prevent you from getting stomped.
  • Smokescale Smokescale's F2 Smoke Cloud is a combo field used for Stealth Stealth stacking:
    • While your pet is Unleashed, Smoke Cloud is replaced by Rending Vines which is a Blast finisher. Dropping the field, unleashing the pet and pressing the same button again could make your pet combo Stealth for you on his own.
    • Both weapon sets have combo tools for this field: Thump on Hammer and Oaken Cudgel on Mace. There's also the trait proc from Clarion Bond.
  • Stealth fields are always valuable on any team! Consider dropping this for allies before arriving to a fight so they can make use of the field too.


  • Both sets have some defensive skills but Mace comes out on top as it has cleansing, boons, CC and barriers.
  • Dodge rolling applies Protection Protection, which also heals thanks to the trait Rugged Growth.
  • Survival skills cure 2 conditions and grant Fury Fury. Troll Unguent can cleanse 4 as it triggers another Survival skill from Child of Earth.
  • Forest's Fortification is one of your best survival tools but also one that has good synergy with your more offensive skills. Try to use multi-hit attacks like Wild Strikes while this is active to reduce the CD of your elite.
  • "Protect Me!" is both a stunbreak and an excellent skill for damage mitigation. If other stunbreaks are available feel tree to use this defensively for mitigation.
  • Every unleashed pet skill can be used defensively, and Unleash Pet itself grants you damage reduction.
  • Venomous Outburst is an instant source of ranged Blind Blind via trait synergy that could also be used if you're CC'd or casting skills.
  • Rending Vines applies Slow Slow but only if the target is CC'd. It's still useful for preventing them from counterpressuring you after the CC.
  • Enveloping Haze destroys projectiles while the Chill Chill makes it easy for you to kite enemies caught in it.

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This build has a rating of 5 stars based on 3 votes.
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5 stars
Glasstone gave this build 5 stars • May 2024
Mace deletion waiting room. Idk what Anet was thinking when they condensed an entire elite spec's worth of power level complete with traits and profession mechanics down to 5 skills. Cherry on top is the Untamed spec which keeps getting really good ambush abilities to make already good weapons even better. Hard to kill and does a ton of damage. Even has CD resets because why not at this point.
5 stars
Vex gave this build 5 stars • May 2024
The Mace nerf is inevitable so enjoy it while you still can. Highly durable despite the damage and CC it has and the unleashed autos on both sets are cracked, I've hit hammer spins for 8k before. AoE ofc. Maybe the only weakness is CC, the only stability source has a cast time which is easily interrupted so I've been punished before by area denial skills like DH elite trap and there are no invulns in the build. I ended up taking Signet of Stone recently to fix (dropping Lightning Reflexes) but I'm not sure if it's better yet.
5 stars
Mozing gave this build 5 stars • March 2024
5k hours on ranger, once you build up FoN and stack quickness with CC's, you're basically an unkillable monster for 5 seconds that can delete any class swiftly.


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